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Women Share Their Craziest “Ex-Girlfriend” Stories

Boyfriend Breakup at Buffalo Wild Wings

My first boyfriend in high school, we were 15/16. He was about to break up with me because he was getting cozy with this hot new freshman girl who already had a reputation for giving great BJs, but I didn’t know that at the time. All I knew is that he was acting differently towards me, in the past he had been almost clingy but he was being really distant and acting like being around me was annoying. But on this day, I was still technically his girlfriend.

So bf and a bunch of other people started leaving together at the end of the school day, the high school was across the street from a bunch of restaurants and I heard from one of the other guys they were headed to Buffalo Wild Wings. They left without me, but didn’t say anything about it to me. So what do I do? Well naturally I walk over there and park myself outside the restaurant and wait. I waited for probably 90 minutes and this was before smartphones so I was bored af. Eventually the group exits the restaurant and bf sees me sitting on the curb. He wasn’t going to acknowledge me until one of the other guys said “Aren’t you going to say hi to your girlfriend?” So he gave me a quick one-arm hug and said “Ok bye.” Again one of the other guys prompted him to be polite and offer me a ride back to the school. He goes, “Yeah sure just hop in the back” (pickup truck.) Other guy says, “You aren’t going to let your girlfriend ride shotgun?” Bf goes, nah.

So yeah, that was really awkward and he called me two days later to break up with me :/

Story credit: Reddit/ Dusty_Old_Bones

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