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Women Share Their Craziest “Ex-Girlfriend” Stories

Long Distance Anxiety

This just happened on Saturday night. We’re long distance right now until May, and things are going super well, but I have awful anxiety.

One of his friends from the new country was having a birthday party, so he and all their friends went out bar hopping that night. He made sure to tell me that he’d be out late and might not be able to text, so I was expecting it. But 4 hours passed, then 8, and I got soooo worried. I trust him completely, so I didn’t think he was with a girl. But I was scared he’d been hurt in an accident, or gotten alcohol poisoning or something. 12 hours have now passed and I’m hysterical. I’ve been messaging him every hour or so (I really tried to hold in my crazy) “hey I hope you’re having a great night, I miss you.” The messages became increasingly panicked: “Hey please will you let me know when you get home? I’m getting worried haha.”

I mean, after just the 9 hour mark, I was mourning the loss of my best friend and partner. I was laying on my bed sobbing, willing him to message me, even just one word. I worried so much that my stomach hurt so bad I thought I’d throw up. And even though I trust him completely, of course depression and anxiety had to swoop in and say “I mean, since you’re not good enough anyway, why WOULDN’T he go home with a hot girl?” So I didn’t know whether to think he was dead or be angry at him for cheating. I cried for hours because there was nothing I could do about the situation, and I just had to wait.

Finally, 16 hours later, he messages me. He had turned his phone off to save the battery for the end of the night when he needed Google Maps, (and knowing the way he operates, the battery probably was at 60% when he left anyway. Then they all went out to eat, then got super drunk, walked around town, and he came home and immediately passed out.  I was so relieved to know he was okay, and we video chatted the next day, but I never told him how badly I worried because I felt so crazy.

Story credit: Reddit/ Langoustina

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