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Women Share Their Craziest “Ex-Girlfriend” Stories

Finding Out My Boyfriend’s Secret Life

I noticed my underwear was going missing.  I mentioned it while doing the laundry. He accused me of cheating, saying I must have left my things at some dude’s house I was cheating with and began beating me for the missing items.  I was pregnant with his child at the time. I kicked him out, scared how I was going to support myself while I was about to give birth and miss work for 6 weeks. I began packing his things to keep my frightened mind busy. Find a big box hidden in the basement full of my missing things, huge inflatable butt plugs, and transexual entertainment. My thigh-highs were tied in knots with ball hairs sticking out of them, I put in a video tape labeled with my name. It’s him dressed as me with my clothing on, beating off and banging him to the idea of being me. His nuts tied up with my stockings…

Turns out he was a secret cross dresser/trans with a violent history and multiple drug charges.  Lied about everything, from his education to his orientation… I don’t trust human beings anymore….

Story credit: Reddit/ BabeOfBlasphemy

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