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Women Share Their Craziest “Ex-Girlfriend” Stories

Life-Changing Revelation: A War Refugee Story

I told her after three years of dating that I was actually a war refugee from Chechnya (she just knew I was from Russia, nothing more) and had seen a lot of horrible things during my childhood. I saw people being executed, bombs exploding, people dying slowly of gangrene, dodging snipers etc.

Never really told anybody this in my life since I came to America, I told her because I was pretty sure I wanted to spend my future with her. I told her it was a massive deal that I told her this in the first place, because I hadn’t ever told anyone.

She left me right afterwards because she assumed I was crazy or mentally damaged from all the stuff I went through. She said she didn’t wanna date some scary war refugee.

The worst part was that her parents, who I mostly communicated through because she refused to talk to me, believed it too. They said horrible things to me about it, saying I was a criminal, a junkie, that I would end up beating her up, I’m just another street Arab  (I am azeri, not arab). They basically put their foot down and said I could never date someone like their daughter.

One of the worst weeks of my life. Really made me lose faith in long term relationships with girls.

 For all those curious, it wasn’t an immediate thing. She always found me sketchy in a way because I was from the bad part of Brooklyn and she knew I had a history with hard drugs in my teens even after I came to America. She was scared of that stuff, she wouldn’t go to certain bars and clubs that had a certain ‘type’ of person, she preferred yuppie bars. She came from white, upper class suburbs so right there it was a major divide in how we grew up. Apparently that divide made her really uncomfortable, like she couldn’t relate to me, and finding out I am a war refugee just was the last straw for her. 

Story credit: Reddit/ willmaster123

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