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Women Share Their Craziest “Ex-Girlfriend” Stories

The Ex-Girlfriend’s ‘Hey Arnold’ Shrine

She cut out my head from yearbooks and put them on cork boards on her headboard.

I found out because one of her friends told me she did, and so I wanted to see for myself. She was working during the day, and I was close with her brother, who let me in when I said I needed to grab something from her BR. I walked in and, sure enough, my head on a bunch of muscular bodies that weren’t mine.

I broke up with her the next day after seeing the Hey Arnold-esque shrine.

Following the breakup, she would drive on my street and stop and wait outside and see if my light was on. It wasn’t, mainly because I knew she would do that. Then she would call me and leave voicemails of her breathing rather heavily.

She then tried to get me jealous of her having another guy, which I was everything but jealous of, and she actually had sex with and got pregnant with said guy, which kind of backfired on her.

So….happy ending, I guess?

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