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Women Share Their Craziest “Ex-Girlfriend” Stories

A Night of Revenge

My highschool boyfriend ditched me on the night of my prom (just didn’t come to pick me up, after I was all dressed up and ready to go) so he could go to his ex girlfriend’s house and hang out with her. My friends and their boyfriends all chipped in for my dinner so I could go out with them before the dance, but then I went home because I couldn’t handle going to prom alone, knowing I’d been ditched.

After prom was over, my friends showed back up at my house with several cartons of eggs. We drove to the ex girlfriend’s house, found my boyfriend’s prized Mustang, and egged the crap out of it. Oh, it was also a convertible and had the roof down, so the eggs got all in the upholstery and stuff too. My best friend’s boyfriend also apparently knifed the tires, though I didn’t find out about that until later.

Looking back, it was a childish, mean thing to do. But man it felt good that night.

Edit: Some more info for those who asked-this happened 15 years ago. Aside from needing to replace one tire, the car was fine. He was 20, I was 17. He tried to win me back a few days later (so obviously he wasn’t nearly as upset as I was) and I told him to go to hell. I definitely wouldn’t do anything like that as an adult, but as a teenager it seemed like a justified response to the situation. 

Story credit: Reddit/ myaN7

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