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Women Share Their Craziest “Ex-Girlfriend” Stories

She Noped Out!

Painted my name all over his bedroom, bathroom and lounge room.

Proposed and then Photoshopped us into wedding pictures, sent invites all his family, mine and my friends, got an ultrasound photo online and tried to announce to Facebook we were expecting a baby, shaved our initials into his cat and left hundreds of love letters taped to my car

So that was crazy… We went on half a double date with friends, I was just being a good sport, noped out when he proposed when my food came.

The rest came over the next week. To clarify as I feel I wasn’t clear: this was all after the one and ONLY date. This wasn’t a “we dated for months and then his crazy came out”‘” this was “we met an hour ago why are you proposing to me.”

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