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Women Share Their Craziest “Ex-Girlfriend” Stories

False Accusation Leads to Fiasco

She woke me up because I had the night sweats and she was convinced I had Aids.  For some reason I decided to appease her and got a full STD screen including an expensive Aids test.  A few weeks later I drove to her house to give her my signed note (I had to specifically request) stating my clean bill of health.  She accused me of forging the entire thing and in the following argument pulled the plates out of the cupboard and Frisbeed them at me. I left immediately.  About 6 months later (I had just started dating my now fiancé) she contacted me to tell me she believed me and wanted to know if she and her two dogs could move in with me.  I never responded.  

Story credit: Reddit/ Lurkist

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