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Women Share Their Craziest “Ex-Girlfriend” Stories

Spamming My Boyfriend

I message my boyfriend a lot. Like, SPAM a lot. Usually without any regards as to what time it is. Things that happened to me, whether I was bored, how many cats I saw today, asking him what he’s doing right now, things I saw that reminded me of him, just about anything that pops to my mind. Of course I don’t expect him to reply straight away, and if he leaves me on read I’ll understand he’s busy, but I know for a lot of people spam is annoying. He says that he doesn’t mind and that he appreciates that I think about him a lot, but nevertheless I’m trying to cut down the message load. Looks like it really depends on each person and the most popular comment I’ve seen is that it depends on whether it’s a good day for your partner (okay for walls of texts, yay for me!) or whether it’s a bad day (restrain from walls of texts, which is hard, but doable). At the end of the day I think it really comes down to communication; tell your crazy wall-texting partner if you prefer it, if you prefer it on good days only, or if you don’t prefer it at all. Whatever they prefer, give them the right to tell you “shut up”. 

Story credit: Reddit/ jivenchi

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