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Women Share Their Craziest “Ex-Girlfriend” Stories

Dude Wouldn’t Answer for 24+ Hours

Turned on the read receipts on his phone when he asked me to fix something else in his settings.

Edit for clarity/so I can stop getting yelled at in my inbox:

Dude would regularly not answer for 24+ hours.

Dude lives with his phone in hand.

Dude rode a motorcycle exclusively, and the only time I had been on it has ended in an accident. This led to a certain amount of anxiety, which I explained to him.

We had talked about it multiple times. His main defense was “well my ex used to freak out if I didn’t answer in 15 minutes, so sometimes I just don’t want to bother.” Understandable, but I was expecting something more like a response sometime within the next four hours.

Dude’s his own boss, in an industry that has a significant amount of downtime.

Story credit: Reddit/ AtlantisLuna

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