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Women Share Their Craziest “Ex-Girlfriend” Stories

Crushing Our Anniversary Ring

I built a steel clamp (yes I went to the machine shop and spent time designing a solid model, cutting, lathing, boring, sanding the damn thing) just so I could crush our 3 year anniversary ring. You may wonder at some point, why didn’t you just use an already built clamp? Because I wanted to crush it in my own hands, and since i wasn’t strong enough to do that, I figured a clamp *made* by my hands, was good enough to feel like I was crushing it in my hands.

edit: Why did I do it? They were secretly texting (and who knows what else) with a former love interest for over a year. How did I find out? They told me after drunkenly and sadly making out with this former love interest because they “missed me” as I spent the holiday in another country.

Story credit: Reddit/ polancomodanco

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