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Women Share Their Craziest “Ex-Girlfriend” Stories

Doubting My Boyfriend’s Story

Paid money to access my boyfriend’s court records because my mom had somehow convinced me he was lying about a certain court case that involved his ex. It turns out he was actually telling the truth. I was only skeptical because he has been known to embellish stories to make them more entertaining. This was while we were broken up for about two weeks, and I feel guilty about it all the time for even doubting him.

Edit: We were together for 2 years when we broke up, and shortly got back together as the breakup was due to stress from him. I’m still so ashamed of invading his privacy like that, but we are very happy and in a healthy place. I’ve never been overly jealous, so this was super out of character but a tint part of me is glad I did because now I know not to doubt him! 

Story credit: Reddit/ sidnutz

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