Woman's Outfit Gets Her Kicked Out

Sick And Tired

Lola notices that her cheeks are flushing like a ripe tomato. Who could be that impolite? She's never felt so belittled or assaulted. This trip was meant to be the trip of a lifetime to beautiful Paris, which she much needed.

But what really was their issue? Had they never before seen a lady in her 20s? Although Lola was used to receiving attention from others, this was nothing like the wolf whistles and winks she had experienced in New York. But just as she was about to give up hope, a security guard approaches, giving her an awful sensation in the depths of her stomach.

A Hard Couple Of Months

For Lola Smith, if anybody needed a trip to Paris she did. After an eventful and life-altering past few months, Lola knew she needed to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and take some much needed ‘downtime.’ 

So when she booked her flight and hotel for Paris, she felt excitement burst through her body. She loved everything about Paris: the fashion, the food, and the art! But Lola had no idea this trip would turn her world upside down.

Her Life Changed In An Instant

You see, the past few months had been one a heck of a ride for Lola. After getting fired from her job, she was left heartbroken when her boyfriend of six years broke up with her, meaning she’d have to leave the apartment they both shared together for five years. The place she called her home.

Unemployed, pretty much homeless, and with no idea what to do with her life, Lola thought life couldn’t get any worse. But she was so wrong.

Sorting Her Life Out

Lola managed to find a cheap city studio apartment to live in while she evaluated her life. But this wasn’t exactly where she wanted to be. She wanted to be back with her boyfriend, back in their gorgeous apartment. But she had neither of those things. 

Letting out a sigh, Lola promised herself she would get her life back on track. And the first thing on her agenda? A solo trip to Paris. It sounded good, but Lola had no idea what was in store for her. 

Stepping Into Paris

Lola arrived in Paris armed with a ton of enthusiasm, and two suitcases full of her best looks. After checking in at her gorgeous hotel, she left to go sightseeing.

As she walked the streets of Paris, there was something about this city that just made her feel alive. She really wanted to check out an art gallery she had saw on Instagram so she put the zip code into her phone and made her way over. She had no idea her world was about to get turned upside down.

Inside The Gallery

Lola walked inside the gallery and smiled at fellow art-buffs passing by. However, she suddenly noticed that a group of men was staring at her. They had smirks on their faces like one of them just cracked a joke. What was their problem?

Lola kept her head down as she walked past them. Once she purchased her ticket, she bought herself an overpriced coffee and croissant and made her way into the main gallery room, ready to witness some stunning art. But she never expected the day to end in shame and horror.

Her Perfect Place

Lola walks around the gallery, absorbing all the culture like water to a sponge. All of her favorite artists’ work was here and Lola was in her element. She takes a sip of her coffee and revels in inspiration. 

But as she walks into another gallery room, she saw something that left a terrible feeling in her stomach.

A Strange Man

A security guard stood across the room, and his eyes were fixated on Lola. At first, she brushed it off; after all, that’s his job; to keep a lookout. He was doing nothing wrong, right?

But a few minutes passed and Lola could still feel his stare burn deep into the back of her neck. What was his problem?

Used To The Attention

Lola was a pretty girl so she was used to people paying her attention. She was voted ‘most beautiful’ in her high school yearbook, twice! An achievement Lola carries dear to her heart. 

More often than none people dished out compliments to Lola whether it was because of her luscious hair, Hollywood smile, or hourglass figure. But this time, it was different. 

Making A Getaway

Lola decided to leave and go explore the rest of the gallery. However, when she exited the room she saw in the corner of her eye, the security guard linger behind her. She quickly raced up the stairs and for a moment she thought he had gone.

Walking inside another room she let out a sigh of relief that the security guard had left her alone. Phew. But then, just as she was about to snap a picture of a stunning watercolor portrait, she felt a tap on her shoulder.

What Was The Problem?

“Excuse me, miss,” the voice said in a forceful tone. Lola swiftly turned around and stepped back. It was the security guard. “What’s the problem?” Lola asked, her heartbeat racing in her chest. 

She had done nothing wrong, but Lola knew something was up. The security guard looked at her and what he said next left her lost for words. 

You Need To Leave Now

“You need to leave now,” the security guard demanded. Lola’s mouth dropped. She was so confused. “Are you being serious?” Lola asked, her voice trembling.

Her emotions ran wild, like a cheetah hunting for its prey. She felt a sudden sense of embarrassment and shame wash over her. Why did she have to leave? 

Offended And Violated

“You need to cover yourself up,” the guard spat out, like bullets hitting straight into Lola’s emotions. “Your outfit is distracting all the other museum guests.”

Lola stood frozen in her tracks. She felt sick to her stomach and completely violated. But then, the shame that bubbled within Lola’s stomach turned into rage, and her blood boiled. 

Was This A Joke?

“You can’t be serious,” Lola shouted back. She tried to stay calm but this was too much. “Either put a jacket on or leave,” the guard said, his voice getting more and more aggressive.

Lola didn’t have a jacket with her but she wasn’t going to stand for this. She cursed at the guard and stormed off.

Forgive But Never Forget

After complaining to the reception of the museum, Lola knew they wouldn’t be any help. She left the gallery, still bursting with anger, and went back to her hotel.

She knew she wasn’t going to let what happened to her ruin her trip. She didn’t want to give those guards and men the satisfaction. And so, a few cocktails later and finally, Lola was at peace. All she needed was the city of Paris.

A Dress

But she isn’t the only one who got kicked out of an art gallery because of her dress choice. A similar event occurred in London, where a young lady was escorted out of the premises. 

But unlike Lola, who simply walked out, Denise, the lady in question, would be wheeled out by EMTs. Her story would be that of life or death, all because of a dress she wore.

Touring The World

Denise, a University of Utah student, had always wanted to travel out of the country. She came from a small town on the west side of Utah, and the furthest she’d ever been away from home was college.

But as she cleared her second to last year of art history, she and her best friend made a pact to spend summer break in Europe. If only they knew it would end with Denise fighting for her life.

Making Plans

Denise and Kelly, her best friend, had always been adventurers. A visit to Europe would be their crowning achievement, and they couldn’t wait for school to close so they could get things moving.

After months of saving up for the trip, taking extra shifts from work, and asking their families for cash, the two were liquid enough to afford the trip. Only one thing held them back.

Going To London

School couldn’t end fast enough for the two besties. It was the only thing standing in their way. The two counted the seconds until their final exams, quickly taking a bus home to prepare.

Three days later, Denise woke up in a beautiful bed and breakfast in London. She couldn’t believe that she was finally here, living her dream. If only she knew what she was stepping into.

Starting The Day

Denise and Kelly’s itinerary for the day was packed with the most fun activities the two could think of. They planned to visit the Victoria and Albert Museum, a place Denise had always dreamt of seeing in person.

After a hefty English breakfast, she and Kelly got dressed and stepped into the bustling city with grins on their faces. But the day would end in tears. 

A Wonderful Day!

Denise and Kelly visited several landmarks throughout the day, finding themselves in a beautiful back alley restaurant where they had lunch. But before leaving, Denise noticed something that made her mouth water.

The item in question was a breathtaking vintage green dress. It was the most beautiful thing Denise had ever seen. Even better, it was for sale, and in a price range she could afford.

A Perfect Fit

She showed Kelly the dress, and they agreed it would be perfect for their night at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Denise bought the dress and took it to the dry cleaners before trying it on that evening.

True enough, the dress was perfect. It was a sheath-styled gown, impeccably cut and nipped at the waistline. It was comfortable and showed all the features Denise wished the night to see. Wearing it, she felt like royalty.

Going Out

With her coat and clutch bag in hand, Denise walked into the beautiful London evening. She felt truly alive, not only because she was in this awing city but because of how beautiful she felt.

She checked the night’s itinerary, seeing that the museum was the only thing on their list. This night would be one for the ages.

Everything Changes

Denise and Kelly jumped into a taxi headed for the Victoria and Albert Museum. But halfway through the drive, something odd happened. 

Although she and Kelly didn’t eat anything before leaving their bed and breakfast, Denise’s stomach was bubbling. It started as mild, but a few minutes in, she felt like she’d drank a whole bucket of lava.


Luckily, their taxi driver got them to the museum in no time. Denise hurried into the washrooms to ease her stomach. She thought her issues were over when overwhelming nausea took over her.

She couldn’t believe she was sick in the one place she’d always dreamt of visiting. She spent the next thirty minutes trying to recover in the washroom and, after a while, felt good enough to walk and enjoy the night.

Starting The Tour

With Kelly’s help, she walked out of the washrooms to start their museum tour. She could still feel her stomach rumble, although the sensation was manageable.

The feeling of throwing up was also ever-present, threatening to dirty the museum’s pristine floors. But Denise wouldn’t have either of that or an upset stomach ruin her dream. She should have known better.

Mild Heat

An hour into their tour and Denise’s back and arms started itching. A mild heat rubbed against her skin, irritating as the minutes counted.

But then the mildness seemed to increase in heat. What had started as simple irritation graduated into burning skin. Denise held back a scream as she pulled Kelly to the side. Something was definitely wrong.

Razor Blades

Kelly helped Denise roll back her dress’s zipper so she could check her back. But all Denise heard was a gasp. Her skin felt like someone was running sharp razor blades against it, and her head was so light she had to support herself on the wall. What was happening?

Before Denise could speak, Kelly rushed off, returning with a guard, who took one look at Denise and asked her to leave the museum.

Passing Out

But the guard didn’t only ask her to leave. She helped her into the washrooms and asked Kelly to help take her dress off. Afterward, she offered her own clothes, telling the two to use the museum’s backdoor as they left the premises.

Denise couldn’t even hear the woman’s words. Her mind was burning. Her ears rang, and her eyes flooded with tears. Her legs gave out from nowhere, and she hit the floor.

Scheele’s Green

The last thing Denise heard was Kelly screaming before waking up in a hospital bed. A doctor, the security guard, and Kelly were standing over her. The doctor informed her that the dress she’d worn was rich in Scheele’s green, a poisonous compound that had terrorized Europe in the 19th century. 

Used mainly in green dyes, the compound was hazardous and could result in stomach cancer, among other serious health issues. Although it is no longer in circulation, the chances of running into some are never zero. Take care.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author's imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.