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Woman’s $40 Thrift Store Wedding Dress Has Incredible History

Your wedding day is one of the most important times in your life. This is something that you will remember for as long as you live. This is the day when you are legally united with the love of your life. Weddings tend to be really expensive but lately, there have been couples that try planning weddings on a budget. Is that possible in reality?

Yes, the ring is important and stays with you forever, but the dress — that’s what really makes a bride feel amazing on her big day. When so much meaning is ascribed to a piece of clothing, the prospect of looking for a wedding dress can seem daunting. But there’s one U.K. woman that had a different point of view..

Cat Purves is a British woman that had been thinking about her wedding day since she was a little girl. However, she never had that idea of luxury, expensive wedding. She preferred to keep things simple and real. Her wedding dress purchase was a different experience of what anyone could ever expect..

Both Cat and Mike wanted to have a wedding where they could just celebrate their love and make their relationship even stronger. They didn’t care much about fancy clothes or luxury facilities provided at their wedding. They stayed humble to that idea and what they came up with was extremely unique!

Mike took Cat on a trip to New York City and proposed to her. Without a second of hesitation, Cat said yes and the couple had already been planning their wedding. Both of them were excited and wanted to get married as soon as possible. It was the day after their engagement and Cat was already hitting the shops when something that she could never imagine happened…

Cat had always loved shopping and especially looking in charity shops or thrift shops. She headed on to her favorite store and noticed that there were wedding dresses over there. Then something very special caught her eye!

Cat Wilkinson found her dream dress for just £35 at her local Sue Ryder charity shop in York. She fell in love with it as soon as she saw it and she knew it was the one for her. She immediately tried it on and the fit was perfect. Cat did find a beautiful wedding dress but was it what she had always imagined?

The dress was perfect for Cat and she was very delighted with it. However, she wanted to customize it a bit to make it more personal. She changed the zip in the back and put buttons instead and she also put buttons on the sleeves and moved the placement of some flowers on the front of the dress. But was Cat happy with that?

Cat Wilkinson had previously described to her sister and friends her ideal wedding dress as a bright white dress with long lace sleeves and a high cut neck. So she was extremely happy to have found that dress and in such a good bargain! Wilkinson said that it all felt like fate…

The alterations cost about £200 which is considered to be a lot of money as the dress on its own costs £35. However, compared to most wedding dresses it was still very low- priced. Every woman has probably spent years, or even decades, dreaming about what her wedding dress might look like, but what about the cost associated with it?

Most brides in the U.S. 11. Costan average of $998 on her wedding dress, according to a new survey. That’s probably more than you’ve ever spent on any one piece of clothing in your life, not to mention something that you only intend to wear once. Sounds like a lot for less than 24-hours of wear and tear, right? So that’s why Cat was so lucky…

Cat and Mike’s wedding day was more than they could ever imagine. They both had the time of their life and created wonderful memories. Cat received numerous comments about her dress as people seemed to have loved it as much as Cat did!

Wilkinson was now more curious about the dress so she started to do a bit of digging. She hit the shops again and visited a vintage bridal store where she could learn more about the history of her dress. Experts there had it examined and what they told Cat was amazing!

People there told Cat that even though the dress looks like a new one, it was actually pretty old. They estimated it was dated from the 1950s. To their surprise, the dress was also hand-made so that made it even more special. But then they found out about something even more unique!

People from the store also commented on the flower decorations of the dress. They mentioned that they were even older which means they were almost 100 years old! They also may have been a family heirloom for the bride! How did Wilkinson felt about that?

Cat was amazed by the history of the dress and she fell in love with it even more! But she was so excited about it that she even wanted to find the person it belonged to. She would love to contact the person who donated the dress and express how she felt when she found it and wore it to her wedding!

The couple had an amazing wedding and everyone was happy. But most importantly, the bride had her dream wedding come true. The couple not only did have the time of their lives but also managed to organize a wedding on a budget.

A wedding is a defining life event, which introduces unique pressures and ideas that the couple didn’t consider before. Actually planning and budgeting a wedding is really challenging. It’s natural for even the most grounded couples to find themselves stressed out at this time in their lives.

From the outside, wedding planning seems like it should be this grand, fun experience full of tasting yummy food and trying on pretty dresses. The reality is that there are plenty of outside stressors that make making decisions difficult.

Wedding planning can also get complicated when so family and friends are offering unsolicited advice. Everyone has different opinions on how the couple should be doing things and it can be hard to stay focused on what it is important to the bride and groom.

One thrifty 29-year-old has proven that you don’t have to spend your entire life savings on a wedding in order to have the perfect day. Her £35 wedding dress is a small reminder that something doesn’t need to cost the earth to make you feel special.


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