Woman Yells At Teen To Give Up Seat But He Has Epic Response

"Can you move?" the woman shouted. "I have two young children! You should have offered that seat to me the moment you saw me step on this bus, young man!”

People were staring at the teen and the angry woman when suddenly he stood up and revealed something that left everyone speechless. 

Thomas Scott

Thomas Scott had just finished his 10-hour shift and was on his way home.

He got on the bus and sat down by the window. Next to him was a young boy sitting on a seat reserved for vulnerable people. 

Reserved Seats

Only people with disabilities, pregnant women, or women with children were allowed to sit on these seats. 

Then, suddenly a mother with two young children appeared in front of the teenager. She was angry with the teen using the reserved seating. To her, he looked like a perfectly healthy young man. 


The woman kept staring at the teen, hoping he would eventually notice her and offer her his seat. 

But the boy ignored her and kept staring down at his phone. When the mother of two realized that he wasn't going to move, she decided to confront him.


She approached the teen and bent down as she spoke in a loud tone. She wanted everyone to hear their conversation. 

At that point, everyone was staring at them and whispering. The tension was rising for everyone on the bus. 

The Confrontation 

“Do you realize you’re sitting in a reserved seat for vulnerable people? If you had any manners, you’d offer that seat to someone more deserving!” she yelled at the teen. 

The boy looked her in the eye. He seemed unimpressed by her. 

A Lesson

The woman waited for the boy to apologize to her, but he didn't say a single word.

“I have two young children! You should have offered that seat to me the moment you saw me step on this bus, young man!” she continued. 

The Center Of Attention 

The boy let out a sigh and looked at the woman and the other passengers on the bus. Some people were judging him, others worried the situation would escalate. 

But no one was prepared for what was about to happen next.

The Reaction

Then, suddenly, the teen boy stood up. "Well, finally!" the woman said, preparing to take his seat. 

The teen grabbed his handlebars from the corner of the bus and asked: “You think you deserve this seat just because you're a mom?”


The boy was wearing a dark hoodie, sneakers, and denim jeans. He looked well-kept and stylish. 

The woman smirked at him and said: “Yes, I certainly deserve it more than you!"

Hiding Something

The boy laughed before reaching to grab something from his jeans. 

Everyone waited anxiously to see what he would do next. No one saw it coming, especially the angry woman. 

In Shock

The teen pulled up his jeans high enough so that everyone could see his prosthetic leg. 

The other passengers gasped. Suddenly, everyone felt bad for judging him. But how did the woman react?


The mother's face went red with shame and embarrassment. She didn't see it coming. 

She didn't know what to say to the boy. Thomas and the other passengers couldn't believe what had just happened. 


Thomas felt awful for the boy. “Man, that leg is so cool! Shame on you, lady!" he yelled, trying to cheer him up. 

He inspired other people on the bus to do the same. 


People apologized for judging him and complimented him on his cool prosthetic leg. It wasn't long before the teen was smiling again, thanks to Thomas's words of encouragement. 

Thomas then approached the teen and sat next to him. The two got to talking about Thomas's brother, who also lost his leg in the war. They quickly became friends and still hang out to this day.