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Woman Uncovers Boyfriend’s True Intention After He Proposes To Her Under Supermoon

For him, photography was always about timing. The perfect shots were the ones that took patience, planning, and skill. 

Proposing to his girlfriend had to be perfect. As luck would have it, mother nature herself was on his side, ensuring he’d have a photo that would leave the entire world swooning.

Jason Puth had been a professional photographer for five years before his life changed forever. He’d always been a simple man, a family guy close to his parents and younger brother, Dylan.

Jason, twenty-nine at the time, had always dreamt of settling down, starting his own family, and giving his parents the many grandchildren they always asked for. But there was one problem. 

Although Jason was a great-looking guy with a career and social life that could easily sustain a dating, he’d never been lucky to meet someone who made his heart skip a beat. 

Coming from a family that believed in happy ever afters, he prayed that one day he’d be lucky enough to find someone the universe had made just for him. He had no clue that his prayer was about to be answered.        

Jason’s life revolved around two things: his family and work. His little brother Dylan, who was also his best friend, doubled as his assistant when it came to photography. 

The two rarely left each other’s side, especially when Dylan was home from college and he and Jason could hang out. What would start as a morning with him would end up as one of the best day for Jason. 

The day had been simple for Jason and his little brother. The two were working a photography job for one of Dylan’s friends, whose older sister was getting married. 

The excellent function would result in the chance meeting between Jason and the bride’s cousin, a beautiful dark brown-haired angel named Mindy. Jason knew his life would never be the same again. 

“It was more than love at first sight,” Jason shared while recalling the day. “I froze for minutes, just gawking at her until Dylan bumped my shoulder, telling me it’s rude to stare.”  

Although Jason didn’t know it then, he’d fallen irrevocably in love. He would approach the unsuspecting lady, asking her out for a coffee date. The rest, as it is said, is history. 

Jason and Mindy went on their first date and had a great time together. The night would birth a beautiful friendship between them, culminating in the most potent romantic relationship Jason had ever experienced.  

“I never knew I’d meet my best friend and lover in the same woman,” revealed Jason. Mindy shared his dreams, drive, and way of thinking. “I knew I had to marry her if it was the last thing I did.”

Throughout the past five years, Jason photographed some of the best wedding proposals in his career. As a professional, he had different ideas for all his clients who wanted to immortalize each event in their lives.

Jason’s work had taken him all over the state of North Carolina, landing him at the place he’d one day ask the love of his life to marry him. 

“I’ve had the idea of shooting a couple in that spot for a long time,” shared Jason, revealing how he longed to capture the priceless moment between two lovers under the radiance of the beautiful North Carolina moon.

“Who would have thought I’d be the one getting one knee when the time finally came?” he asked mid laughter. 

For Jason, photography was always about timing. The perfect shots under his belt were the ones that took patience, planning, and skill. 

For his proposal, he wanted it to be perfect. And as luck would have it, mother nature was on his side, ensuring he’d have a photo that would leave the entire world swooning.

The supermoon, a rare full moon, occurs about three to four times a year. After being a photographer for almost half a decade, Jason knew he had to propose to Mindy under one of these majestic phenomena.

He got his gear ready, polished his engagement ring, and asked Mindy to accompany him up the mountainside on a climb. He had no clue that the day would not go as expected. 

Jason and Mindy climbed the mountain through the afternoon. Jason expected the supermoon to be on full display that night and hoped the sky would remain clear for him to photograph it while proposing to Mindy.

But as he set up his equipment on a grand cliff overlooking his town, he realized a thick sheet of clouds was quickly taking over the sky. What he’d spent the better part of a year preparing was about to end in tears. 

He and Mindy had been dating for two years, and tonight was the best time for him to propose to her. She was his everything, and he wanted nothing more but to forge a life with her. 

Seeing that the sky was covered with clouds, he decided to count his losses and move on. He would still propose to Mindy, albeit under a cloudy sky, unlike what he’d spent time planning. He was about to get on his knee when he got a call that would change everything. 

Jason’s phone rang, and he quickly picked it up. It was Dylan, asking if Jason had already proposed to Mindy. Jason quickly explained his predicament, to which Dylan gave the best solution. 

It turns out Dylan was about half a mile on a different cliff from where Jason and Mindy were. He’d carried his high-end camera as well. But what was even more impressive was his view of the supermoon.

Dylan got his camera and zoomed toward his brother. He took a few snaps of the moon before taking a video of Jason as he got down on one knee. Through the power of computer software, he meshed the various images, coming up with breathtaking photos and videos of the event. 

Jason couldn’t believe it. His brother was the reason he found the love of his life. He was also the reason Jason got one of the best photographs ever known to man. What a brother! Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.


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