Woman Spots Symbol On Car, Friends Tell Her To Run

When Jade Jules first noticed the symbol on her car, she didn't think much of it and went on about her day. 

But a few days later, one of her friends noticed it and immediately called 911. They were in real danger...

Meet Jade

Jade was a 27-year-old young woman living in Newfoundland, Canada. She worked as a waitress at a local restaurant and was constantly surrounded by people. 

One morning, as she was taking the trash out, she noticed a strange sign on her windscreen that read "1F". 

Recording A Tik Tok Video

Confused, Jade pulled her phone out and began recording a TikTik video. She asked her followers if they knew what the sign meant. 

When the responses finally started coming, Jade's suspicions were confirmed. 

In Danger

Jade rushed inside and called 911 after locking every door in her house. The operator knew exactly what the symbol meant. 

She told Jade to lock herself in her room and wait for the police to arrive. 

The Police Arrives 

Jade quickly made her way toward her bedroom, trying to be as quiet as possible. The police arrived at her house within a few minutes and removed the symbol from her car. 

Jade was told that she should move out immediately. So what did the symbol mean?


Jade's video soon went viral, receiving over 12.6 million views and 40,000 comments. People were telling her to leave the house immediately. 

The police explained that someone was targeting her. 

The Explanation 

Jade was confused. Who would do it? And why?

The police explained that whoever was targeting Jade had been planning their attack for weeks.

Gang Symbol

 The "1F" symbol was a gang symbol used to mark houses to let each other know that there was one female living there. 

They had figured out that Jade was living alone in the house and marked her property.

Easy Target

This would make Jade an easier target for criminal acts such as robberies and murders. 

The police advised Jade to move in with her mother for the time being. 


 “I was terrified – I thought someone did it as a joke or something, but then all the messages came in, so my mom came and got me. I packed some stuff and haven’t been home since," Jade recalls. 

“I’m not sure what kind of crime the symbol meant in my situation, but if all that is true, then I’m scared about what could have happened." 

Moving Out

“I took out my phone, recorded it, and posted it on TikTok because I had zero clue on what it meant. I thought people on TikTok would know and help me, which they did. I’m very thankful for everyone who helped me," she continued. 

Jade moved in with her mother the same day and then bought security cameras and an alarm system for their home. She didn't want to take any risks. 


“My followers definitely saved my life. I was going out to put the trash out, and that’s when I saw it,” she said in an interview.  

Sadly, the authorities couldn't do much to help her.

No Suspects

“The police couldn’t do anything because there were no suspects, and I had no clue who or what it was. 

"So they just wiped off the bin and told me to stay safe and if I can leave for a few days to do that, so that’s what I did," Jade explained.

Watch Committee

 After the incident, Jade's neighbors created a watch committee, and they haven't seen any new gang symbols on her property. 

Would any more signs appear in the neighborhood? 

Common Occurrence 

“We have actually seen and experienced these symbols being used by criminals,” security experts at The Safeguarding Hub said. 

“This is not to say that this is a common practice between bands of thieves, for most burglars work alone.”