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32 Years After Her Adoption, Woman Sees Own Face In Movie

Anais is frozen in her tracks. She can feel her heartbeat in her throat as she presses play on the movie trailer. Then suddenly, right there and then, Anais saw herself in the trailer. But it wasn’t her – it was someone else. Someone who looked exactly like Anais. 

How was this possible? Hundreds of questions flood her mind and she feels a shiver creep up her spine, but she knew she had to find out the truth. Little did she know that what she was about to uncover would tear her world apart. 

Anais Bordier lived an ordinary life, in an ordinary town just on the outskirts of Paris, France. A creative at heart, she loved nothing more than spending her days getting immersed in her art covered in paint. 

But this budding artist had no idea her world was about to be turned upside down.

One cold dark Saturday evening, Anais was nestled in her bed, nibbling on popcorn and scrolling through YouTube. While her friends were all out at bars and clubs, Anais preferred to stop in and binge watch YouTube videos. 

But when she clicked onto a video of a movie trailer she thought looked good, she had no idea her life was about to change forever. 

Anais didn’t exactly have an easy childhood. She was born in South Korea on November 19th, 1987, and straight away was put for adoption. Thankfully, she was adopted by a couple and Anais moved to Paris in France.

33 years later and Anais still lives in France and is more than content with the way her life has turned out. But she had no idea what was coming when she sat down to watch a YouTube video, one cold dark night.

Anais had just finished watching a beauty video tutorial on YouTube when she saw a video of a movie trailer in the right-hand corner. The movie was called ‘High School Angel’ and straight away she thought it looked good.

She clicked it and the video started playing. Then suddenly she saw something that left her feeling sick to her stomach. 

Anais blinks four times thinking she was seeing things, but she wasn’t. You see, in the movie trailer, there was an actress who looked exactly like her!  

The only difference was that the actress had an American accent whereas Anais had a french accent. It was like watching a mirror of herself. Anais was utterly lost for words. Who was this woman? Why did she look just like Anais? Nothing made sense. 

An hour had passed and Anais had spent the last 60 minutes rewatching the movie trailer and pressing pause on every shot of her ‘doppelgänger.’

The resemble was too uncanny! The more she watched the actress, the more she wanted to find out the truth. And when Anais finally did her entire world was torn apart.

Anais knew she couldn’t just stay quiet about this. She needed to get some answers, but how would she do this? 

She told her closest friends and together they all tried to track the actress down, to shed some light on this nerve-wracking situation. But Anais had no idea what was coming to her. 

Anais eventually managed to track the actress down. It had taken a couple of weeks but finally, Anais had a name she could put to her doppelgängers face. 

The actress was called Samantha Futerman and she was based in LA. Finally, she was about to get some answers. But the more she uncovered about the actress’s past, the more Anais was left feeling sick to the stomach. 

After researching Samantha and her background, Anais was lost for words when she noticed the similarities – aside from their physical appearance – between her and the actress.

This couldn’t be a coincidence, right? Nothing made sense anymore. 

Anais found out that Samantha was born in South Korea, and not long after her birth, she was adopted by an American family and taken to New Jersey.

When Anais discovered this, she was left feeling sick to her stomach. Samantha’s background and upbringing were exactly like hers. You see, Samantha’s birthday was November 19th, 1987 – just like Anais.

Anais knew she had to get in touch with Samantha, so she dropped her message on Twitter. As soon as she clicked send, Anais was wracked with nerves. 

Meanwhile, halfway across the globe in Sunny LA, aspiring Hollywood actress Samantha received a message that would change her life completely. 

When Samantha read the message from Anais, she was just as lost for words. She knew she had to react fast so she sent across her birth documents to Anais.

When Anais received and read the documents she felt a shiver creep up her spine. Was it possible that Samantha could be Anais’ long lost twin? 

Both Anais and Samantha knew they had to meet, so they arranged a Skype call to finally say hello. When both women joined the Skype chat, their resemblance was more prominent than ever! They had the same smile, freckles, and even their eyebrows were exact replicas! 

But still, despite what they thought, the potential-long-lost-twins needed more concrete evidence. They needed DNA evidence. 

After giving their DNA samples, the two women waited for the results. But with Anais in Paris and Samantha in the US, it felt like a never-ending waiting game. 

The two decided to meet up in real life. No screens or video calls, an actual conversation face-to-face. And when they met up in London in 2017, it was a moment that would change their lives forever. 

As soon as Anias laid her eyes on Samantha in London, she felt a shiver creep up her spine. It was like she was looking at a mirror. 

The two awkwardly exchanged a hug, not really knowing what to say or do in the situation. Both women had so many questions, but they weren’t prepared for the truth.

After meeting for the first time, it was awkward at first for Anais and Samantha. However the tension and silence soon vanished, and the two got on like a house on fire! They were laughing and gossiping within a matter of minutes of meeting each other. 

And finally, the women received their DNA results. It was a moment that would change their lives forever.

The results were in. Both Anais and Samantha couldn’t wait any longer. They ripped open the letter and their eyes scanned the document. It seemed like all roads were leading to this moment. 

Within a few seconds, these two women would know if they were more than just two women who merely looked like each other. Were they long-lost-twins? 

The results showed that Anais and Samantha were in fact long lost twins! The two twins were over the moon with the result. The two hugged each other vowing to never let each other go. 

It may have taken 3 years, but finally, the truth was out and both women had gained not only a twin sister but a best friend too. For the first time in their lives, Anais and Samantha finally felt complete. 


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