Woman Slips Man Note At Bank, He Runs Out The Door

The Day Of

Rob's eldest son, Cole, had just finished high school and the entire family was preparing for his graduation ceremony. On the day of the event, Rob woke up early so he could run some errands and finish work on time before the ceremony. 

The first thing he did that day was visiting the bank. 

Rob Edwards from Florida considered himself a lucky man. He had a beautiful wife of 21 years and intelligent children, with whom he had a close bond. 

However, Rob could have never imagined what was about to happen to him at the bank. His life would never be the same. 

At The Bank

When Rob arrived at the bank, he noticed that there were only a few customers there, which was quite unusual. 

Then, suddenly, he saw a lady enter the bank. He was in such a good mood that he told her she could jump ahead of him in the queue.

Simple Act Of Kindness

The woman had a worried look on her face. "Thank you," she said quietly as she approached the cashier's desk. This simple act of kindness surprised her. She kept looking over at Rob with a smile on her face. 

The two soon began chitchatting about life to pass the time and that's when Rob noticed something odd about the woman. 


The pair talked about the weather, traffic, economy, and other common topics. The woman kept nodding and continually looking at the employees behind the cash register counting the money. 

There were a lot of things on her mind. She worried she was running out of time. Was she in a hurry? Or was she about to do something she would regret later on?

Something Was Off

As they chatted about life, Rob couldn't help but notice the white knuckle grip the woman had on her bag.

Rob immediately felt that something was off. “Today my son graduates. I’m slowing down and want to savor every minute," he told the woman. He hoped that his words would change her mind. So, what was she up to?

More Chatting

“Oh yeah? He must be excited,” she replied as she put her hand in her pocket and gripped something inside. 

Rob told her all about his family and the upcoming graduation ceremony. He couldn't help it. But what the woman would do next would shock him to the core. 

Fast Reaction

Rob pulled out his cellphone, preparing to show her photos of his children. But the juggling made him drop everything on the floor. 

The woman acted quickly. She bent down and picked up the items from the floor.“It’s so wonderful your boy is graduating. I would do anything to make sure my boy has the same future," she said. She seemed in no rush to give Rob his belongings back. 


“I completely understand. I’m here to get him something for the big day," Rob said. 

He went to the bank to take out a stack of cash and watch the look on his son's face as he counted them. Rob was in a rush to give Cole his present before the ceremony. But the woman was still gripping his card tightly. 


Finally, she handed Rob his belongings back and thanked him once again for letting her jump ahead of him in the queue. 

But unbeknownst to Rob, this woman was planning something huge. He would never be prepared for what she was about to do. 

Strange Behavior

Suddenly, the woman pulled out a bank book and a stack of papers. Her face had turned pale and looked as if she was about to pass out. 

Rob watched her right hand reach her pocket again, this time leaving it inside. He couldn't help but notice the strange behavior. Why was she acting this way?

Up To No Good

Then, the woman looked at Rob again with a nervous smile. It was clear to him that she was up to no good. 

He started to worry as he watched her lean in and whisper something to the cashier. The employee looked confused. What had she just done?

His Turn

A few minutes later, Rob approached the employee's desk and filled out his transaction. He had almost forgotten about the encounter with the strange woman. 

He smiled and handed the employee his form. Sadly, his happiness would be short-lived. 


Rob handed his card to the employee and asked for the sum in 10s. He figured it would be more fun for his son to count the cash that way. 

But the employee suddenly looked at him and said: “I’m sorry, sir. I can’t give you that amount.”

Not Enough Money

Rob stared at her in confusion. He knew he had enough in his account. He had just double-checked before he left that morning. 

A few seconds later, another employee came over and slipped Rob a note. “It’s from the woman, sir.”


Rob turned around and saw the woman rushing out of the bank. What had she done?

He quickly opened the letter and began reading it. Suddenly, the employee handed him a plain white envelope that was also from the same woman. Rob couldn't believe what he was reading. This wasn't happening. 


“I’m so sorry. I suffer from anxiety and it’s hard for me to be out of the house," the letter read. 

"I didn’t mean to be rude. Thank you for your kindness. Congratulations on this wonderful day.” But what was in the white envelope?

"Keep it!"

Rob started at the contents of the envelope for a few minutes before he could finally speak again. 

The employees assured him it wasn't a joke, even if it was something they had never witnessed before. They told him he should keep it. So, what was inside the enveople?

A Surprise

Rob was holding an envelope with $200 inside! He still couldn't understand why the woman would do such a thing. 

He needed answers so he ran out the door, hoping the woman was still nearby. 


He looked around and saw the woman pulling away from the parking lot. He ran as fast as he could waving his arms and trying to get her attention before she drove away. 

Fortunately, she noticed him and stopped the car. 

“I can’t take this!”

He approached her vehicle with her envelope in his hand and said: “I can’t take this!”

Rob tried to hand back the money through the driver's window, but the woman refused to accept it. She insisted he keeps it. “But why? You don’t need to do this.”


The woman explained that Rob's words touched her heart. She understood what he was feeling at that moment and simply wanted to help him. 

“When you talk about your boy, you glow. You’re a blessing to him, I want to bless him too”, she explained. 


Rob thanked the woman as he wiped away another tear. There was something he wanted to ask her before leaving, though. 

He wanted to know what was in her pocket. The woman smiled and pulled out a small figurine of an angel. 

The Explanation

She explained that her son had given it to her for when she was feeling anxious and stressed. 

She touched the little figurine when she needed comfort in difficult times. Rob asked to take a picture together and the woman obliged. Little did he know how this one decision would change both of their lives. 


Rob couldn't get the incident with the kind woman out of his head, so he made a post about her on Facebook. And it instantly went viral!

People loved his story. “First of all kid, I can’t believe your boy is 18! Second, I’ve been thinking a lot about the transformational power of love and kindness. Our life is as a vapor…it is here and then it’s gone," one person commented. 

He Deserved It

"Thanks for sharing your blessings…”, another wrote. One of Rob's Facebook friends also commented, “The whole point of life right here! And it could not have happened to a more deserving person."

"Great story Rob Edwards! And so well told, as per usual. When you write a book look me up. I reckon I got a few titles for you already!”another commented. 


Rob explained how the woman's act of kindness touched him. “I was so touched. I don’t know her name, I’ve never ever seen her before."

"But I will never forget her love. I asked to take a picture with her. And hugged her neck. We need more of this in the world today,” he continued. 

Love And Kindness 

“…not the money. But kindness. I hugged a complete stranger today. My son who I love with all my heart was shown love," Rob continued. 

“Many of you who know me know what I believe in. Sounds kinda familiar don’t it. It warms the father’s heart to love the son. I am blessed."


Rob also mentioned his son in his post, "Cole Edwards I’m so proud of you! To my bank customer friend. THANK YOU!”

His story had touched people from all around the globe. “What a precious story! Thank you for sharing! God bless her for sharing love and being an example of what love looks like," one person commented. "We need more love in the world!!!”said another.