Woman Slips Into A Coma, Son Uses His Toy Medical Kit On Her

"Open your eyes, mommy, please," the little boy sobbed as he tried to wake his mother up. His little brother bawled on the floor next to the unconscious woman. The two boys kept tapping her on the shoulder, but she wouldn't respond. 

The older brother knew he was the only one who could save their mother. So, he grabbed his toy medical kit and got to work.

Meet Josh

Josh was only five years old when the tragedy struck. He liked learning new things at school and hanging out with his friends in the park. 

He was also very close to his mother and looked forward to playing with her after she would get home from work. That day, however, he had to play alone because his mom was busy with the house chores.

Playing Alone

Josh was a little bit sad that his mother couldn't spend time with him. He didn't like playing alone, and everyone else was too busy to keep him company.

He let out a sigh and pulled out his toy box from under the bed. But then the 5-year-old noticed something odd.

Something Was Wrong

His mother slouched against the counter and almost fell on the ground. She looked exhausted. Maybe she needed to take a nap? Or perhaps she wasn't feeling well?

Josh rushed to his mother and asked her if everything was okay. "Do you need a coffee, mommy?" he asked. "I can make it for you." Then, he remembered the real "problem."


Josh knew his mother had diabetes and would have to eat sugar sometimes. So he grabbed some from the table and handed them to her. "Here you go, mommy," he said as he gave her the sweets. 

Then, suddenly, his mother closed her eyes and slid to the floor. 

Wake Up

"Noo, mommy!" Josh cried while hugging her. "Please wake up!" The woman didn't wake up, however. That's when Josh realized she needed her special medicine right away. 

He checked for it in the cupboard, but it was empty. He knew that his mother would sometimes use needles, but he wasn't allowed to touch them because he was too little. Then, suddenly, his brother came into the room and screamed.


Josh and his brother tried to shake their mother to wake her up, but she wasn't responding. She looked like she was in a deep sleep. Josh knew the situation was critical and needed to do something about it.

He looked around the house for anything that could help to wake their mom up. What he did next would shock everyone.


Josh looked at his crying brother and tried to comfort him. "Don's worry, she will be fine," he assured the boy. Unfortunately, there was no medicine nearby, and no one else was home. 

That's when Josh remembered that he had his own doctor's kit!

Nothing Worked

Josh opened the kit and dumped all the contents on the floor. However, the needle didn't have anything in it, and the thing doctors used to listen to the heart wasn't working, either. 

Josh tried every toy he had in his kit, but his mom didn't wake up. Then, he noticed another object nearby. 


It was his mother's cellphone! Josh and his brother weren't allowed to play with it or even touch it. However, they both knew that if they pressed numbers, they could call someone. 

However, it wasn't 911 that Josh dialed. Instead, it was a number they didn't know existed.

Toy Ambulance 

Josh glanced at his cars and toys. He grabbed the ambulance car and read the numbers written on it. "112.." the boy muttered. This was the number he needed!

But how could he call the ambulance on his mother's phone? Then, Josh looked closer and saw the numbers painted on the side of his toy ambulance. He grabbed the phone and dialed these digits. Would it work?

It Worked

“112, what’s your emergency?” the woman on the other end said. Josh quickly explained what had happened to his mother and asked for assistance. 

The 5-year-old stayed calm through the entire process and gave the operator as many details as he could remember. When his mother finally opened her eyes, she was surrounded by paramedics. As you can probably imagine, she was stunned when she found out that her son had called an ambulance for her.

Diabetic Coma

Josh's mother always watched her levels, but the episode suddenly snuck up on her, and she fell into a diabetic coma in front of her children. 

She couldn't believe it when the paramedics explained what had happened. Then, the police stepped in.


The entire string of emergency services was impressed by Josh's fast reaction and calm.

They couldn't believe that a 5-year-old who had never used a cell phone before saved his mother's life. The police officers later invited the boy to hang out at their station.  

Having Fun

Josh had a lot of fun at the station, checking out the police vehicles and even turning on the siren. 

The officers told Josh's mother that he could become an excellent police officer in the future, and they would love to offer him a job!