Woman Finds Creature Hiding In Her Closet And Calls Authorities

Hiding In The Closet

She approached the closet carefully but was too scared to make any move. It could have been a dangerous wild animal, or who knows what crawled inside her home that day.

Rabid noises were coming from the back of the closet. The woman was terrified. How did that thing get in there? And more importantly, what was it?

Quiet Life

Tara McVicar was living a nice quiet life with nothing much going on. She was in her late twenties and working on building her career.

The quiet ambiance of the house disappeared in an instance, one fateful evening when Tara arrived home from work. Something was making the loudest noise ever. Tara freaked out. She had no idea where it came from. 

Living Alone

Only a few months ago, Tara finally could afford to move into a house by herself. Her dream had always been to live alone, but her studies and career were always in the way.

Living alone came with disadvantages, though. When the young woman discovered something hiding and screaming inside her closet, she didn’t have anyone in the house to call for help. So what could she do?

Bad day At work

Tara loved her job, but not all the days were the same. She had a bad day at work and couldn’t wait to get home to unwind.

But that day would become even worse. As soon as she got home, she was greeted by the loudest, weirdest screeching sounds coming from the back of the house. She turned on the lights and headed in the direction of the sound.

Could Have Been Anything

Tara finally found the courage to go and check out her closet. But then she realized it could have been anything hiding there: a rabid animal, a raccoon, or maybe even a venomous snake.

She stopped in her tracks before reaching the closet. She realized that she needed a different and safer approach. The young woman couldn’t risk getting hurt.

Evening Plans

When she arrived home that day, Tara had completely different plans. She wanted to relax after a difficult day at work. But something lurking in her home had other plans for her.

She decided that the best course of action was to call Animal Control. They told her they would be at her home in three hours. Now she had to figure out what to do during these three hours. 

Loud Noises

The noises in the woman’s closet were getting louder and louder. Whenever she tried to approach the area, something would make a terribly loud noise that could scare anyone.

Tara backed away from the place as much as she could, waiting for the animal control to come. But she was worried. What if the thing inside decided to suddenly come out and attack her. What could she do?

Taking Initiative

Tara had enough of waiting. The Animal Control was late, and the noises didn’t stop. The thing was still in her closet, and she had no idea what it was.

The young woman found a stick in her yard and decided to try to poke inside the closet. Maybe she’ll at least see what was hiding inside if she couldn’t drive it away. What she later discovered in her closet made her skin crawl.


The Animal Control finally arrived. They had all the gear ready and told the woman that they could handle it from there. But she was too curious to back away.

Tara wanted to know what was hiding in her closet, so she stayed close to the crew. She also didn’t want them to hurt the thing, so she insisted they be careful when trying to catch it. They warned her that it could severely harm her, but Tara kept arguing with them. 

Ready To Go In

Everyone was ready for the operation. The Animal Control staff were prepared for anything. They slowly opened the door of the closet. Would it be a simple raccoon? Or something more dangerous lurked inside?

What they discovered left them speechless. They were met with hissing and growling sounds that would scare away anyone. But these guys were professionals, so they didn’t give up just yet. 

Small But Angry

Inside Tara’s closet was an opossum that hid inside a black plastic bag. It had its mouth open and was very aggressive toward the “intruders.”

Tara found the little animal cute and decided to record the whole thing. The animal control was preparing the right gear to catch the poor animal.


Tara tried to calm down the opossum. It was terrified of people and tried to attack them a few times. It wouldn’t leave its plastic bag no matter what.

This made the Animal Control staff curious and tried to open the black bag even more. They thought the opossum was alone, but they couldn’t be more wrong. “Back away!” One of the guys yelled. 


When they opened the bag, Tara and the Animal Control Staff were shocked. Inside there were little opossum babies. The mother was hiding together with them inside the black plastic bag.

It was the surprise of her lifetime. Tara couldn’t contain herself. The babies were all adorable, and the mother started to calm down.


The Animal Control staff didn’t even need to do much. Tara just opened all doors leading outside, and the mama opossum carried her babies attached to her fur.

She was happy and safe and went away into the nearby park. Tara was cheering her on and was delighted that such an amazing creature decided to hide inside her home.

Going Viral

Going Viral After the whole thing was over, Tara decided to share the video of the entire operation on her social media. It didn’t take long before it was liked and shared by thousands of people.

Everyone was touched by the amazing rescue story, and people online were relieved that no one was harmed in the process.