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Woman’s Free Candy To Clients Plan Backfires

She had been doing it for years, pretty much ever since she had started her business. 

Not once had she got a complaint. After all, everyone loves free gifts – especially when it’s yummy candy! So, when she opened up her email and read what one customer’s very different opinion, she had to sit down before she fell to the floor in tears.

It wasn’t the first of its kind – a store selling body products that smelled out of this world. 

However, Carissa Collins had an entirely different approach that would carve out small niche section of an enormous market. She was also all about the “extra” touches to make customers smile.

“Lumps and bumps are normal.”  

She wanted people to use her skin care items because they enjoyed them – because they wanted to treat themselves, not because the world pressured them into looking a certain way. So, a couple of tiny candy packets seemed like a great idea. It turned out one person would be furious over them.

It was an order of vanilla caramel body scrub and coconut mango body custard – excellent choices. 

Carissa wrapped up the order in the bright pink box, carefully stuffed it with matching tissue paper, added a thank you note, and a couple of lollipops. When it came to food, she was also very aware of something important that would affect many of her customers.

Not everyone can have candy. 

It could range from extra-sensitive celiacs to diabetics. But the idea was to spread a little joy – to make someone smile. If they didn’t want the free gift, that was totally okay! They could just give it to someone that wanted it and pass the smile along. One woman did not agree.

Carissa opened the email. 

The scathing words immediately jumped off the screen and punched her in the face. It started with “I’m in a position where I will not be buying from you again because I no longer trust your word.” When did it become okay to speak to people like this?! But it didn’t end there.

“What do you think you are gaining by sending someone a bit of sugary junk in the first place?”

It went on and on – a relentless, livid diatribe aimed directly at Carissa. Each word poked at her like a jagged knife. Hot tears streamed down her cheeks. She immediately grabbed her phone.

Was it just her – was her reaction over the top? 

Had she really crossed some boundary in customer service. Or was it simple just a horrible person lashing out. She opened her Tictok and recorded a message to everyone. She needed to know. She also needed to share the rest of the details that had her head spinning.

It seemed the woman was furious about two things in particular. 

First, “having to pay extra” for something she didn’t order. “I’d rather pay less for my product than get something I never asked for or wanted.” This was apparently the source for the “breach of trust.” The second part was even crazier.

“If they were vegan I could have at least appreciated the thought. I won’t be buying from you again!” 

Carissa couldn’t believe it. How was she supposed to know the woman was vegan. Even so, what was stopping her from giving it away? But what did the rest of the world have to say about the entire ordeal?

One person tried to tell the “Karen” customer that when it came to buying bulk for those kinds of tiny gifts, the difference was maybe a few pennies. 

All this fuss over a couple of cents was ridiculous. Then, another vegan chimed in with her own thoughts on the matter.

“I am vegan and get sent extra things that aren’t vegan all the time.

I just give them to friends, it’s the thought that counts.” The love and support poured in from all over the world. “Yes girlfriend, you may have lost that Karen’s business, but you gained mine.” Carissa knew what she had to do next. She was going to make a reply video.

It was simple. She took a couple of days to collect herself and get back in the “giving” mood that usually came with her job. 

She loved what she did. She loved letting people pamper themsleves while reminding them they were already beautifully. She pressed record and pulled out a huge book – shaking it right at the camera.

Carissa pulled out a handful of gummy packets while dancing to an old tune called “Candyman.” 

She then put a few of her products in her signature box and dumped a huge amount around the tissue paper. The last part was cheeky, but very worth it…

She opened a pack, popped a gummy in her mouth with a huge smile and then big letters said, “The lollies stay!” 

There was definitely one person in the world who would hate it, but from the view count and likes, hundreds of thousands of people love it!


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