Woman Posts Selfie With Her Tinder Date, Hours Later Cops Show Up At Her Door

Molly McLaren was 23 years old when she decided to give Tinder a try. She had it all: a promising career, many friends, and supportive parents. There was one thing, however, that she had always wanted to experience — a long-term relationship. 

One day, she matched with a handsome young man named Joshua. The pair hit it off immediately. But what Molly didn't know about her dream man at the time was that he was a psychopath.

Joshua Stimpson

Molly wanted to settle down, so she figured that she would try online dating. She downloaded Tinder and matched with 26-year-old Joshua Stimpson.  

Molly was skeptical about Joshua at first. What if he was a catfish? Or, what if he had a girlfriend already? But eventually, she decided to give him a chance. 

In Love

Molly and Joshua hit it off immediately once they met in person. However, Molly couldn't help but notice that Joshua was slightly immature for his age. 

Eventually, she accepted it and fell in love with him. Molly was so into her new boyfriend that she introduced him to her parents. Then, a few months later, things started to change.

Change In Behavior 

Joshua became incredibly clingy and jealous. He insisted on spending more and more time with Molly and made her feel guilty when she said she didn't have time. 

One day, when Molly told Joshua she couldn't hang out with him, he showed up at her house anyway.

Feeling Trapped

At that point, the pair had been dating for almost a year when Molly began to feel trapped in the relationship. She wanted to break up with Joshua, but she was afraid of his reaction. 

Eventually, Molly found the strength to tell Joshua the truth and end the relationship. Unfortunately, he didn't take it well.

Enough Is Enough

Molly was tired of his childish behavior and the fact that she never had time for herself anymore. She knew she needed to break up with Joshua and told one of her friends the truth via text messages.

However, it wasn't easy for her to end her relationship with Joshua. 

One Year Anniversary

Molly ended the relationship right after their first anniversary. Even though she broke up with Joshua face-to-face, he made her feel guilty the next day for abandoning him.  

He told her she could have broken up with him in a more respectful way. What did he mean by that?

Not Giving Up

Molly didn't understand Joshua's response but assumed he needed some time to cool off and move on. Joshua, however, didn't take the news well and began to spam her with hateful texts.

Molly soon realized that he wasn't likely to cool off. Joshua started to post revealing and intimate photos of Molly online and wouldn't take them down.

Hurtful Words

Under one of his Facebook posts, Joshua even accused Molly of using hard drugs, which was a lie. While Molly's friends and family knew these were lies, it still hurt Molly to know that everyone was seeing these posts. 

Although she reported these posts to Facebook, it didn't seem like anything was going to be done about it.

Getting Scared

Molly also called the police as she feared her ex-boyfriend might try to hurt her physically. After she filed a police report, one of the police officers called Joshua. He was told to stay away from Molly.   

Sadly, Joshua's reaction was not what Molly and the police hoped for. Instead of taking the warning seriously, he simply ignored it.

No Improvement 

Joshua's behavior was worse by the day. It soon became clear to Molly that he wasn't planning to leave her alone. 

One morning, he even followed her into the gym, where she went to work out. 

At The Gym

Not only did Joshua follow her in, but the security cameras showed him putting his gym mat next to hers. It was too much for Molly, and she asked him to leave her alone. 

Joshua, however, opted for playing dumb. He refused to leave the gym and continued to watch her work out. 

Gone Too Far

Molly quickly pulled out her phone and texted her mother and a few friends as she packed up her staff. 

In her texts, Molly said that Joshua had gone too far. Unfortunately, this was the last time anyone ever heard from her again. 

Highly-Dangerous Man

Joshua waited for Molly to get into her car in the parking lot before he launched his attack. The police later found a pick axe, two Stanley knives, and the murder weapon in Joshua's car.  

The judge said to him: "You are a highly-dangerous young man, and you will pose a very considerable risk to women for a very considerable period in the future."

The Family's Statement

Molly's family later released a statement: "You are a highly-dangerous young man, and you will pose a very considerable risk to women for a very considerable period in the future."

"A light has gone out in all of our hearts but shines bright as a star forever glowing. We love you, Molly." Joshua was sentenced to lifetime prison with a minimum sentence of 26 years.