Woman Pays For Man's Groceries, Then Discovers Who He Is

It was Monday evening when Ruth entered the Wawa convenience store. She frequently shopped at this location, and she knew most of the employees who worked there. 

But that day, she spotted an unfamiliar face. She felt sorry for the man and decided to help him out. Little did she know how much she would regret this decision. 

Offering To Help

"It looked like he was using a card, and it didn't go through, and then he asked a young lady for five dollars, and I thought, ‘this is it. So I said, 'No, I'll get it.’”Ruth recalls. 

She approached the stranger as she opened her wallet. 

"I'll Help You"

 “Here, I’ll help you,” she told him. Then, Ruth took out a $5 bill and placed it in his hand.  

“If we don’t help each other out in hard times, what are we all here for,” she said. But the man had an unexpected reaction.   

Generous Couple 

Ruth and her husband were known for helping people financially in their town, especially veterans and soldiers. 

"We decided when we saw military people, we would treat them at Wawa or Dunkin Donuts or whatever. It’s our way to thank them for their service," she explained. 

The Realization 

The man took the bill from Ruth's hand and thanked her. He looked oddly familiar. 

He struck up a conversation with Ruth, and the more she learned about him, the more she felt like he was the country music star that she listened to. 

I Am Keith Urban

Before parting ways, Ruth asked him, “By the way, has anyone ever told you that you look like Keith Urban?”

“I am Keith Urban," he laughed. Ruth thought that he was joking, but then she noticed something strange. 


The man was accompanied by bodyguards! Ruth couldn't believe her eyes. She was talking to Keith Urban, a big country star!

But what was he doing in the Wawa convenience store?


“I just fell apart,” Ruth recalls. “And he was gracious.”

She felt embarrassed that she didn't recognize him and doubted his identity when he told her his name. 

Not Offended 

She said Keith was very polite to her, and they shared a good laugh before parting ways. 

He wasn't offended when Ruth didn't recognize him. On the contrary, he was grateful for her kind gesture and wanted to repay her. 

Wanting To Repay Her

When Ruth found out that Keith wanted to repay her for her good deed, she told him she didn't want anything. 

However, there was one thing Ruth wanted Keith to do for her - and it wasn't cash. 


Ruth still couldn't believe that she had met Keith Urban while shopping. She wanted to get some proof to show her friends that it had really happened. 

They took a few photos outside the convenience store, and they would soon go viral. 


Ruth uploaded the photo on her social media, and her post quickly went viral. Her name soon appeared on the headlines of many US newspapers. 

Ruth began receiving invitations to interviews, and her story even reached Keith's home country- Australia. 

Local Celebrity

People from all over the world were impressed with Ruth's generosity. She quickly became a local celebrity, and the convenience store even held a “Free Coffee Day” in honor of her kindness. 

The store manager also put up a sign that read: “We’re celebrating Ruth, who goes above and beyond to treat fellow Wawa customers. Thank you for all the days you’ve brightened.” Then, a few days after her story went viral, she received a tweet from Mastercard. 


The credit card company wanted to fund her weekly kind gesture. 

“Ruth, your next 52 acts of kindness are on us. We’d love to send you a year’s supply of prepaid Mastercards! Let’s connect!” they wrote. 

Spreading Positivity 

Ruth's act of kindness sparked a lot of positivity among social media users. 

One person wrote: “Ruth Reed is an unsung everyday hero and if not for an encounter with Keith Urban would be living the life of a good person helping others in need in anonymity.”