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Woman Loses $300 And Her Phone, The Find My App Traces It Back To Cashier

Sheila thoroughly searched her purse, but her wallet and iPhone were nowhere to be found. She had no other choice but to leave her groceries with the cashier and walk away. 

Sheila was angry at herself for being so careless with her possessions. When she got home, she opened her Find My app on her iPad, and it showed that her wallet and phone were still at the store. How was this even possible?

One day, Sheila stopped by at her local Piggly Wiggly to buy some groceries for the week. Being a busy teacher, she was exhausted and wasn’t paying much attention to her surroundings. 

“Butter, eggs, bread, cheese,” her shopping note read. Then, out of nowhere, someone bumped into her. 

It was a store worker. He apologized for being so clumsy and walked away. Sheila didn’t think much of it and continued shopping. 

But when it was time to pay for her groceries, the woman realized that her phone and wallet were missing from her bag. Suddenly, she was left without any cash, credit cards, ID, and her new iPhone. She immediately called the store manager and informed him of her missing items. 

To her big surprise, the store manager knew precisely what had happened to her wallet and phone. Sheila explained, ”What is even more astonishing is, I had all my money in the wristlet and my iPhone.”

Sheila was speechless when the manager explained who had handed her belongings in. 

The manager pointed at the same cashier who had bumped into her earlier, and she immediately recognized him. 

His name was Anthony Starr, and he had worked at the store for over two years. ”She took my picture and told me I was going to be viral, which I didn’t think would be for real,” he said. Anthony thought he could get away with stealing a few hundred dollars and a phone. 

“But a lady came through my line an hour or two later and told me that I was on Facebook,” he continued. 

Sheila’s post has received over 540,00 reactions in just a few days! “This young man is Anthony. He works at the Piggly Wiggly on 78,” her post read. 

“On Wednesday after work, I went to Piggly Wiggly to buy a few things. Before I left, I pushed my buggy in the port that holds the buggies on the outside of the store,” Sheila explained. 

“After going home, I realized at approximately 9:30 p. m. I couldn’t find my phone.”

“I started to look for my wristlet that carried my money, but I couldn’t find that either. Earlier that morning, Shelisa had given me 200.00 cash to get our tags, and I had over seventy dollars of my own money in there, including 10.00 worth of quarters,” she wrote. 

“Tracing my steps, I realized that the only place I had been was Piggly Wiggly.”

“I called them, and true enough, my wristlet and phone were there. What is even more astonishing is, I had all my money in the wristlet and my iPhone,” Sheila continued. 

 ”I asked the store manager who turned it in, and they said it was Anthony. The picture below is Anthony. He is a teenager at Central Park Christian.”

Sheila wanted to thank the kind boy and decided to give him $100 as a reward for returning her phone and wallet. She even called his parents to tell him what a great person their son was. 

“His mom cried tears of joy. We hear very little about kids when they do something positive. It’s always lots of talk about the bad things that happen,” Sheila wrote. 

“Let’s make this post go viral to show other young men and ladies that there is honor in doing the right thing,” she continued. 

However, the teen’s manager, Jason, Armstrong wasn’t surprised by what his employee had done. 

“Anthony is a really good guy – a good kid with a great heart,” Jason said in an interview. 

“We’ll take care of him… “It’s not hard. It’s all heart. It’s what you have in your heart.”

But Anthony doesn’t think he deserves all this attention. ”I just picked it up and returned it to one of my supervisors…” he said. 

“And I thought about how I would feel if it was my stuff and was stolen from me,” he said in an interview.

“I would be devastated. So I thought about her, and I returned it.” Soon, his story caught the attention of the owner of H&H Contractors, and he decided to reward the teen for his good deeds. 

He bought him a 2008 Honda Accord!

“If you sow a good seed, you’ll receive a good seed,” Sheila said.  

“Character is all about what happens when nobody’s watching but you and God.” But this wasn’t the only surprise Anthony had received. 

“Getting to know this young man and his wonderful family, you can see immediately where his ethics and morals come from,” Sheila wrote in her Facebook post. 

 “Antoine will be going to college next year, and I would really like to do something very special to help him.”

“We’ve got to let him and all the other young men and women know that God always rewards honesty, doing unto others as you would have them do unto you,” she continued. 

Sheila asked people to contribute to his college fund. But was she successful in her plan?

“So many of you have been generous enough to pay it forward, so if you would like to help him start his college life off, that would be very much appreciated,” she wrote.

She also shared a link to a GoFundMe page she had created for the teen. 


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