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Woman Kept Hearing Strange Noises From Behind the Wall, Breaks It To Find Out What It Is

Mrs. Lennon was sleeping in the master bedroom of her old house in Germantown, Tennessee. It was around 1:27 am and the night was dark, only lit by piercing rays of the moon that were finding it hard to find their way through the cloudy sky. It was then that a sudden screeching noise made Mrs. Lennon change sides. “What was that, honey?” she asked her husband, who was also awaken by this unforeseen disturbance.

Since the noise soon died down, the Lennon family thought nothing of it until the situation got much worse. Much much worse. This time the noise didn’t die down. The screeching didn’t stop. What did stop was the Lennon family’s heart, no matter if it was just for a split second. The terrifying truth could have made anyone jump right in their bed. 

Germantown is a small but friendly town. It is one of those towns where everyone knows everyone. The family in consideration was very glad that they lived in such a locality. Of course, it was all beautiful and scenic!

Their house too was in a desirable neighborhood. The members of the family were living their life in a peaceful way but shortly after moving in, a strange noise started haunting them.

The house was a bit older and there were some rumors floating around town that it was haunted too. While the family got used to the occasional creaking sounds and similar noises, this particular noise was something that none of them ever heard before. 

Despite the age, the family was content with their home. But this noise that appeared out of nowhere started making their lives miserable.

The first time this family heard this creepy noise, they let it go, thinking that it wasn’t a big deal. Moreover, when one person heard it, the others didn’t, so they thought they might be overthinking a bit about the noise. 

It didn’t take more than a few days for all the members of the family to realize that something was really off in their new home. At first, it would appear rarely but the noise started to make its presence felt even more frequently now.

In most cases, we are able to figure out the source of any noise coming from our home. Whether it be a creaking noise caused by wooden planks or water dripping on something. But in this case, the homeowners started scratching their heads because they couldn’t make out the source of the noise. 

What made their situation even worse was the increasing frequency. Something bizarre was happening in their home and they couldn’t understand what!

Keeping superstitions aside, the family started thinking logically. They thought that sometimes, a rodent can get stuck in the walls. But the family knew that if it indeed was a rodent, then there had to be plenty of them stuck in the walls. So they called pest control to the rescue. 

After investigating a little, the pest control team was able to locate where the noise was coming from. They did exactly what they were paid to do. But did it work?

To the family’s disappointment, their efforts bore no fruit as the pest control thing didn’t help their issue at all. They still used to hear it all the time and they were sick of it. They were running out of solutions and it started getting on their nerves. 

If there were any rodents, pesticides would have either killed them or made their escape. But the noise continued to make its presence felt, frequently and with the same intensity.

It was concluded that whatever was in those walls, was alive. By that time, they knew that their home wasn’t haunted, and neither there were any rodents. Like any other rational human being out there, they resorted to Google for help.

 In a true-blue Google manner, the search engine pointed out dozens of possible problems and solutions for each problem. But still, they couldn’t boil down to just one solution.

The noise started frustrating the living bats out of the family and just when they were on the brink of losing their cool, the noise became louder. It was so loud that it sounded as if something quite big was causing it. 

When the family members heard the voice together, they agreed upon one thing that it was almost like some kind of vibration. It started feeling like the thing in their walls was more alive than ever before. They had to figure it out as soon as possible before it could get even worse.

Upon closer inspection of the walls and the noise that they were emitting, it was agreed upon that it was some sort of vibration combined with a buzz. This is when they realized that their family was in a very unusual situation. 

They found the exact same spot from where the sound was coming from and then they also saw one little bug crawling around the window. It was no ordinary bug but as it turned out, it was one little bee that crawling on the wall, and then it snuck in. Just one tiny bee wouldn’t have caused such vibration.

The family realized by then they indeed had a bee problem and they needed an ultimate expert to help them out of this rather unique situation. After searching on the internet for the right man to do the job, they found David Glover.

 The homeowners didn’t want to kill the bees. They just wanted them to get rid of them, without causing any harm. And David Glover was the perfect man for the job!

David is fondly called ‘The Bee Whisperer’ in his area. Many people call pest control to get rid of the bees but people like David are the best for such jobs. 

David knows that bees are on their way to become an endangered species so he goes into other people’s homes, gets the bees out, and then finds a new home for them. But that’s enough talk about David. Would ‘The Bee Whisperer’ help the family out?

David knew that just because the homeowners saw a few bees around one window, it didn’t translate to the fact that they actually had a bee problem. David also knew that to confirm the problem, he would have to go down there himself. 

When David finally reached their home, they complained about an unusual buzzing sound that was bothering them for quite a while. He brought along with him his one special gadget – a thermal imaging camera.

The science behind a thermal imaging camera is simple – if the color red shows up, it means that the camera has detected a heat source. When David pointed the camera towards the house, the camera lit up! The color red was all over the place but David noticed that the heat source was leading to a small weep hole. 

Weep holes is basically how the houses in the south “breathe” due to the humidity. It didn’t take long for David to figure out that this hole must have been their entry point.

When David closely studies his findings, he concluded that the homeowners definitely had a bee problem. Having that ruled out of his way, David was looking at another problem that was going to pose a huge threat to the project in hand – the home itself! 

It was all made of bricks and since there were so many bees, it would be very hard for David to find the exact location of the hive. Was David up for it?

When we said that David was the perfect man for the job, we meant it! Once he realized how many bees could be stuck in the walls, he decided to do something crucial. Apart from disturbing the homeowners, their own life was in danger as well because their swarm was stuck inside the walls. 

David took the decision that he would have to relocate the bees. But he put forth one condition in front of homeowners and they had to agree to it.

If David wanted to successfully pull off the job, he knew he would have to do some damage to the home. And obviously, he couldn’t do it without asking for approval. He had one job at hand, to get the bees out safely and to relocate them afterward. 

Lucky for everyone, the homeowners agreed. The poor family was so frustrated from the buzzing noise that they instantly agreed to have some of their walls demolished. It was going to cost them a bit, but they still agreed.

David’s excitement was touching the sky because he wanted to help the homeowners and the bees as well. However, his research of the project that he had in his hand, made him realize that this was going to be one of the most difficult bee removals he had ever done.

Because the heat sources he came across were much smaller than this one. It was almost concluded that the hive was quite big and that the house would be making his job even more difficult than it already was!

If there was one thing that David hated the most, it had to be bricks! What makes working with bricks a difficult job is that it crumbles and can be very hard to remove. In some cases, trying to remove brick can damage the hive and as a result, it can make the bees very unhappy. 

It also happens sometimes that all the efforts can go in vain. So many things can go wrong when you bring bricks into the equation and guess what? This house was entirely made out of bricks!

With a bit of difficulty, David removed the first brick. There was such a small space between the brick and concrete that the removal left David a bit shocked. 

He assumed at first that the process would certainly harm the bees but when he completely removed the brick, he observed that the hive was left untouched. The bees were buzzing happily and that made David a bit optimistic.

David carefully deserved the hive and concluded that it was in perfect condition. The bees were a bit frantic and David knew that there was a huge chunk of them because there were already so many bees flying around him. 

Getting to the hive completely was going to take him some considerable time because removing bricks without harming the bees was a bit time-consuming. How would he navigate from here!

He couldn’t just smash through the wall to get to the hive so he had to be extremely careful and remove the bricks one by one. He didn’t want the swarm to attack the neighborhood either. 

He also kept the good of homeowners in mind and took extra care of their expenses and the structure of the home. After all, bees inside a house, that’s totally unprecedented!

After removing two lines of bricks, he concluded that it wasn’t going to be enough to secure the hive. After spending some more time, David managed to remove five lines of brick. 

Although the removal of five lines of brick might have been enough, David decided to keep going! Was he about to find something that was much more macabre?

Not only was this the most insane project he had ever done, but it was also going to be his biggest! He started getting even more excited as the hive kept getting bigger and bigger. 

Despite having so much experience, he had never dealt with something this massive before. Lucky for him and for all the people present there, he was prepared and knew what to do.

It is a source of amusement for people that how David isn’t afraid of getting stung by bees. That is exactly where his special bee suit comes in handy. His special suit covers and protects his entire body. 

Still, on some rare occasions, bees find their way in and sting him. It is also said the more you get stung by bees, the less you become sensitive to it. How cool is that!

While a vast majority of us are afraid of getting stung by bees, David absolutely adores them. And this is the reason why they call him ‘The Bee Whisperer’. He often posts about bees and his fascination on his social media channels and guess what? 

It seems like bees love him too! Because while David was removing the bricks, a dozens of bees landed on David’s shoulder and started making their home right on that spot!

After a lot of time and effort, David finally managed to remove all the bricks, and there it was! The HOLY HUGE HONEYCOMB because the hive was incredibly large in size! 

David wondered how the bees managed to survive there for so long. The exciting tale was soon going to take a drastic turn and David wasn’t prepared for it!

His fascination soon wore off as he noticed something else, something that made him a bit sad. As he removed some more bricks, the sight broke his heart because the pesticide that the pest control used got inside the wall and killed some of the bees. 

In the corner of the hive, he found a lot of dead bees. The major chunk of the bees might have been alright but the bee family lost their most important member.

David suffered a huge blow when he found out that among the bees that were killed by the pesticide, the queen was there too. Without the queen, the survival of the rest of the bees becomes quite difficult.

But there was another question: would the hive survive without the queen bee? We all know the hive must have a queen to function, live and survive. Read on and we’ll tell you the truth. 

David tried to get a rough estimation of the numbers of the bees. And guess what did he conclude? There were more than 35,000 bees in that particular hive! 

David had a very big task ahead of him and that was to capture all the bees and relocate them safely to a secured location. His equipment came in handy again!

When David transferred the honeycomb, most of the bees stuck to the honeycomb. It did make David’s job a bit easier but there are always some stragglers that get left behind. 

But David had very special equipment to finish the job! A vacuum cleaner! He made sure to empty the vacuum and use gentle suction so he wouldn’t harm the bees.

You read that right! The bees that are left behind have to go through the process of rehabilitation. David has to put in a lot of his time and effort to make this happen.

But nothing can deter him from his passion for serving the honey-producing insects. In doing so, David has uploaded so many photos and videos on his Facebook account and everyone has loved them so far!

David became famous after this incident and that enabled him to meet other ‘bee whisperers’. The relocated bees were moved into a vertical hive and David became their beekeeper. Bees can’t produce honey without a queen so David decided to introduce the hive to a new queen. 

He was a little worried that the bees could reject their new queen but luckily, the bees bowed down to their new queen and started getting well along with her.

If you are wondering about the egg-laying process, it is quite interesting. The larvae use a mixture of pollen and honey as their food. This boosts the process of eggs becoming adult bees. 

Most of the work is done by the worker bees while the queen, being the queen, just wants to try and find a moment’s rest whenever possible! Well, that’s what novelty is for, what do you say?

By God’s grace, the bees started producing honey soon. David felt a huge relief, as soon as they began producing. Deep inside his heart, he knew that this rehoming job was finally done. 

Apart from rescuing the bees, the process also paid off David in a huge way. Wondering how is that? Well, as the bees made a handsome amount of honey, just imagine the sort of quantity thing humongous bee hive would produce!!

David posted a social media update after six months of rescuing the bees. He informed everyone that the bees were doing incredibly well and that they absolutely adore their new queen. 

While the bees did create some nuisance for the homeowners, they too, are proud of themselves because they did help David find and save the bees! Quite remarkable, isn’t it?


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