Woman Is Furious After Teacher Leaves Note In Her Son's Lunchbox

Before The Tragedy 

Francesca and her five-year-old son, Kyler, were residing in Kingswood, Texas. Francesca had a busy job, so sometimes, she had to send her son to the daycare center. 

One day, the boy returned home with a strange note in his lunchbox. Francesca was furious when she saw what Kyler's teacher wrote about her son. 

When Francesca Easdon was unpacking her son's lunchbox, she noticed a small note at the bottom of the container. It was from her son's daycare teacher. 

How could some teachers be so cruel? Francesca immediately knew what she had to do. 

A Shy Boy

Kyler had struggled a lot with making friends at his previous schools. He was a shy boy who preferred to play alone instead of being a part of a group. 

Francesa hoped her son would grow out of shyness eventually and become more outgoing. And he did when he joined a new daycare center. 

Picking The Right Daycare Center 

Francesca did her research and found the perfect place for her son, or so she thought. She decided to send him to Rocking Horse Day Care, as it had many positive reviews online. 

After preparing all the necessary documents, she drove her son to the facility. 

First Day

The first day at the daycare center went well for Kyler, and Francesa was happy with her decision. The boy told her all about his day and the new friends he had made. 

Francesca had no idea that the disaster was just around the corner. 

Kyler Enjoyed His Time There 

The boy enjoyed his time at the center and was looking forward to it every day. He befriended some of his peers and got along with his teachers. 

Francesca was relieved knowing her son was in safe hands while she was at work. Little did she know at the time how much she would regret sending him there. 

She Was Relieved 

Francesca feared her son would become a victim of bullying again and was happy to hear he had made some friends at his daycare. 

She could always tell when Kyler was bothered by something, and this time he seemed genuinely happy. If only she knew what one of his teachers was up to this entire time. 

Before The Disaster Struck 

Francesca was so happy with her decision that she even recommended the daycare to her friends and family. The staff at the facility was also surprisingly very welcoming. 

It wasn't until a few days later that she realized they had been lying to her the entire time. 

Writing Noted To Her Son

Every day before sending Kyler to the daycare center, Francesca put little notes in his lunchbox reminding him of her love. 

That day, after writing another sweet note to her son, Francesca dropped him off at the daycare and headed to work. Later that day, she realized that she had made a huge mistake by trusting them with her son. 

The Note 

"Please tell Kyler that his mommy loves him so much and that I'm thinking about him," Francesca said in her note. 

When she picked Kyler up a few hours later, he seemed to be in a good mood. But it wasn't until she opened his lunchbox that she realized what was happening to her son at the daycare. 

A Surprise 

When Francesca opened the lunchbox, she noticed a note with something written on it. It's wasn't the one she had written for Kyler earlier. 

"No! Put him on a diet and go away!" his daycare teacher said. Francesca was at a loss for words. She started to cry when she realized what the teacher was referring to. 

Poor Dieting Habits 

Kyler had been struggling with his dieting habits for a long time, and Francesca did everything she could to accommodate him. 

While he had always been a picky eater, it got even worse in the last couple of weeks. 

Calling The Center

Francesca had talked to Kyler's teachers about his problem, but as it turned out, they couldn't care less. She was furious after reading the note and immediately called the daycare center. 

She wanted an explanation for what the teacher said about her son. 

She Wanted An Explanation 

So she set up a meeting with the school's director, hoping to get some answers. 

The director informed her they were investigating the matter and would take appropriate actions. Francesca was furious. She trusted the daycare center with her son, and in return, she received a disgusting note! Then, she asked the director what he was planning to do about the teacher. 

The Termination 

She told the director that whoever wrote this cruel note should be terminated immediately. Shortly after the meeting, one teacher confessed to having written the letter. 

The teacher was fired, but Francesca didn't receive an apology from the school. She was hurt by the lack of respect from the staff, but this was only the beginning. 

Stalking The Teacher 

Francesca couldn't stop thinking about the daycare teacher and how she never apologized for having written that horrible letter about her son. 

So, she decided to search for her on Facebook, and what she discovered online shocked her to the core. 

She Found Her On Facebook

It didn't take long for her to find Kyler's teacher on Facebook as there weren't many other women with the same name and last name. What she saw on her timeline made her hair stand on end. 

Francesca knew she had to act fast before it was too late. 

Horrible Posts

The woman shared a lot of drug-related posts and other inappropriate content on her timeline. 

Francesca couldn't believe what she was reading. How could they hire someone like her to work with children? She called the daycare center right away and told them about her Facebook profile. 

Looking For A New Daycare Center 

Francesca removed her son from the daycare facility and started looking for another one. Even though that teacher was fired, she didn't trust them anymore. 

Also, she was still hurt by the fact that no one apologized to her for what happened. Francesca decided to share an important message with the other mothers. 

The Message 

"While Kyler had always been picky with his food, it got worse in the last couple of weeks," she said. 

She couldn't believe that the teacher dared to body shame her son, knowing very well that he was struggling. Words like those can seriously hurt children.   

A Caring Mother

"I do everything in my power to build my son up and make him feel good about himself because he is beyond amazing," Francesca continued. 

She also shared an important piece of advice with other parents of young children. 

Her Advice 

"Every parent should monitor their daycares closely and stay away from this facility, they do NOT deserve the privilege of teaching our children," she said about the Rocking Horse Day Care. 

A Colorado woman who enrolled her 8-year-old daughter at Rocking Ridge Elementary School also learned the hard way that some schools can't be trusted. 

In Detention

Connie Ramstad was told her 8-year-old daughter was in detention, but soon she learned the school had lied about her daughter's whereabouts. 

Connie was surprised to hear that her daughter Allegra was in detention, as she had never been in trouble before. 

Something Was Off

The school didn't reveal much information over the phone, which Connie thought was odd. Allegra was a calm girl and had got good grades in school. 

After receiving the call, Connie immediately knew something was wrong, and her worst fear was confirmed when she arrived at her daughter's school. 

On The Way

Connie got into her car and drove to her daughter's school. She couldn't put her finger on what could possibly be the reason for Allegra's detention. 

Something just didn't feel right. Connie wasn't prepared for what she saw when she got there. 

Rock Ridge Elementary School

Fortunately, the school was located near their house. As soon as Connie arrived, she rushed inside the school, preparing to get some answers fr0m the principal. 

She couldn't understand why the school didn't inform her earlier about Allegra's detention. 

At The School

One of the staff members offered to take Connie to her daughter. Something didn't sit well with her, but she decided to keep calm and deal with the situation as soon as possible. 

What she witnessed in the next few seconds left her speechless. 

She Wasn't There

Connie figured her daughter could be waiting for her in the principal's office or one of the detention rooms, but this wasn't the case. 

Allegra wasn't in any of the classrooms. Where could she possibly be? Connie was growing increasingly worried. 

They Didn't Tell Her Much

When Connie asked why Allegra was in detention, they didn't reply. What had they done to her daughter?

Connie felt her heart pounding in her chest as she followed the staff member to a dark room. What she saw inside the room made her jaw drop. 

A Jail Room

When Connie entered the room, she saw the unthinkable. There, in a tiny cage, was her daughter. She had tears in her eyes and was shaking uncontrollably. 

Connie was furious. What was going on? And why did they lock her daughter in a cage? It took her a few seconds to understand what she had just seen. 

Connie's Words

"I found my little girl trapped in a jail cell. They call it a "detention room," but it was actually a scary two by four feet room," Connie said. 

Her daughter's eyes were swollen from crying, and by the look of her face, it was apparent that she had been locked inside for a long time. But what Connie discovered next was even more terrifying. 

Connie Was Shocked

She screamed for the staff to let Allegra out immediately, but they weren't in a hurry. 

How could they do something like that to a child? What kind of a monster does one have to be to come up with such a cruel punishment? What the principal said next made her hair stand on end. 

The Reason

When asked the reason for Allegra's detention, the principal explained to Connie in a calm voice that her daughter had threatened another student at school. 

In his opinion, Allegra deserved the punishment she received, and next time she will think twice before threatening another student. But what happened next was even more shocking. 

At A Loss For Words

Connie couldn't wrap her mind around what had just happened. Her poor daughter was locked in a jail cell, and the school didn't even bother contacting her right away. 

As it turned out, not only were they abusing Allegra, but she was also innocent. 

She Confronted A Bully 

The child Allegra had apparently "threatened" that day was a bully who had been making her life a living hell for years. 

So Allegra decided enough was enough and finally stood up for herself. She tried reporting the bully to her teachers, but they weren't taking her seriously. 

Toxic Environment 

The bully took a heavy toll on her mental health, so she decided to confront him. 

So the next day, when the bully made another nasty comment, Allegra told him she would tell her mother about it. And according to her school, this was a threat. 

Connie Was Speechless 

Connie was furious when she heard the story. How could they ignore her daughter and then punish her in such a degrading way?

She removed her from the school right away and prepared to take appropriate measures against the facility. What did she do?

Traumatized And Scared 

Allegra was still traumatized weeks after the incident. She developed a fever and had to stay at home for several days. 

"We still do not know how long she will stay traumatized. She has been feverish for more than three days now," her mother said. So she did what any caring mother would do in her position and got legal help. 

She Hired A Lawyer 

Allegra's parents hired a lawyer to proceed with the lawsuit against the school. He agreed that the school has to pay for what they had done to the girl. 

"The school had crossed a line here. It's an evident violation of civil rights, and this is definitely not the way a child is supposed to be treated", the attorney said. 

Allegra's family is hoping that after this incident, the school will never treat a child the same way again. 

No one deserves to be locked in a jail cell. It's inhumane and unacceptable.