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After Her Husband Passed Away Unexpectedly, She Found A Chilling Text On His Phone

The Coelhos were a happy family four. Every Sunday, Jonathan, Katie, and their two children would spend the day in nature playing hide and seek or watching TV at home. 

They had so many plans for the upcoming year when suddenly Jonathan became gravely ill and left this world. And it wasn’t until he had passed away that Katie discovered the chilling truth about her late husband. She couldn’t believe her eyes when she opened the strange text on his phone. 

One day, Jonathan started feeling sick. He thought it was just a common cold, so he took a day off to rest. But with each passing day, he felt worse. So, he decided to get tested to rule out COVID-19. 

Sadly, his worst fear was confirmed when he received a message stating that he was positive. From then on, Jonathan’s condition would rapidly deteriorate. 

Jonathan was 33 years old when he contracted the novel coronavirus. Everyone knew him as the “amazing guy” who could always put a smile on your face. 

His loved ones said that Jonathan “had a smile that made anyone feel loved and a hug that made you feel secure.” But as it turned out, they didn’t know him as well as they thought. 

Jonathan always told his friends and family to never hold grudges or judge other people. He was raised in New England and loved everything relating to the New England Patriots. 

He had no idea that his life was about to abruptly end in the most unexpected way possible. 

Jonathan met his future wife at Western Connecticut State University, and the two became close friends. And it was only a few months later that they admitted to having feelings for eachother.

Jonathan asked Katie to be his girlfriend when they were on a date in Boston.  “Are you sure?” she says she remembers asking. But Jonathan was absolutely sure about her. 

After years of being together, he proposed to Katie, and the two got married in 2013. 

They thought they would live happily ever after and raise many children together, but they soon faced extreme difficulties. 

The couple desperately wanted to start a family, but the road to parenthood turned out to be much more difficult than they imagined. 

After suffering two miscarriages, Katie and Jon decided to try IVF to conceive. Finally, in 2018, they received the news they had been waiting for. 

In 2018, the doctors informed Katie and her husband that the treatment had worked and she was going to deliver a boy. 

Jon and Katie were on cloud nine all week after hearing the news. But their happiness would be short-lived. 

When Braedyn was born, the doctors told them that something was wrong with him. And the boy was given only a month and a half to live. 

Braedyn was diagnosed with cerebral palsy along with several other neurological disorders. For six weeks, Katie and Jon were praying for his survival. 

Braedyn fought hard and continued to thrive for many months. His doctor couldn’t believe he had made it this far.

Jon and Katie created a Facebook page for his son called “Journey for Braedyn,” where they shared his progress. Little did they know that the heartbreak was just around the corner. 

While fighting for Braedyn’s life, Katie learned that she was pregnant again. This time, it was a girl. 

During this time, the couple faced financial difficulties due to Braedyn’s high medical bills, and Jon had to work overtime at a Connecticut state. “Jon was the sole provider for the family,” his college friend said. 

“He worked hard to make sure Katie didn’t have to leave the house to take care of earning. But when it was his time with the kids, he really, really, enjoyed it,” he continued. 

And that was when the pandemic hit, turning their lives upside down. Jon took the news seriously and followed the measures to protect himself and his family from COVID-19. But, sadly, he would soon learn that he had contracted the deadly virus. 

“My husband wore gloves, masks, he washed his hands,” Katie said about her husband. Since Braedyn was considered to be “high risk,” the worried parents did everything they could to prevent the spread of the virus. 

“He was so super vigilant because he was so afraid of what would happen to our son if he caught it.” Unfortunately, Jon still contracted the virus.

Jon still had to go to the courthouse every day despite the national lockdown as he was an essential worker. 

And on March 24, John received a text that made him sick to his stomach. He was in contact with someone who had tested positive for coronavirus. And within 24 hours, John began experiencing a wide variety of strange symptoms. 

Jon was a healthy man in his 3os and figured he would be okay even if he contracted the virus. But it was his son that he was worried about the most. 

The next day, Jon started feeling worse, and he would soon find himself unable to speak or even move. 

“He started coughing, and with the coughing fits, he wouldn’t be able to catch his breath in between,” Katie said in an interview. 

Jon could no longer perform even the most simple tasks like walking or eating. He immediately isolated himself in a separate room, but even the short walk to the bathroom would leave him out of breath. It was apparent to both Katie and Jon that he needed to go to the hospital. 

On top of his dry cough, Jon was experiencing severe stomach pains and headaches. “It then worsened…he would be laying in bed, and he felt as if something was constricting his throat,” Katie wrote on Facebook. 

Katie desperately wanted to comfort Jon and be there for him, but she couldn’t as she was afraid of catching the virus and passing it on to their son. And it wasn’t long before Jon would be taken to the hospital. 

Jon was worried, but Katie assured him he would be fine in a week or two. After all, he had been healthy all his life with no preexisting conditions. 

She figured that since Jon frequently worked out and wasn’t a smoker, his body would fight off COVID-19. However, as a precaution, Jon decided to visit the hospital and see what could be done to speed up his recovery. And that was when things got even worse for the devoted father and husband. 

 No one, not even Katie, was allowed to visit Jon at the hospital. 

Every call she received from the doctors left her in tears. His condition wasn’t improving, and the medicine he was given wasn’t working on him. And soon, Katie wouldn’t be able to hear John’s voice.

On March 31, Jon called Katie to deliver the devastating news, but she didn’t pick up. “I don’t know why I put my phone on vibrate that night, but I did,” Katie said. 

“And I slept through a 4 a.m. phone call from him.” Jon left her a voice message saying his breathing got a little weird in the night, so they said they’re gonna have to let his body rest so that he could come home to me and the kids, and that he loved us,” she recalled. Katie had no idea at the time that it would be the last time she heard his voice. 

The next day, Jon was put on a ventilator. By that point, he could barely speak, but the doctors were still confident that he would make a full recovery. 

One day, the doctors tried to wake him up, but his breathing was disrupted. “They FaceTimed me, and he just said, ‘I love you, and I’m sorry,’ and then they had to re-intubate him.” Then, Jon’s kidneys failed. 

His condition wasn’t improving, and the fever remained high. It became difficult for him to speak to his family over the sound of his ventilator. 

After several weeks of bad-news phone calls, Katie finally received some good news. It seemed like Jon’s condition was improving, and they were planning to take him off his ventilator for a few hours a day to see how he would respond. Little did they know that his condition would soon take a turn for the worst. 

That evening, Katie received an update from the staff that Jon responded to the trials. 

“The doctor I’d spoken to said, ‘We’re going to be able to wake your husband up in two days,” she said. “And they started talking to me about recovery.”

A few hours after she received the update, Jon suddenly felt worse, and on April 22, he passed away. His family and friends were devastated to discover that he suffered a cardiac arrest, which led to his death. 

Katie was heartbroken. But she was about to discover the bone-chilling truth about her husband. 

Katie couldn’t see her husband for almost a month. But after he had lost his battle with COVD-19, she was finally allowed to enter his hospital room and say goodbye.  

“I just sat, cried, and told him how much the kids and I loved him,” she said. It was then that Katie discovered a strange message on her husband’s phone. 

When she was ready to leave, the doctors gave her a bag with Jon’s belongings, including his cellphone. 

As soon as Katie was given his phone, she started going through the photos and videos they took together. Then, she accidentally opened his Notes app and saw the unthinkable. 

There she found things like instructions for paying their mortgage and passwords. But then, below, she saw a note he had written for her and their children. 

Jon wrote these last words right before he was intubated. In his note, he said, “I love you guys with all my heart, and you’ve given me the best life I could have ever asked for.” The next sentence gave Katie chills. 

“I am so lucky it makes me so proud to be your husband and the father to Braedyn and Penny,” he continued. 

“Katie, you are the most beautiful, caring, nurturing person I’ve ever met,” he wrote. “You are truly one of a kind. Make sure you live life with happiness and that same passion that made me fall in love with you.” Then, Jon went on to say something important. 

“Seeing you be the best mom to the kids is one of the great things I’ve ever experienced. Let Braedyn know he’s my best bud, and I’m proud to be his father and for all the amazing things he’s done and continues to do,” the note read.

Then, Jon addressed his 10-month old daughter, Penelope. 

“Let Penelope know she’s a princess and can have whatever she wants in life,” he wrote. “I am so lucky…”

“Don’t hold back. And if you meet someone, know that if they love you and the kids that I love that for you,” he continued. Katie couldn’t hold her tears as she continued reading his letter. 

Jon finished his note with “Always be happy no matter what!”

This note was just another reminder of how loving and thoughtful her husband was. Katie had no doubt in her mind about how much he loved them. 

“I’m so thankful I found the note, but the other part of me is sad,” Katie said in an interview. 

After reading Jon’s note, she knew what she had to do next. 

Katie shared her story on Facebook. After a few minutes, she began receiving likes and re-shares from people worldwide. Soon, her story appeared in newspapers, and several television hosts had invited her for an interview. 

After a few days, Katie wrote another update on her Facebook profile. 

“I am so grateful people have been able to hear his words and see who he was because Jonathan deserves every single praise for being the man he is,” she wrote. 

“I’ve heard from all over the world what an amazing man he is and how his love for us is undeniable.” After sharing her story on Facebook, Katie took some time off to properly grieve. 

After Jon had passed away, Katie and the children have celebrated many important milestones together, including her son’s fight against his disease and birthdays. But things will never be the same without Jon.

The page that the couple had created to update their family on Brayden’s condition has turned into a place where everyone shares their favorite memories with Jon. 


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