Woman Gets Shocking Text From Her Ex Right Before The Wedding And Just Doesn't Know What To Do

Alexsa Sanchez Aguilar

Alexsa Sanchez Aguilar was enjoying her cup of coffee when she received a shocking text from her ex-boyfriend that she had broken up with more than 10 years ago. Upon reading what the man had to say Alexsa froze as she didn't know what to say or how to reply to this. Was this the most awkward moment of her life? Be sure to find out!

Alexsa Sanchez Aguilar, was enjoying her cup of coffee on a Saturday morning when she received a text message that shocked her... Upon reading this mysterious text, she panicked as she didn't know what to do and how to respond to this. What would you do? Let's see what was this about!

A Mysterious Text Message

As Alexsa was drinking her coffee, her cellphone suddenly rang. She then picked it up and saw that it had an unread text message on messenger. 

She didn't recognize the number but it seemed oddly familiar. As if she had seen it before. You'll never guess what happened next!

Who Is This?

Alexsa started to become worried and at first, she didn't respond to the message because she was scared. 

Why would a random person contact her out of the blue? What was happening? This is what the text she received read.

"Hi is this still Alexsa's number?"

"Hi is this still Alexsa's number?", was the text that Alexsa received. At this point, she started to become more and more worried about this. 

Was it someone that was after her? Was she or her children in danger? Did someone from her past decide to contact her again?

Tracking The Number

Alexsa decided to get to the bottom of this and she decided to track the number of the mysterious sender. 

After some research, she finally found who the sender was. This is when things started to get weird...

 Her Ex?

Alexsa found out that the sender of the text that had disturbed her day was a man that she had developed a romantic relationship 10 years ago. 

She was able to find the contact on her old phone. But what did he want? Alexsa wasn' t ready for an awkward discussion.

She Was Married

Alexsa has married 4 years ago and she had become a mother of three. Her life was going in the right direction and the last thing she wanted in her life was trouble from an ex. 

Nevertheless, she decided to reply and the text messages are just insane! Continue to the next page to see the text messages between her and her ex.  

Is This Still Alexsa's Number?

Despite that Alexa knew who the sender was she decided to reply as if she had no idea just to be sure that she wasn't making a mistake. 

We have all done this! But what happened next usually doesn't happen to everyone. Continue to the next page to see the rest of the exchange.

 She Was Right!

And she was right! The person who decided to contact her out of the blue was indeed her ex from almost a decade ago. 

What did he want? Alexsa decided to just ask what was going on.


After Alexsa's reply, the sender read the message but didn't reply for a couple of hours.

In the meantime, Alexsa was becoming worried that something bad is going on. This started to get creepy until this happened.

Burst Into Tears

What happened next made Alexsa burst into tears as she never expected to receive a message of this kind. 

Her ex's intentions were revealed and Alexsa was faced with a dilemma no one could her help with.

I'm Getting Married Tomorrow

Her ex-boyfriend said that he was getting married tomorrow and that his current fiance knew about this message. 

Alexsa was relieved that there wasn't anything creepy going on but now she was more confused than ever. So why did he tell her this? Did he want to make her feel bad?

A Special Message

What followed made Alexsa realize that she wasn't an ordinary person in her ex's life. She held a place in his mind that just wasn't normal. 

Her ex was getting married and before stepping into the altar he wanted to say this to his ex-girlfriend for reasons that will make you break into tears.

Thank You

Alexsa's ex-boyfriend felt that he had to tell Alexsa about how much of an impact she had on his life. 

He stated that she helped him in his darkest hours and that he was eternally grateful to her for everything. He then wished her that she finds love and happiness. This is how Alexsa replied!

Alexsa's Reaction

Alexsa didn't know what to do. She was deeply moved by her ex's message but she didn't know what to say and how to reply to this. 

It was simply too much for her but she decided to write this back.

Her Response

This is Alexa's response to her ex's message. 

You can understand that this former couple grew to be very mature and emotionally healthy with each other. This is just amazing, isn't' it?

He Then Said This

Good vibes only! Alexsa and her ex had a chat which consisted primarily of wishes and a brief summary of their lives after their breakup. 

Alexsa was so inspired by this message that she decided to post it on Twitter. It quickly became viral gaining thousands of comments. 

Posted It On Twitter

Alexsa was so inspired by this message that she decided to post it on Twitter. It quickly became viral gaining thousands of comments. 

People seemed to have varied opinions about this incident though. Some people just decided to be negative about it but then this happened!

Good Vibes

Many people responded to this bizarre story very positively telling that this is one of the most beautiful things that has ever happened and pointing out how mature a former couple has to be to have this kind of relationship with each other.

Her story inspired many people and showed the world that not every breakup needs to end badly. The positives from her experience were felt all over Twitter. The good karma definitely benefited both couples, continue to the next page to see where they are now!

Happily Ever After

It seems that Alexsa and her ex's break up was a good decision and this was proved by their brief encounter 10 years after they parted ways. 

Both of them are married and living a fulfilling and happy life today!