Woman Gets House For Free, Cries When She Finds Out Why

Louisa Johnson couldn't believe her luck when she was offered a four-bedroom house for free. It looked beautiful inside and out.

But she had no idea what was coming...

Free Of Charge

Louisa was searching for a small house when an elderly woman contacted her and offered her home for free. 

She showed her a photo of a beautiful spacious house and told her she didn't want any money for it. 

A Beautiful Home

The house had two bathrooms, three bedrooms, a big kitchen, and a backyard. Although Louisa was happy with the offer, a part of her wondered why this beautiful home wasn't at the estate agency.  

However, she dismissed her thoughts and accepted the offer. Little did she know how much she was going to regret this decision. 

Accepting The Offer

Louisa dialed the number provided below the photo and waited for the woman to answer. "Hello?" she heard in her ear. 

The seller insisted Louisa come over straight away to see the house, and she agreed. 

In Shock

Louisa arrived at the address of the house and was shocked by how huge it was in real life. 

She saw a man standing at the front of the house. “You must be Louisa, I’m Mikey,” he said.

House Tour

Mikey showed Louisa her potential new house, and she loved everything about it. 

"You're gonna love it here!" he said. "I can't wait for you to move in." Louisa nodded and smiled at him. But she had no idea what his secret plan was. 

Good Choice

Louisa was confident that the house would be perfect for her and her daughter. It was spacious and was located in a good neighborhood. 

But little did she know, she was about to make the biggest mistake of her life. 

The History

After Mikey completed his house tour, he started to talk about its history. It turns out that the house belonged to his grandmother, who passed away a few years ago. 

Louisa understood his pain as she also lost her grandmother recently. 

A Strange Feeling

The two then went into the living room to drink coffee. Suddenly, Louisa felt that something was off about the house and the man selling it. 

Why would he want to give away a house like this for free?

A Catch

Louisa felt like this house was too good to be true. And her gut instinct was right. 

There was a catch, and when she found out what it was, she felt sick to her stomach. 


"So, how did you find out about this house?" Mikey asked her while sipping his coffee.

"Well, an old lady told me about it and showed me some photos," she replied. "Do you know her?"

Something Was Wrong

As soon as she said that, Mikey's face turned pale. "Oh no..." he said. 

"Why? What's wrong?" Louisa asked him. Then he pointed at a portrait of an old woman on the wall. 

Dead Grandmother 

It was his dead grandmother. It was the same woman who told Louisa about this house. 

But how was this possible?


“Your grandmother was the old woman who showed me the house yesterday," Louisa said quietly. 

She was terrified; she wanted to run for her life as far away from the haunted house as possible. But part of her wanted answers. 

What's Going On?

"What is going on?" she asked Mikey. It turns out that this house was haunted, and no one stayed there longer than a couple of days. 

Many people claimed to have seen the ghost of his dead grandmother. When Louisa heard the truth, she told Mikey she wouldn't take it.