Woman Disappears, Then Husband Checks Bedroom And Jumps

When Caryn went missing, her husband was in despair. He looked for her everywhere in the neighborhood and had contacted her friends and family, but no one had any idea where she could've gone. 

Then, he entered their son's bedroom by pure chance and saw his wife laying in a strange position on the floor. And when he realized what she was doing, he was horrified. 

Happy Family Of Three 

One day, Tyron and Caryn decided to host a small gathering at their house. They couldn't wait to introduce them to their newborn Brody, who was only a few months old at the time. 

So, they invited a few close friends for dinner and some drinks, preparing to spend the evening laughing and eating delicious food. But nothing could've prepared them for what happened that night. 

The Day Of

The evening started off great. Brody was occupied with his toys, and the guests were enjoying the delicious food that Caryn had prepared for them. 

A few hours later, Caryn had announced that she was going upstairs to put her son to sleep. It was then that Tyron noticed something peculiar about his wife. 

She Looked Worried 

After an hour, Caryn returned to the living room. She looked worried and kept checking the baby camera. At first, Tyron thought she was just tired or was having trouble putting Brody to sleep. 

But then, something strange happened that left him at a loss for words. 

Weird Behavior 

Every thirty minutes or so, Caryn would leave the table and go upstairs. 

And just when Tyron wanted to ask her if everything was okay, she suddenly got up from the chair and ran upstairs. What was going on?

The Unexpected 

Confused, Tyron excused himself from the dining table and went to look for his wife. He had a feeling that something was terribly wrong and felt guilty for not checking up on her earlier. 

When he entered Brody's room, he saw his wife laying on the floor with her eyes wide open. What was she doing?


She put her finger on her lips and made the "Shh" gesture. Tyron didn't know what to think as he watched his wife lay on the floor. 

Then, a few minutes later, everything suddenly made sense. 

Waiting For Him To Fall Asleep

That evening, Brody couldn't fall asleep. Every time Caryn left the room, he would start crying. 

So, she decided to stay in his room longer and make sure he was asleep before leaving. At first, she stood next to Brody's crib and watched him fall asleep. But then, she got tired and decided to sit on the floor. 

On The Floor

Caryn waited and waited for her Brody to fall asleep. Her legs got tired from sitting in the same position, and she decided to lie down. 

While on the floor, she began to move around Brody's room by sliding on the floor, hoping her son wouldn't wake up this time. And it was then that Tyron entered the room and almost ruined her plan. 

It Was a Success

Fortunately, Brody didn't wake up this time and Caryn was able to return to her guests and enjoy the rest of the evening.

While walking downstairs, the couple couldn't stop laughing. Now, it was time to explain everything to their friends, who were all quietly waiting at the dining table. 

Sharing It Online 

When their friends heard the story, they couldn't stop laughing. 

The next day, Tyron posted the footage from the baby camera to his Facebook page. The video of his wife laying on the floor instantly went viral, ranking in 11 million views and nearly 60,000 shares.

Becoming Famous 

Below the footage, he explained how Caryn used the professional style of the moves to get her son to fall asleep that night. 

And soon, the couple was asked to participate in the South African radio show to discuss their smart escape plan. 

The Escape Plan Worked

"I made it out the door, and he hadn't moved," she recalls. "I was too nervous to go back into the room to see if his eyes were open."

Shortly after the interview, the couple began receding hundreds of messages from other parents asking them for advice. 

It Didn't Work At First

But it wasn't so easy for Caryn at first. "We had guests at home for dinner, and because he sensed people were around, he was moaning and wanted to get out the cot,” she said. 

“Every time I walked out of the room, he would stand up and moan.”

He Fell Asleep Eventually 

"I decided to sit on the floor next to the cot so he could see me. He then just lay there with his eyes a little bit open. I lay back and noticed he didn't flinch or move or try and get out the cot."

Now, other parents are asking Taryn for advice on how to get their children to sleep.