Woman Complains About Back Pain For Three Months Only To Find A Bullet Lodged In Her

Back Pain for Three Months

Adi Bloy from Israel was suffering from muscle pain for three months. The pain was so excruciating that it made doing normal day-to-day work difficult for her.

Having been suffering from this unknown pain, she decided to investigate the root of it.

Shocking Discovering in CT Scan Report

She went to multiple doctors, but each visit ended with the same conclusion that it was nothing.

However, because the pain in her back was not going away, she requested a CT scan. You wouldn't believe what the doctors found.

A Bullet Was Found

A metal object was found lodged near her spine. Surgery was scheduled, which soon revealed the object to be a bullet.

It was revealed that she had been shot three months earlier at a wedding, and the bullet had been in her body the entire time.


Bloy was in Pasgot Winery, in the West Bank, to attend a close friend's wedding. A joyous event.

It was at the wedding when she felt a searing ache.

She Was Shot

She felt a strange blow on her back in the middle of the wedding ceremony. There was excruciating pain from her shoulders to her toes.

She assumed she'd pulled a muscle at first because she couldn't see any hole in her clothing.

A Bit Of Blood On Hand

She saw a bit of blood on her hand where the bullet pierced her skin but thought it was only "the tiniest scratch there." 

The young woman recalled how her friends dismissed the situation and told her not to be concerned at the time.


After suffering three months of pain, she requested a CT scan, which revealed a metal object lodged in her body close to her spine.

The gunshot was allegedly fired by a Palestinian from the nearby town of Mukhmas, although authorities were unsure if it was done on purpose or by accident.

Surgery, The Last Resort

Bloy said she went to the doctor after the incident and was given antibiotics. The pain, on the other hand, lasted a month. 

Finally, the doctors discovered the foreign object was a 5.56mm bullet after performing surgery to remove it.

A Miracle

She believes she was saved by a miracle. The surgeon doctor told her that if it had missed by a few centimeters in any direction, she would have been harmed in a variety of ways.

The mere thought of this possibility left her with sleepless nights.

Trauma For Life

She still has back pain and neck pain. But more than the physical pain, the mental trauma she suffered was beyond anything.

She is still afraid to walk the streets sometimes and constantly looks around in fear of getting hit by an unknown object.

Terror Victim

Bloy is now requesting that the National Insurance Institute and the Defense Ministry recognize her as a terror victim.

That would necessitate the institute to fund her medical treatment.

No Reports of Gunfire

Her request has been forwarded to Defense Ministry with recommendations from the police.

The military stated that they were not aware of the incident. On the night of the wedding, there were no reports of gunfire in the area.


Had her friends not taken the situation so lightly, she would have been saved from three months of pain.

But then who would have thought of gun firing in a wedding. It was an unfortunate incident and also a miracle that the bullet missed her vital organs.

Everlasting Mark

Bloy added further, "This is a story you hear in movies. You never really think you would meet such a thing. In the end, it met me."

The incident had left an everlasting mark on her life, which she will remember forever.

Unpredictable Life

It truly makes one ponder on the unpredictability of life.

It all ends with choices to make. To live a life full of concerns and precautions or to take life as it comes enjoying every bit of it.