Woman Covers Man’s Bill, Doesn't Realize Who He Is (COPY)


She felt that she had maybe met him before. Ruth stared at the young man with blond hair and kept wondering where she'd seen him just as he took her money.

She was happy to give some money to him. She felt sorry for people like him. But she had no idea just who this man was.

Ruth Reed

Ruth Reed may seem like just an ordinary woman from Medford, New Jersey but she’s far from it. Ruth is a retired teacher and lives a relatively quiet lifestyle with her husband. 

Ruth woke up with the sunrise and poured herself a cup of coffee as she read the newspaper. It started out like any other week day, but it sure wouldn’t finish like one. 

Strong Values

Ruth and her husband had a happy marriage. They rarely bickered and even though they never had children, they never felt lonely or wanting. 

They had decided to always be grateful for what they had and rarely asked for more. In fact, their rare attitude to gratitude led them both to also vow to always be kind and give back when they can. But sometimes, situations can be misjudged. 

Routine Shopping Trip

It was around 6 pm when Ruth finally got around to do her routine shopping trip at their local Wawa convenience store. She knew this place inside out, just as she knew most of the customers that shopped there.

But on this particular day, there was one unfamiliar face that she hadn’t seen before. She vaguely took note of it before continuing with her shopping. 

A Problem

When she was done, she stood in line to pay. She waited at the checkout counter for her turn to pay but soon, she noticed that there was a problem at the front of the queue.

From behind, she recognized the unfamiliar face she saw earlier. It looked like he was having trouble paying. Her heart immediately sympathized with him. But it wasn’t as she thought.

Stepping Up

 "It looked like he was using a card and it didn't go through,” Ruth said. “And then he asked a young lady for five dollars and I thought, ‘this is it'. So I said, 'No, I'll get it.’”

Ruth had already made up her mind that if she was in a situation where she had an opportunity to be generous, she would take it. And this was that moment for her. But for him, it was something else entirely. 

Who Was He?

Ruth approached the man with her purse wide open. “Here, I’ll help you”, she said. The man looked at her. She put five dollars in his hand and held it. “If we don’t help each other out in hard times, what are we all here for”, Ruth said with a warm smile.

It was an action that would have warmed even the coldest of hearts, but this man’s reaction was anything but normal.

No Ordinary Man

His arms were covered in tattoos, his long fair hair disheveled as he looked out from under it. He was wearing a black graphic t-shirt. He didn’t look like he was from around here but that didn’t matter to Ruth. 

Ruth and her husband always helped out people in need at the supermarket, especially soldiers and veterans. 

Giving Back

"We decided when we saw military people we would treat them at Wawa or Dunkin Donuts or whatever," Ruth said. “It’s our way to thank them for their service”. But he didn’t really look like a military man.

The man took her money and thanked her. It was then when she took a second look at him. Something about him looked familiar. 

Pieced Together

They talked for another while longer while Ruth tried to place why his face felt so familiar. When she introduced herself, and he introduced himself as Keith, that’s when it all came together. 

But there was no way he was who she thought he was. After all, what would a man like him be doing shopping at a place like this? But she was wrong. 

Strange Realization 

The more they talked, the more Ruth let go of the idea that he was the mega country music star she had in mind. But just before they were about to part ways, she said, “By the way, has anyone ever told you that you look like Keith Urban?” 

The man laughed, “I am Keith Urban”. Ruth looked at him sideways. Then she noticed something very strange. 

Keith Urban

As she looked around them, she noticed a number of men close by watching them. Her heart started to pound as she realized what was happening. They were his bodyguards. It really was Keith Urban!

The beloved country music legend was really standing right in front of her. But what was he doing there?


“I just fell apart,” Ruth admitted. “And he was gracious.” Ruth was not only shocked to find out she was casually talking to Keith Urban but she was also embarrassed that she didn’t recognize him and took him for a person in need.

She even doubted his identity straight to his face! But what did Keith think of it?

No Offense Taken

Ruth said Keith was very gracious and laughed when she realized that he wasn’t lying. He must have found it all quite amusing. After all, being the megastar that he is, it must be seldom that he goes unrecognized and even mistaken for someone down on their luck. 

He wasn’t offended at all and even posed in a picture with Ruth, who eventually took her story online. 

Good Karma

Her post quickly gained attention because of their amusing exchange. Ruth soon became a headline on many US newspapers where people delighted in reading their story. 

Ruth also gained admiration for her giving attitude and kind acts of kindness that she and her husband so adamantly keep. Ruth is a shining example of good Karma!