Mom Donates Kidney To Save Boss's Life, Gets Fired

Two Holes

Ice streaks formed in her tears as a result of the freezing wind. Although she had heard of the saying that "no good deed goes unpunished", she never thought it would be applied to her situation.

Her body was now punctured by two holes. One where her kidney once was and one that is now gaping and hurting in her heart.

Good Example

Deborah Stevens had been brought up by a single mom. She had seen firsthand how hard life could be and how vital the kindness of strangers was.

Now with her own children, she wanted to make sure she set a good example for them and honor her departed mother who passed from heart failure. Enter her boss.

Sick Boss

Rumor quickly spread that the 61-year-old manager of the vast car dealership, Jacqueline Brucia, desperately needed an organ transplant.

Deborah wiped away a tear as she thought back on her mother’s struggle and tragic ending. The American healthcare system was so unforgiving. That’s when she had a wonderful thought.

Worth It

It was with a surge of joy she offered her own kidney to her boss if they matched.

The woman’s face went slack in surprise and tears trickled down her cheeks. Deborah insisted – she was healthy and able. If that meant another family could have more years together, it was well worth it. This was the start of the nightmare.


Every day, Brucia would pop over to Deborah’s cubical with a bright smile and a coffee or pastry. They would chat about life and their families as well as past struggles in hospitals.

She really felt like they were kindred spirits. Months later, she was staring up at bright lights and a surgical team.

Bad News

With one last, heartfelt thank you from Brucia, Deborah was put under anesthetic.

The doctors had already prepared her for what would happen during the long, difficult recovery, but the moment she opened her eyes, she knew something was wrong. It was some very bad news.


Deborah gripped the bed rails with white knuckles as the doctor explained there had been compilations during the transplant.

She now had nerve damage in one leg that would probably be permanent. Her digestive system had also been thrown into chaos. But that wasn’t the only problem. Things were about to get so much worse.


There had been no word from Brucia even weeks after their discharge.

The radio silence went all the way through to the first day back on the job. The manager’s greeting was as cold as the winter breeze. A couple of weeks later, she would find herself fired … and for the most unbelievable reason.

Long Recovery

Healing from a transplant was misery for both of them. But Debora had drawn the short straw.

It made moving around hard and general functions sometimes impossible. Her work ended up slower because her brain was already weighed down with the confusing, two-faced reel-down to this journey. Every day was horrible. Then she was called to the office.

"Milking It"

Brucia sat there, tall and proud. Her eyes were like ice and her lips pulled into a thin frown.

Deborah took a deep breath and grimaced through the pain as she sat. Brucia rolled her eyes. “We’re letting you go. You're taking too long to heal. You’ve milked this surgery long enough. We can’t afford to carry dead weight that doesn't make us money.”


It was like being cut open again, but this time while being awake. Deborah sat there, stunned and stuttering to find a coherent response. Was she being serious?

As the list of unfounded “complaints” spilled out of Brucia’s mouth, she felt her world fall apart. Had it all been a lie to get her kidney?

Every Excuse

Being late, being unproductive, using guilt of the surgery to get a salary for doing nothing, having an unprofessional attitude, creating an unpleasant work environment – these were just a fraction of the excuses Brucia gave.

Deborah cried all the way to her car. This couldn't really be happening!

Lawyer Time

Even as she sat in the lawyer’s office, and the man sighed in sympathy, all she could feel was the empty space where her organ used to be.

She lived by the ideals of kindness and generosity. The life-saving gesture made in the memory of her late mother was now tarnished. There was only one way to fix it.

Reaching Out

Aside from her lawyer’s determination, Deborah reached out to news outlets to share her story. The world responded back with endless support.

It helped to soothe the ragged wounds she now carried. It was a firm “no comment” from the side of Brucia. But the lawsuit for pain, suffering, and damages would definitely get her attention.

Kindness And Justice

“I stand by my act of kindness,” Deborah said. Nothing would take away from that. She would continue to teach generosity and love.

Her kids would see her as an example of decent human behavior. But now, they would also learn about justice and not laying down when people walked all over you.

No Question

Deborah Sevens had worked for her boss, Mrs. Brucia, for over five years. She had always been a loyal and hardworking employee, putting in long hours and going above and beyond to ensure the company’s success.

So when Mrs. Brucia announced that she needed a kidney transplant, Deborah didn't hesitate. She offered to be the donor, and after months of testing and preparation, the surgery was scheduled.

A Second Chance At Life

The operation was a success, and Deborah was in high spirits as she began her recovery. But little did she know, Mrs. Brucia was not even grateful. She seemed to blame Deborah for taking too long to recover and causing her to fall behind on her work.

This shocked and hurt Deborah, but she brushed it off and focused on improving.

Ungrateful Aftermath

However, as the days turned into weeks and Deborah's recovery dragged on, Mrs. Brucia’s patience grew thin. She openly criticized Deborah's work and accused her of not pulling her weight.

Deborah was devastated but refused to let her boss's cruel words get to her. She redoubled her efforts, determined to prove she was still a valuable employee.

No Respect

Despite her best efforts, Deborah's hard work went unnoticed by Mrs. Brucia. Instead, the boss seemed more interested in finding ways to make Deborah's life difficult.

She gave her impossible deadlines and constantly changed her workload, making it nearly impossible for Deborah to keep up.

Second Thoughts

Feeling overwhelmed and underappreciated, Deborah began to wonder if it was all worth it. She had given an arm and a leg to help the company, yet it seemed like Mrs. Brucia was determined to make her pay for it.

The only reason she was alive today was because of Deborah’s kindness; how could another woman be so cruel?

She Saw It Coming

One day, Mrs. Brucia called Deborah into her office and informed her that she was being let go. Deborah was shocked and heartbroken. She couldn't believe that after everything she had done for the company, she was being tossed aside like trash. 

What she did for her boss was huge, and she treated her like it was nothing.

Worst News

When Deborah's boss called her into the office and gave her the news she had dreaded, she was being fired. Deborah was devastated. She had always taken pride in her work and couldn't believe that her injuries had caused her to lose her job.

Deborah thought that her boss also could not function well after the operation, but that doesn’t matter when you own the company.

Full Of Regret

Feeling defeated and defeated, Deborah gathered her things and left the office for the final time. As she walked out the door, she couldn't help but wonder what might have been if she had never offered to donate her kidney.

Perhaps things would have turned out differently, but it was too late to turn back now.

No Choice

Deborah stepped out into the world with a heavy heart, unsure of the future. But she was determined not to let Mrs. Brucias' cruelty get the best of her.

She would pick herself up and start anew, showing the world that she was a survivor, no matter what life threw her way. This was not the end for her.

What To Do

Deborah had always been a hardworking and dedicated employee. She had been with the same company for over five years and had worked her way up to a managerial position.

But everything changed when she sustained kidney transplant injuries. Now she had to reconsider her plans for herself and her small children.

Sad Employee

Deborah was depressed as she thought about how she kept working as usual. She was determined to prove that her injuries wouldn't hold her back.

But as the weeks passed, it became clear that she was struggling. She was in constant pain and had trouble keeping up with the demands of her job.

Change Of Character

Her boss, who had always been supportive in the past, began to grow impatient with Deborah's performance. This was a huge shock for her because she thought she would be more understanding after the surgery.

She was missing deadlines and making mistakes, and her boss didn't seem to understand her challenges.

Injured Worker

With no other options, Deborah began searching for a new job. It was a tough market, and she worried her injuries would be a liability. But she refused to let her doubts hold her back.

She applied to every job she could find and went to countless interviews, determined to prove that she could handle a demanding job.

Another Opportunity

Finally, after months of searching, Deborah landed an interview with a small marketing firm. The owner, a kind and understanding woman, was impressed by Deborah's determination and experience. She offered Deborah a job on the spot, and Deborah eagerly accepted.

The new job was a challenge, but Deborah was determined to succeed. She worked hard and was soon promoted to a managerial position. She was grateful to have a boss who understood and supported her, and she was proud to have overcome the setbacks caused by her injuries.

When One Door Closes

Looking back, Deborah realized that losing her old job had been a blessing in disguise. It forced her to step out of her comfort zone and find a new path. And despite her challenges, she had become stronger and more determined than ever.

From then on, Deborah knew that she could overcome any obstacle life threw her way. She was grateful for the opportunities that had come her way and were excited to see what the future held.

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author's imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.