Husband Invites Mistress To His Birthday Party, Wife Exposes Him

A Living Nightmare

When she saw the photos, her eyes grew wide. She couldn't believe this. How could he? And with her, of all people? Her eyes welled with tears as she sank to the floor, trying to catch her breath. This was a living nightmare.

After a short while had passed, she started thinking clearly again. She realized that now, the damage had been done. She only had one thing on her mind now: revenge. She knew just what she had to do.

A Seemingly Perfect Life

For an outside viewer, Emma Robinson had everything a woman could ask for. She lived in a large, beautiful house in New York City with her husband, Dominic. She had an accomplished career as a manager for a construction company while her husband was a surgeon in one of the city's hospitals. 

They had been married for seven years now and together for almost twelve. Up until that point, things had been perfect for them. But not all that glitters is not gold.


Emma believed the couple was already set in life and ready to conceive their first child. She felt there was no point in building a stable and loving household if they couldn't share it with their kids.

But Dominic felt otherwise. He argued that he was still waiting for the big promotion that would make him chief of surgery: he still had to focus on his career before bringing any children into the world. However, there was a reason why Emma thought differently.

The Clock Was Ticking

She was already 33 years old. She was well aware that her chances of conceiving a healthy child were getting slimmer and slimmer every day. But her husband didn't seem to want to hear about it. 

Still, Emma kept waiting and hoping. Perhaps when he finally got that promotion… But one day, she started noticing some signs that let her know that maybe there was something else going on.

Suspicious Stains

One day, as she was doing the laundry, Emma noticed some suspicious stains on Dominic's clothes. Immediately, she feared the worst. But could it be true? Could Dominic really do that to her?

She tried to tell herself that it was probably just her imagination and insecurities talking. But one day, when she told a friend about it over a cup of coffee, she said something that completely blew her mind.

Friend’s Advice

"You should never dismiss what your gut is trying to tell you," her friend said. "I could give you the number of a private detective if you want to be sure. He did a job for my aunt a while ago, found out her husband had a lover."

Emma nervously laughed at her friend's suggestion. "I don't think we need to go all cinematic here." But she insisted on giving her his card, and Emma put it in her purse. 

An Unexpected Encounter

As she walked back home, Emma was thinking about her friend's suggestion. "I don't think I need to go that far," she thought to herself. Besides, Dominic's birthday was tomorrow, and she didn't want to taint the celebration with her suspicions and insecurities.

While pondering all this, she suddenly heard someone calling her name. It was someone she could have never expected to run into that day.

Her Ex-Boyfriend

She would have recognized that dark hair and deep eyes anywhere. It was Rick, her ex-boyfriend from college! Emma's face and mood instantly lightened up. "Rick! How have you been? What are you even doing here?"

"I just got promoted! The company transferred me to a branch here in the city. What have you been up to?" Right then, a million possibilities of what to say ran through Emma's mind. But this is what she replied:

What Did She Say?

"Eh, you know, just the usual. Work is going alright, and I'm living in the suburbs now." She also caught herself saying something that just came straight out of her mouth before she could think about it.

"We could go for a coffee and catch up sometime!". Rick seemed a bit surprised by this: he knew Emma was married. However, he was glad to accept. "Sure!" he said with a smile. But back home, she had other things to worry about: Dominic's birthday party.

Dominic’s Plans

Dominic intended to host a party in their house, inviting all his friends and colleagues. But when she got home, Emma was hit with the news: he had made some additional plans.

"Honey, the hospital staff has booked a bar for us to have some drinks after the party at home. I can't miss it. I have to be there. But don't worry, I won't stay very long." He assured, seeing the disappointment in Emma's expression. Right then, Emma knew something was fishy. Now she knew what to do.

Emma’s Decision

She called and hired the private investigator that same night. She couldn't help but feel that her husband's story about an after-party was just a pretext.

And the next day, she continued to notice strange signs right from the beginning of Dominic's birthday party at home. The first person to arrive at the house was a long-legged brunette that Emma didn't know. However, she seemed to be suspiciously friendly with Dominic during the whole party.

Who Was She?

For the whole time, even when Emma was taking care of the guests and going back and forth between the kitchen and the dining room, Dominic stayed in the company of the mysterious brunette, joking and giggling. Later, Emma learned that she was Dominic's boss' wife.

And after the party was finished and all the hospital staff, including the enigmatic woman, went to the bar, Emma was left alone. She had a bad feeling that Dominic would not return home early like he said he would. And after a few hours, she received a message on her phone.

It Was The Detective

It was from the private investigator! He had sent her pictures of Dominic and his boss' wife getting into a hotel. Other photos clearly showed what was going on between them behind the glasses of one of the room's windows.

Emma felt an unbearable pain taking all over her. Now she knew her suspicions were true. Slowly, she felt her pain turning into anger for all the time and worries wasted on that man. Now she knew what to do. She had a plan for vengeance.

Emma’s Payback

She opened Dominic's work laptop and emailed the photos to all his coworkers, not forgetting his boss, the husband of the woman he was having an affair with.

After that, she thought of another thing she could do. She hesitated for a minute. Should she? But after some minutes of deliberation, she picked up the phone and dialed a number.

Coup De Grace

"Hey, Rick! How are you doing? I know it's a bit late, but would you like to go out for some drinks tonight? By the way, I just left my husband," she said with an air of triumph.

Rick was pleased to accept. Emma hung up the phone and started looking for that old fancy dress she used to wear in college, looking forward to a night out.

Revenge Is Sweet

As Emma has proven, revenge can often be sweet. But what happens when you’re forced into a situation you never wanted to be in? What would you do if you had to make a choice between staying loyal and saving your family?

That was exactly the position the woman we’ll be talking about next was put in.

What If There’s A Reason?

Anne and her husband, Greg, had been going through some very tough times after their son was born. They were struggling to pay their mortgage, Greg had to find a new job, and she had taken time off work to care for their child.

And unfortunately, his new position wasn’t paying as well as the old one. 

Helping Hand

Anne did whatever she could to help her husband relieve his stress and was even willing to go so far as to ask their parents for a loan. At the same time, Greg worked his but off in an attempt to make sure it didn’t come to that.

A few months later, a new position opened in his division, and he would’ve done anything to get it.

A Promise Of A Promotion

The extra money they would get if he got the job would not only save them from all their debt but would also leave them with something to splurge. So it was imperative for them that he gets the promotion.

The position was advertised, and Greg sent in an excellent application, but there were still a few things that could derail their plans.

Office Party

It wasn’t long after that when all the employees, as we as their partners, were invited to an office party. It was the end of the financial year, and everyone was invited to celebrate.

Anne, who hadn’t been out since her son was born, got a little over-excited and went overboard with her drinking.

Approached By His Boss

As the evening progressed Greg joined a few of his colleagues on the couch. Anne was hanging around, not wanting to interfere but she wouldn’t be alone for long. Within a matter of minutes, she felt a hand gliding down her back.

When she turned to see who it was she was surprised to see Greg’s boss.

Offer To Help

Cleary not caring about the fact that her husband was just across the room, his boss leaned down. In a whisper, he told her she was beautiful. She didn’t know how to respond. 

He then told her that he knew the two of them were having some financial problems and that Greg wouldn’t be offered the position he applied for. But he could help.

Demanding An Explanation

Anne then confronted him and asked him how he planned on doing that. With a straight face and a faint smirk, he told her that if she spent the night with him, he’d give her whatever she wanted.

He was the boss, after all, and he got to decide who would be given the position.

Difficult To Refuse

Anne would never betray her husband, but they were really struggling, and it would only get worse if he didn’t get the position he applied for. With his current salary and her staying at home, they would only get deeper into debt.

She had to make a choice, and she didn’t know if she could do it or not.

A Sleepless Night

After they got home that night, Anne was restless. She tossed and turned, unable to get her mind off what she was told. Should she go for it and settle their future? Or should she ignore what she heard and continue to let them suffer?

What would Greg say if he had to find out about it?

Constantly Thinking About It

Over the next few days, the couple spoke about their debts, and once again, Anne found herself thinking about the offer. Would she actually be betraying Greg? She wouldn’t only be doing it for herself but for him as well.

Yet there was no way she could tell him what was on the table.

Agreeing To It

A few days later, after Greg had left for work, she pulled out his address book. She flipped through it until she found his boss’ number and made the call. Anne wanted to know what she had to do in order for her husband to get the promotion he wanted so badly.

His boss simply gave her the address to a hotel.

The Consequences

At the time, Anne felt like she had no other choice but to go through with it. So she went to the hotel and gave Greg’s boss exactly what he wanted. Unfortunately, she didn’t quite think it through and ended up suffering the consequences afterward.

Nothing unusual happened, but Anne just couldn’t forgive herself for what she did. When all was said and done, she sat in her car and cried her heart out.

A Happy Husband

Greg was offered the position minutes after she left, and he eagerly called her to tell her the good news, but she couldn’t bring herself to answer the phone until the third call. The excitement in his voice had her feeling better in an instant.

But soon, more tears would flow, and they would be bittersweet.

A Guilty Conscience

Greg got everything that was promised with the promotion. The bonuses, the extra income, and a sense of achievement for getting there so early in his career with the company. But Anne was never able to forgive herself for what she did.

To this day, she still feels ashamed whenever Greg talks about his work.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author's imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.