Wife Cleans Husband’s Car, Finds 7 Year-Old-Secret Lie

Lavona had been married to Charles for seven years, and they had known each other for ten. 

They had always struggled with money, and their financial situation had gotten even worse when Lavona was forced to quit her job to become a full-time mom. 

Growing Distant 

Charles never complained about supporting his family. However, in the last three years of their marriage, he had become more distant and cold. 

Lavona and Charles began to spend less and less time together. But she was about to find out that she didn't know her husband as well as she thought. 

Losing Hope

When Lavona was five months pregnant, Charles began arriving home later and later. She had no idea what he was doing in his free time. 

She hoped that a baby would bring them closer, but sadly, having a child had only made things worse. 

Something Isn't Right

Their son was now one year old, and Charles was more distant than ever. Lavona felt like she was the only one caring for their child.

To make matters even worse, Charles began to bring less and less money home. Something wasn't right. 

Card Declined

One day, Lavona's card got declined when she tried to pay for the groceries. So, what was her husband spending his money on?

Finally, she decided to confront him and find out what was really going on. 


Charles explained that he had been feeling tired recently and had taken a few days off from work to recharge. 

That's why he was bringing less money home than usual. Lavona couldn't believe what she was hearing. She knew he was lying. 


She felt her heart pounding in her chest as she pulled out all the monthly bills and statements to their shared bank account to try to figure out where the money was going. 

That's when she saw a strange debit order of $95 called "STOR336."

Calling The Bank

Lavona called the bank and asked to provide her with some information regarding this mysterious order. 

The representative explained that her husband had paid $95 to a company called "Store-IT."

Visiting The Storage Unit

"Store-IT" was the storage unit her husband inherited from his father. But why was he sending money to his storage unit?

Lavona was running out of money to pay for the monthly bills, so she decided to visit the storage unit to see if she could find some valuables inside that she could sell for some cash. 

No Key

Lavona didn't have the key to the storage unit, so she explained to the company's manager that they had lost the key, hoping he would help her. 

"We don't keep tenant keys on the property for security reasons, so I can't let you in," the manager said. 

In Shock

“But I know Charles well,” he continued. “He had your key on Monday.”

"Wait… what?" Lavona was confused. Her husband hadn't mentioned anything about the storage unit. 

Helpful Manager

"If you need a copy, I can bring it to you tomorrow," the manager said. "Thank you!" Lavona responded.  

She arrived at the storage unit the next day, where the manager was already waiting for her. "Here you go!" He handed her a key for storage unit 366 and left. 

A Car

Lavona opened the storage unit and saw a large object covered with a white tarp. She didn't know much about cars, but it looked expensive. 

She couldn't understand why her husband hadn't mentioned anything about a car. They could've sold it and paid off the bills. 

It Was Locked

Lavona tried to open the car, but it was locked. She could see stacks of documents in the back and a few beer cans. 

What was her husband doing in there?

An Affair

That night, her husband finally admitted to her that he had been having an affair with another married woman. 

Lavona was devastated, but she was also relieved. She didn't have to fight for their future any longer. She filed for a divorce and moved to her parent's house with the baby.