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Mom Gets Away From Ex, Dog Leads Him To New Home

She did everything in her power to prevent this from happening. Despite her best efforts, there he was standing in her doorway. She felt terrified.

She had nowhere to run. He was blocking the only exit. She quickly grabbed her phone and dialed 911. He was screaming and telling her to open the door immediately. She used all of her strength to keep the door closed. She was so careful, how did he find her?

Grace Morrison was a single mother who had sworn of dating. It was an impossible task that she did not have time for. 

Telling a guy she had a child would usually be a huge dealbreaker for him. Some men were too eager to meet her daughter which also didn’t work for her. Her daughter was her world and Grace’s number one priority. All of this changed the moment Grace met Jerry.

Jerry was a nice man but oftentimes spoke over her during conversations. 

Despite that, he didn’t mind splitting the bill with her and he accepted that Grace was a mother. He didn’t immediately jump at the thought of playing dad but he wanted to pursue the relationship with Grace. She was happy with that, at first.

When the relationship first started, Grace had butterflies in her stomach whenever she was near Jerry. They were in the honeymoon phase of their relationship and Grace couldn’t be happier. 

The more Grace got to know Jerry, the more she noticed red flags. The first time she noticed it was with her phone…

She was busy making sandwiches for lunch. She stepped into the other room to hand Jerry his sandwich when she caught him holding her phone. 

When she confronted him he simply said that it rang. Suspicious she thought. She checked her call log and there were no recent incoming calls. The next red flag Grace noticed was when she thanked her waiter for the recommendation. Jerry scolded her on the way home. Despite Jerry’s behavior, Grace wasn’t put off. Things changed when Jerry met Grace’s dog. 

Dr. Fluffins was a grey mixed breed. He was a timid dog and cared more for naps and treats rather than being a guard dog. 

Her dog growled the first time he sniffed Jerry. This was unusual for her normally lovable pup. That was the last straw for Grace. Mr. Fluffins revealed Jerry’s true personality. 

Jerry’s personality changed instantly. From sweet morning messages and tea in bed to some sort of deranged psychopath. Grace felt sick to her stomach. 

Jerry became possessive and extremely aggressive. He would text her call her late at night and send her horrible messages. Grace was so thankful at that moment that she did not bring Jerry to her home.  Jerry did not know her address, but that changed in an instant. 

Grace was surprised. She didn’t see this coming. But there he was, standing on her doorstep with a face redder than a tomato. 

Jerry pounded the door repeatedly and she could hear her daughter starting to cry. How did he get her address! She immediately called the cops.

Soon, sirens could be heard and bright lights could be seen bouncing off the houses along her street.

Jerry’s anger blinded him and instead of running away at the sight of the police, he persisted outside Grace’s home. He was arrested but before the police took him away, Grace had to find out why he was at her house. The officer was kind enough to ask Jerry so that Grace wouldn’t have to. 

Jerry’s face was still red when the officer took his cellphone. 

At that moment, the truth came out. Jerry had been watching the park where he met Grace’s dog for the first time like a hawk. Her dog was with a dog walker, but that didn’t matter. Jerry knew exactly who the owner of the dog was and concocted a dark plan. 

He had approached the walker, pretending to be a fan of the breed, and begged to take a photo.

To anyone, it sounded like a benign request – even flattering if it was your own dog. But what didn’t click with the walker, or even Grace, is that her address was on the dog collar. Dr. Fluffins had accidentally lead Jerry right to her doorstep! She first made sure to tell her friends and family was okay. But the next part would be just as shocking at her stalker.

Her post on social media exploded with not only sympathy, but with women sharing their own stories about being followed or terrifying interactions.

One woman shared that she had the same thing happen to her – except from a stranger – and she had to follow him all through the park demanding he delete the photo.

Another woman shared how she had been waiting for an Uber.

A man came up and started talking to her … far too closely. When the car pulled up, she said she had “forgotten her glasses” and if he could go check the licence plate for her (all in an effort to put space between then). What happened next was terrifying.

He came back and said it wasn’t the car. But something nagged at her.

She ran up to the waiting ride-share and saw it was actually her car order! She tried to get in, but the man jogged up and said, “Too bad you’re a smart girl.” He ran after her yelling and screaming even as the driver pulled away.

Even if Grace was a careful person, it just goes to show that women need to be extra careful. She went ahead and added a security camera as well as other things to make her home safter – not to mention changing the dog tags.

And, in the end, she decided that being single wasn’t so bad.


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