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This Momma Cow Went Into Labor, Birth Was A One In 11 Million Event

Cows are also used as mounts or working animals in some parts of the world. They’re such useful animals that they’re highly respected in India both religiously and because of their contribution to the economy. As a result, eating beef is largely forbidden in most Indian states.

For example, take Chuck and Deb Beldo, who live in Sebeka, Minnesota and have a cattle farm there. They live and work around bovines and recently became internet sensations. It all started when one of their beloved cows had a very special pregnancy.

However, sometimes there is an exception and a cow will give birth to twins. The farming website Lifestyle Block reports that there is only a one in 4,000 chance of a double bovine birth. The odds of a heifer having more than two calves at once are even more unlikely.

“We’ve never had triplets before,” he told British newspaper the Mirror at the time. “I’ve never even heard of anyone having triplets before. I think we will keep them; they are a bit special to us now.” Hoskins named the calves June, Juliet, and May.

Chuck and Deb attended to their cow through her labor. What occurred shocked them both. Deb was the first one to witness it and told CBS Minnesota just how amazed she was in an interview on June 6, 2018. “I’ve been around cattle all my life and I’ve never seen anything like this before,” she reported.

The birthing cow didn’t have two or three calves, but four, which is a monumental phenomenon. Bovine quadruplets are so rare that there’s only a one in 700,000 chance of its occurrence. But what surprised the farming couple, even more, is that they all survived.

Chuck was so surprised that he wouldn’t have previously gambled on such an event. “A week ago I wouldn’t have bet a dime on it,” he revealed. You can imagine how surprised their heifer must have been to give birth to quadruplets.

The bouncing baby cow quadruplets proved to be quite the handful. Chuck described the endeavor as like “pushing frogs in a wheelbarrow.” But the calves grew quickly and soon the farmers could see glimpses of the cows they were going to become.

Deb told the media that her grand-calves had hit viral levels of popularity on the internet. “I believe there have been 80,000-some shares throughout the world,” the farmer reported; “that’s been kind of neat.” And that’s only the social media figures.


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