When Secret Crushes Turn From Dreamy To Nightmares


The Crush Of Love

Having a secret crush on someone can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. The feeling of butterflies in your stomach when you see them, the longing to be around them, and the daydreams of a possible future together can all make for a heady mix of emotions.

However, when those feelings are not reciprocated or when they are discovered by others, the dreamy crush can turn into a nightmare.

The initial excitement and thrill of having a secret crush can quickly turn sour when it becomes an obsession that consumes your thoughts and actions.

You may find yourself constantly checking their social media accounts, following them around, or trying to be near them at all times, which can lead to stalking and harassment. These stories are real-life accounts of people who had their crush’s love tried and tested.

Whole Heart In


It was just another regular day at work when my eyes landed on him. He was handsome, and tall and had piercing blue eyes that sparkled under the sunlight. I couldn’t help but blush as I quickly looked away, hoping he didn’t notice my staring. Over the next few weeks, I found myself daydreaming about him, imagining the perfect first date and a beautiful future together.

Finally, after weeks of awkward small talk and fidgeting, he asked me out. His name was Shaun and he was a Virgo. I was ecstatic and spent hours planning the perfect outfit and memorizing conversation starters. The date was nothing like I imagined it would be. He was arrogant, constantly interrupting me and talking about himself. He was rude to the waitstaff and seemed to lack any empathy for others.

I was heartbroken, my dreams of a future together were shattered. I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, maybe he was having a bad day or was just nervous. But it only got worse from there. He was self-centered, vain, and had no regard for anyone else’s feelings or opinions. I realized that the person I had a crush on was nothing like the person I imagined him to be.

As a nurse, I had seen enough in my profession to know that people are not always what they seem on the surface. And just like that, my crush evaporated into thin air. I couldn’t see myself being with someone who didn’t respect others and treated people with such disdain. In the end, I learned that sometimes, it’s better to just appreciate someone from afar than to have your hopes and dreams dashed by the reality of who they truly are.

Just Daydreaming


As a young teacher fresh out of college, I had always admired the school’s star athlete Bryan Redman. He was the captain of the football team, popular with everyone, and always had a smile on his face. I would often daydream about what it would be like to date him, and my crush only grew stronger when we were assigned to work on a project together.

But as we started spending more time together, I began to notice some things that I had overlooked before. He was often rude to our classmates and would make fun of people behind their backs. He seemed to think that he was better than everyone else and acted entitled.

One day, while we were alone working on the project, he commented how women should just stick to teaching and not try to be anything else. I was shocked and hurt. I had never seen that side of him before. It was then that I realized that my crush on him was just a fantasy. He was not the perfect guy that I had imagined him to be.

In reality, he was someone who lacked basic respect for others and had outdated beliefs about women. I was disappointed but relieved that I had seen him for who he truly was. I knew that I deserved someone who respected me and others, and I ended up finding that person a few months later.

I Watch You


I had a crush on my neighbor, Sarah. She was beautiful, smart, and had a great sense of humor. We had a lot in common and I thought we could be a great match.

But as we started to spend more time together, I began to notice some things that I didn’t like. She was incredibly messy and disorganized, which made me feel stressed out when I was around her. She also had some annoying habits that I couldn’t overlook.

I realized that my crush on her was based on a fantasy of who I thought she was, not who she actually was. It was a hard realization, but I knew that I had to move on and find someone who was a better fit for me.

In the end, I learned that sometimes our fantasies can be better than reality. It’s important to see people for who they truly are and not who we want them to be.

Too Much For Me


When I first met Constance, I was convinced that she was the one. She was stunningly beautiful, smart, and kind. I spent countless hours daydreaming about her, and I even made up scenarios in my head where she would fall madly in love with me. But when we finally went out on a date, everything changed. It wasn’t that she wasn’t as beautiful as I had imagined, but I quickly realized that she had a mean streak. She would snap at people for the smallest things, and it was almost as if she enjoyed being rude to others. I couldn’t believe that the girl of my dreams was turning out to be a nightmare.

As time went on, her true personality became more and more evident. She would complain about everything, and her negative energy was draining. I couldn’t understand how someone so beautiful on the outside could be so ugly on the inside. It was a hard pill to swallow, but I eventually came to terms with the fact that my crush was better in my fantasies than in reality. I realized that I had put her on a pedestal and that she was just another flawed human being.

It wasn’t just her personality that was a turn-off. As a successful businessman, I had always envisioned myself with someone who was career-driven and ambitious. But it quickly became apparent that she had no aspirations or goals. She was content with living a mediocre life, and that was something that I just couldn’t accept.

In the end, I had to let go of my crush and move on with my life. It was hard, but I knew that I deserved someone who was kind, ambitious, and had a positive outlook on life. And even though she wasn’t the one for me, I was grateful for the experience because it taught me to never settle for anything less than what I truly deserve.

The Office Crush


I’ve had a crush on my colleague, Jake, for as long as I can remember. I’d always imagined us working late, discussing the latest project, and flirting subtly with each other. But when we finally had to work on a project together, I quickly realized that my crush was just that – a crush. Jake was arrogant and rude, never listened to my ideas, and talked over me constantly.

He didn’t care about the project, just about getting his own way. I couldn’t believe I’d wasted so much time thinking about him when he turned out to be such a jerk.

I was disappointed to see that my crush was based on fantasy and not on reality. I realized that he was not the kind, caring person I had thought he was. I decided to focus on my own goals and stopped hoping for a romance that would never happen.

In the end, I found success in my career and discovered that I didn’t need a man to feel fulfilled.

The Childhood Crush


When I was in high school, I had a huge crush on my childhood best friend, Brian. We’d been friends for as long as I could remember, and I always thought he was the perfect guy. But one day, he asked me out on a date, and it was a disaster. He was rude to the waiter, talked about himself the whole time, and seemed to think he was God’s gift to women.

I couldn’t believe that this was the same guy I’d had a crush on for years. It was a wake-up call that sometimes, the people we idealize in our minds are not at all like that in reality.

But as we started spending more time together, I realized that he was not the person I had imagined him to be.

He would often flirt with other women in front of me and would make comments about my appearance that made me uncomfortable. He would also frequently cancel our plans and leave me hanging.

The Celebrity Crush


I’d always been in love with Ryan Gosling. I thought he was the most handsome, talented man in the world, and I dreamed of meeting him someday.

Well, that dream came true when I won a meet-and-greet with him at a charity event. But when I finally met him, he was cold and distant. He was always looking in the mirror and checking himself out.

He barely spoke to me, didn’t seem to care about the event at all, and looked bored out of his mind. I was so disappointed that I couldn’t even enjoy the experience.
I realized that sometimes, the people we put on a pedestal are just as flawed as the rest of us.

The College Crush


I had a huge crush on a guy in my college, Tyler. He was tall, dark, and handsome, and seemed so charming. But when we finally went out on a date, I quickly realized that he was a player.

He spent the entire time flirting with the waitress, didn’t listen to a word I said, and was constantly checking his phone.

He even asked the waitress for her number right in front of me. That was the cherry on top.

I felt like I was just there for show, and that he wasn’t interested in getting to know me at all. It was a harsh lesson that sometimes, our crushes are just not worth it.

The High School Crush


I had the biggest crush on my high school sweetheart, Emily. She was smart, funny, and beautiful, and I thought we were meant to be together forever. But when we finally got together, I realized that we were just too different. She wanted to travel the world, while I wanted to settle down and have a family. She was adventurous, while I was a homebody.

Alex had been crushing on a girl in his class for the whole semester. She was smart, funny, and beautiful, and he couldn’t believe that she was actually interested in him.

We tried to make it work, but it just wasn’t meant to be. It was hard to let go of my crush, but I realized that sometimes, we have to move on and find someone who is a better fit for us.

One day, they finally went on a date, and Alex was shocked to find out that she was actually very loud and extroverted. While they didn’t have as much in common as he had initially thought, he realized that it was important to keep an open mind and try to understand people’s perspectives.

The Waitress


I had always dreamed of him as the perfect customer. Johnny was handsome, polite, and always tipped well. So, when he asked me out, I was thrilled. We went on a date, and it was perfect.

We talked about everything, and I felt like I had finally met the one. However, as time went on, I realized that he wasn’t the perfect customer I had always imagined him to be.

He never tipped as well as he used to, and he was always rude to other staff. The final straw was when he asked me to give him free meals.

I realized that he had only been interested in me because he wanted to take advantage of my job.

The Office Worker


I had always admired him from afar. Lukas was my boss, and I thought he was the most handsome man in the world. So, when he asked me out, I couldn’t believe my luck.

We went on a few dates, and everything was perfect until I realized that he was using me to make his ex-girlfriend jealous.

He would talk about her constantly, and I realized that I was just a pawn in his game. I didn’t want to be someone’s second choice, so I ended things.

Furthermore, if your secret crush is discovered by others, it can lead to embarrassment, ridicule, and even bullying. Gossip and rumors can spread quickly, making you the subject of cruel jokes and insults.

The After School Teacher


I was a university teacher for adults who did night classes. It was against the rules but John was a student that was older than me anyway. I had always imagined him as the perfect student. He was smart, funny, and always engaged in class. So, when he asked me out, I thought it was too good to be true.

We went on a few dates, and it was nice. However, I realized that he wasn’t the perfect student I had imagined him to be. He was lazy and didn’t care about his grades. I couldn’t be with someone who didn’t share my passion for education.

While having a secret crush can be a thrilling experience, it is essential to keep your emotions in check and to respect the boundaries of others.

When those boundaries are crossed, the dreamy crush can quickly turn into a nightmare, causing emotional and psychological harm to both yourself and others.

The Artist


When I first saw Katarina Leoni I had always thought she was the perfect model. She was beautiful, elegant, and had the perfect features.

So, when she asked me out, I was over the moon. We went on a few dates, and it was nice, but something was off. She was too extravagant and lived in a dream world.

She didn’t seem to care about anything except for her looks. She was shallow and didn’t appreciate art for what it was.

I realized that I had fallen in love with a fantasy, not the real her.

The Musician Man


I first saw Jackie at one of my shows. She was always in the first row. I had always imagined her as the perfect groupie. She was stunning, funny, and had a love for music that matched my own.

So, when she asked me out, I was thrilled. We went on a few dates, and it was nice until I realized that she was using me to get backstage access to shows.

She didn’t really care about me or my music; she just wanted to be close to the stars. I couldn’t be with someone who didn’t love music for the sake of music.

Moreover, if your crush is aware of your feelings but doesn’t feel the same way, it can be a humiliating and painful experience. Rejection can shatter your confidence and self-esteem, leading to feelings of sadness, anger, and even depression.

Sarah’s Secret Crush


Sarah had been crushing on Tom, a guy in her office, for months. He was charming, intelligent, and always dressed impeccably. She thought that he was the perfect guy.

One day, she finally got the courage to ask him out for lunch, and he agreed.

At the restaurant, she realized that Tom was a completely different person than the one she had been imagining. He was rude to the waiter, kept talking about himself, and even bragged about cheating on his girlfriend.

She couldn’t believe that she had been crushing on this guy for so long. It was a disappointing experience, but Sarah learned that sometimes, the idea of someone is better than the reality.

Jackie’s High School Crush


Jackie had been in love with Jenny since high school. He had always thought that she was the most beautiful girl in the world. After graduation, he ran into her at a bar and they hit it off.

They started dating, and Jackie was thrilled that he was finally with his high school crush.

However, after a few weeks, he realized that Jenny was not the sweet, innocent girl that he had imagined her to be. She was loud, obnoxious, and had a tendency to make a scene in public. She also had a cruel streak, and would often prank-call people just for fun.

Jackie realized that his crush had been based on a shallow understanding of who she really was, and broke things off.

Mike’s Celebrity Crush


Mike had been in love with the famous actress, Samantha Love-Hart since he was a teenager. He had watched all of her movies and fantasized about being with her.

One day, he got the chance to meet her at a red carpet-event. Samantha was gracious, charming, and beautiful. Mike couldn’t believe that he was finally meeting his dream girl. She was more beautiful in person.

However, as they started talking, he realized that they had nothing in common. Samantha was self-absorbed and didn’t seem interested in getting to know him at all.

Mike realized that his crush had been based on a superficial attraction and that there was no real connection between them.

Office Love For Sarah


It was a normal day at work for Sarah, a young lawyer until she saw him again. The guy she had been crushing on for months was standing in the elevator with her. She had imagined this moment a million times, but now that it was happening, she was filled with dread. He smiled at her, and she felt herself blush. They started chatting, and Sarah was thrilled.

He was even more charming and funny than she had imagined. But then, as they walked out of the elevator, Sarah saw him toss his coffee cup onto the ground. She couldn’t believe it. In her mind, he was the perfect gentleman who would never litter. But here he was, doing something so thoughtless and selfish. Sarah tried to ignore it, but as the day went on, she kept noticing other flaws in him.

He interrupted people during meetings, made insensitive comments, and was overall just not the person she had dreamed him up to be. Sarah realized that her crush had been a fantasy and that the reality was a huge disappointment. She felt foolish for ever thinking that he was perfect, and couldn’t wait to move on and find someone who was actually deserving of her affection.

As Sarah walked out of the office that day, she couldn’t help but laugh at herself. She had been so caught up in her fantasy that she had completely overlooked the reality. But now that she was seeing him clearly, she knew that her crush was definitely not worth her time or energy.

The Lawyer


I had been crushing on this girl in my office for months. Her name was Liza, she was smart, gorgeous, and had a great sense of humor. I finally mustered the courage to ask her out, and to my surprise, she said yes.

We had a great time on our first date, but things started to unravel pretty quickly after that. I soon realized that she had a tendency to lie about everything – from her age to her job title.

I found myself constantly questioning her honesty, and it really put a damper on our relationship. It wasn’t until she tried to convince me to help her cheat on an important legal case that I realized she was nothing like the person I had imagined in my head.

Needless to say, that was the end of our relationship. Her name matched her life perfectly.

The Teacher


I had a huge crush on my high school history teacher Mr. Botts. He was charming, knowledgeable, and seemed to genuinely care about his students.

He was always giving students extra tuition and staying late after school. It was suspicious of course.

But things took a turn for the worse when I found out he had been sleeping with one of my classmates. I was horrified.

It was a huge scandal in our school, and it completely shattered the image I had of him in my head. I realized that he was just like any other person – flawed and capable of making mistakes.

The Actress


I was head-over-heels in love with this actress I had seen in a movie, Alessandria Dubrovnik. I followed her on social media and even wrote her fan mail.

I was thrilled when she responded to one of my messages, and we started talking regularly. I really felt special.

But when I finally met her in person, I was incredibly disappointed. She was rude, dismissive, and seemed completely disinterested in getting to know me. It was probably all a publicity stunt.

It was a huge wake-up call – I had been so infatuated with the idea of her that I hadn’t considered the possibility that she might not be as great as I had imagined.

The Chef


I had been crushing on this chef Rudy at my favorite restaurant for months. He was always so charming and charismatic, and I couldn’t help but be drawn to him.

But one night, I witnessed him completely lose his temper with one of his staff members. He threw wet parsley in a sous chef’s face and the little guy started crying in the middle of the kitchen.

It was a public scene that left everyone in the restaurant uncomfortable and awkward.

It was a huge turn-off for me, and I realized that his charm was just a facade to cover up his true personality.

The Daring Doctor


I had a huge crush on my dentist. He was always so professional and caring, and I trusted him implicitly.

Maybe he knew that I had a secret crush on him because he was always extra nice to me. I was nineteen years old and very shy.

But one day, I received a prank phone call from someone pretending to be him. “Is this Miss. Robins? you have a follow-up with Dr. Smithson to check your cavities,” the deep voice said. I was speechless. It was a crude, disrespectful call that completely shattered my trust in him.

I realized that even people in positions of authority can be flawed and make mistakes and that it’s important to not put anyone on a pedestal.

Emily’s Work Crush


Emily had been crushing on her coworker, Jake, for months. She would always look forward to seeing him in the office, but she was too shy to talk to him much.

One day, Emily was out running errands and saw someone who looked just like Jake. She was so excited that she ran over to him to say hello, only to realize that it was actually Jake’s identical twin brother, Max.

Emily was disappointed at first, but she soon realized that Max was just as charming and funny as his brother.

They started talking more and more, and before long, Emily realized that Max was the one she really had feelings for all along.

Sarah’s Coffee Date


Sarah had been crushing on her neighbor Alex, for months. She would always try to find excuses to bump into him in the hallway, at the coffee shop, or at his work.

One day Sarah saw him in their local coffee shop and thought about approaching him. He was always there, sitting in the corner, reading a book, or working on his laptop.

She admired his intelligence and his good looks from afar and had built up a fantasy of what he might be like. She finally mustered up the courage to talk to him, only to find out that he was actually quite rude and dismissive.

It was a huge disappointment, but she realized that sometimes the person we create in our heads is very different from reality.

Buttered On Both Sides


Michael had been crushing on his coworker for months. She was always friendly and helpful, and he couldn’t help but feel drawn to her.

One day, he finally decided to ask her out for drinks after work. She said yes and was happy to meet with him alone.

To his surprise, she revealed that she was actually married, and Michael was left feeling embarrassed and ashamed.

He realized that sometimes our perceptions can be clouded by our own desires and hopes.

Lily’s Luck


Lily had been texting with a guy she had met online for weeks. They had great conversations and seemed to have a lot in common.

She was excited to finally meet him in person, but when they did, she was shocked to find out that he looked nothing like his pictures. She didn’t know what to do and felt afraid that he was a criminal. But she wasn’t getting any younger and decided to give it a chance.

He was also much older than she had expected. She felt catfished. This usually happened online.

While she was initially disappointed, she realized that there’s more to a person than just their appearance, and they ended up having a great time together.

Adam’s Choice


Adam had always had a crush on his best friend’s sister Jolene. She was beautiful and funny, and he couldn’t help but imagine what it would be like to date her.

One day, he finally asked her out, only to find out that she wasn’t interested in him romantically. She just said yes to make her brother mad. What a little twerp.

She turned out to be quite petty and childish. Adam was sorry he even bothered.

Adam was disappointed, but he realized that he valued their friendship more than anything, and they continued to be close friends.

Emma’s Perspective


Emma had been crushing on her gym instructor for months. He looked like a Greek God.

He was always so confident and charismatic, and she couldn’t help but feel drawn to him. She knew she was being silly, but she couldn’t help it.

One day, she finally got the chance to talk to him, only to find out that he was quite arrogant and self-centered. He was so vain and spent more time on his appearance than she did.

Emily was disappointed, but she realized that sometimes our perceptions of people can be influenced by their external appearances. There was plenty of fish in the sea.

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.

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