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When Secret Crushes Turn From Dreamy To Nightmares

I Watch You


I had a crush on my neighbor, Sarah. She was beautiful, smart, and had a great sense of humor. We had a lot in common and I thought we could be a great match.

But as we started to spend more time together, I began to notice some things that I didn’t like. She was incredibly messy and disorganized, which made me feel stressed out when I was around her. She also had some annoying habits that I couldn’t overlook.

I realized that my crush on her was based on a fantasy of who I thought she was, not who she actually was. It was a hard realization, but I knew that I had to move on and find someone who was a better fit for me.

In the end, I learned that sometimes our fantasies can be better than reality. It’s important to see people for who they truly are and not who we want them to be.


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