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When Secret Crushes Turn From Dreamy To Nightmares

Just Daydreaming


As a young teacher fresh out of college, I had always admired the school’s star athlete Bryan Redman. He was the captain of the football team, popular with everyone, and always had a smile on his face. I would often daydream about what it would be like to date him, and my crush only grew stronger when we were assigned to work on a project together.

But as we started spending more time together, I began to notice some things that I had overlooked before. He was often rude to our classmates and would make fun of people behind their backs. He seemed to think that he was better than everyone else and acted entitled.

One day, while we were alone working on the project, he commented how women should just stick to teaching and not try to be anything else. I was shocked and hurt. I had never seen that side of him before. It was then that I realized that my crush on him was just a fantasy. He was not the perfect guy that I had imagined him to be.

In reality, he was someone who lacked basic respect for others and had outdated beliefs about women. I was disappointed but relieved that I had seen him for who he truly was. I knew that I deserved someone who respected me and others, and I ended up finding that person a few months later.


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