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When Revenge Is Best Served Passive-Aggressively

What Goes Around Comes Around

The saying goes, “revenge is a dish best served cold,” but what if I told you it’s also a dish best served with a side of hilarity? In these stories, the main characters are not satisfied with simply getting even; they take it to a whole new level of absurdity. 

From creative pranks to over-the-top stunts, these are the funniest stories of petty revenge that will leave you in stitches.

Sometimes, the best way to get even is to sit back, relax, and let karma do its thing. 

So buckle up and get ready for some laugh-out-loud moments, as these tales of petty revenge prove that sometimes, laughter truly is the best medicine.

Revenge Of The Sticky Notes

When my coworker stole my lunch, I decided to take revenge. Instead of confronting her, I decided to leave a note on her desk every day for a month. 

The notes would say things like “I hope you’re enjoying my sandwich” or “I bet my pasta was delicious”. 

I made sure to put them in places where she couldn’t ignore them, like on her computer keyboard or stuck to her coffee mug. 

By the end of the month, she was so fed up with the constant reminders that she bought me lunch to make amends.


Stinky Sock Situation

My roommate had a habit of leaving her dirty socks all over the apartment, despite my repeated requests for her to pick them up. 

One day, I decided enough was enough. I took one of her stinkiest socks and placed it in her pillowcase. 

The next morning, she woke up with the smell of her own foot in her face. She screamed and thought the dog pooped in her bed. It was hilarious that she couldn’t stand the smell of her own crusty feet.

She was so embarrassed and never left her socks lying around again.

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The Fake Facebook Profile

My ex-boyfriend cheated on me, and I wanted revenge. Instead of doing something harmful, I decided to create a fake Facebook profile and start flirting with him online. 

I made sure to be charming and interesting, and soon he was hooked. 

I kept him interested for months, even planning a fake date that I stood him up for. 

By the time I revealed my true identity, he was begging for my forgiveness. But I was over him and not going to take him back this time.

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It’s Raining Balloons

I used to have a neighbor who was constantly parking in my designated spot. 

No matter how many times I asked him to move, he would always forget and do it again.

One day, I got tired of it and decided to take matters into my own hands. I filled a bunch of water balloons and waited for him to park in my spot again. 

As soon as he did, I bombarded his car with water balloons. He was a sight for sore eyes soaked from head to toe. He didn’t know that it was me and never found out who threw the balloons but never parked in my space again.

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Long Fingers

I work in an office where we all have our own mugs. One day, I noticed that my mug was missing, and it was my favorite one too. 

I started to investigate and found out that it was a guy from another department who had taken it. He had a habit of taking things that weren’t his.

So, I decided to get some petty revenge. I printed out a picture of my mug and taped it to his desk, along with a note saying “Thanks for borrowing my mug, hope you’re enjoying it!” Every day for a week, I added another note with a picture of the mug, thanking him for using it.

The guy eventually got the hint and returned my mug, but not before I got a good laugh out of the situation.


Parking Spot Issues

I live in a neighborhood where parking is at a premium. One day, I noticed that my neighbor had parked in my spot, even though I had clearly marked it with a cone. 

I didn’t want to start a confrontation, so I decided to get my revenge in a passive-aggressive way.

I started parking in their spot whenever I saw it was empty. I would always move my car before they got home, but I could tell it was starting to annoy them. They started parking in their own spot, but I kept taking it whenever I could.

Eventually, they confronted me about it, and I acted innocent. “Oh, I didn’t know that was your spot,” I said with a smile. “I’ve just been parking there because it’s closer to my door.” They never parked in my spot again.

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The Nosy Neighbor

My neighbor is the worst, she is always peeking into my backyard. I don’t know what she’s looking for, but it’s creepy. One day, I decided to mess with her a little.

I set up a fake crime scene in my backyard, complete with yellow police tape, fake blood, and a chalk outline. When my neighbor came over to see what was going on, I acted like I had no idea what had happened.

“Oh my gosh, what’s going on?” I said, pretending to be shocked. “I have no idea, I just came out here and saw all this. Maybe we should call the police!”

My neighbor was freaked out and stayed away from my backyard after that. Mission accomplished!

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Who Ate My Food

Have you ever had a co-worker who just couldn’t stop stealing your lunch from the office fridge? Well, I decided to take matters into his own hands and create a spicy surprise for the thief.

I work in an office where there’s always someone who takes your food from the fridge. I decided to get some petty revenge on the guy who was always taking my snacks.

I started leaving little notes inside my snacks, like “Thanks for taking my granola bar!” or “Hope you enjoyed my yogurt!” The guy never said anything, but I could tell he was starting to feel guilty.  

One day, I caught him in the act. He was reaching into my lunch bag when I walked in. “Can I help you with something?” I asked, holding back a smile. The guy was embarrassed and never took my food again.

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If I Can’t Have You

I had an ex-boyfriend who cheated on me with my best friend. I was devastated, but I decided to get some revenge in a passive-aggressive way.

I started leaving subtle hints on their social media pages, like liking pictures of them together and leaving comments like “You guys look so cute!” 

It drove them crazy, but they could never prove that I was doing it on purpose.

Eventually, they broke up, and I felt a little bit of satisfaction knowing that I had a hand in it.

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The Vengeful Maid

As a maid for a wealthy family in a posh neighborhood, I was grateful for the opportunity to start a life for myself in a new country. But they were never satisfied with my work, no matter how much effort I put in. 

One day, they went on vacation and left their prized rose garden in my care. I decided to teach them a lesson by using their own trick against them. 

I plucked all the roses from the garden and scattered the petals in their bed, on their couch, and even in their pool. 

When they returned from their vacation, they were welcomed by a house full of roses and a very satisfied maid.

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The Spicy Revenge

I once had a roommate who would never clean up after herself. Her biggest offense was leaving her dirty dishes in the sink for days. 

One day, I had enough and decided to teach her a spicy lesson. I added hot sauce to her food every time she left her dishes in the sink. 

She never suspected a thing and even complimented my cooking. I don’t know if she knew I purposely added hot sauce to spite her, and she tried to be strong, but she never let on. It was a weird situation.

But the satisfaction of watching her run to the kitchen for a glass of water was worth it.


Parking Payback

I worked in a busy downtown area where parking was always a nightmare, as is the case in most busy cities. 

One day, a rude driver parked in my spot and refused to move. I decided to teach him a lesson by blocking his car with my own. 

He came back and started yelling, but I just smiled and said, “I thought we were playing a game of who can park the most illegally.” Some passersby recognized what was happening and laughed at the man.

He never parked in my spot again.


Crazy Coffee Shop Customers

There is always that one person that just has to ruin your day. I used to work at a coffee shop where we were always busy. One day, a customer came in and ordered a complicated drink with extra syrup and whipped cream. 

I made the drink exactly how she wanted it, but she complained that it wasn’t sweet enough. I remade the drink, adding even more syrup, but she still wasn’t satisfied. 

She then asked for a free drink because we couldn’t get it right. I refused, and she stormed out, muttering under her breath. A few days later, she came back, and I recognized her immediately.

This time, she ordered a simple black coffee. I made it exactly how she wanted it but decided to get my revenge. I added a tiny bit of salt to her coffee, which she didn’t notice until she took a big gulp. She made a face and complained, but I just smiled and said “Maybe you should try a latte next time.”


Roommate Rubbish

I had a roommate who was constantly leaving her dirty dishes in the sink, even though we had agreed to take turns doing the dishes. 

I got tired of always cleaning up after her, so I decided to get my revenge. I started hiding her dishes in random places around the apartment. 

One day, she was looking for a bowl to eat her cereal, and I watched as she opened the cabinet and a bunch of her dirty dishes fell out. 

She was so embarrassed, and I never had to do her dishes again.


Movie Night Madness

My friends and I went to see our regular Saturday night movie, and the person behind us kept kicking our seats.

We asked them politely to stop, but they just ignored us. So, we decided to get our revenge.

We waited until the movie was over and snuck back into the theater. We found the person’s seat and put a bunch of popcorn under it. 

We then waited outside the theater and watched as they sat down and got a handful of popcorn stuck to their pants. They never kicked our seats again.


Next Please

I was in line at the grocery store, and the person in front of me was taking forever to pay. They kept asking the cashier questions and fumbling with their credit card. 

I was getting impatient, but I didn’t say anything. When it was finally my turn to pay, I decided to get my revenge. 

I purposely took my time bagging my groceries and counting out my change, making sure to ask the cashier a bunch of questions. 

The person behind me was getting more and more agitated, and I just smiled and said “Sorry, I’m new to this whole grocery store thing.”


Sweet And Sour Stomach

I work at a bakery that sells delicious, freshly baked pastries. One day, a customer came in and bought a box of macarons. She came back the next day, demanding a refund because she claimed that the macarons were stale. 

I knew for a fact that they were freshly made, but I didn’t want to argue with her. So, I gave her a refund and threw away the macarons. The next day, she came back again and bought another box of macarons. 

This time, I added a secret ingredient – laxatives. I watched with satisfaction as she devoured the macarons and ran out of the store, clutching her stomach. 

She never came back again.


Office Wars

I work in a busy office building, and parking is always a hassle. One day, I finally found a great spot right by the entrance, but when I came back from lunch, someone had parked their car way too close to mine. 

I had to squeeze myself into my car and ended up bumping into the car next to me. I left a note apologizing for the minor scratch and gave my phone number for them to contact me. 

But instead of calling me, they decided to leave a passive-aggressive note on my car saying “Maybe you should learn how to park properly.” So, I decided to get revenge. I waited until I saw their car parked in the same spot again and left a note saying “Thanks for the free car wash, your car is now sparkling clean!” I had poured a bucket of water and soap over their car, making sure it left a soapy mess. 

I never heard from them again.


The Best Revenge Is A Cold One

I work as a bartender at a popular club. One night, a customer kept flirting with me and trying to get free drinks. 

I politely declined his advances, but he kept persisting. So, I gave him a drink that was spiked with a little bit of Tabasco sauce. 

He took a sip and started coughing and spluttering, while I pretended to be concerned and gave him a glass of water. 

He looked confused and left soon after. I never saw him again.


Pen Pal Pains

I work in an office where a colleague constantly borrows my pens and never returns them. 

One day, I decided to get my revenge on him. I took a trip to our local magic store and bought a few tricks and treats to fool him with. 

I filled the pen with disappearing ink and watched with satisfaction as he frantically tried to write something down during a meeting, only to find that the ink had disappeared.

Our boss was questioning his tomfoolery and his face was as red as a tomato. The funniest thing was that he then asked me to borrow a pen and I said with a smile “this is the only working one I have buddy, all the others are on your desk.” He looked confused but never asked to borrow anything from me ever again.


Smell You Later

If you work in an open-plan office you know what it’s like when a colleague always brings in smelly food for lunch. I have nothing against people’s personal eating habits but I do think you should take into consideration other people in the workplace.

It makes the whole office smell terrible and nobody wants to sit near him. We had one such person whose nose buds seemed to be off.

So, I started bringing in even smellier food – like pickled fish, durian fruit, and stinky tofu. All our other colleagues started complaining about the smell too.

He soon got the message and started bringing in less pungent food. He also started eating away from everyone in the work cafeteria. He sure learned his lesson.


Follow The Que

I work in a pharmacy store where a customer is always late for their appointments. They are always at least half an hour late and it throws off the whole schedule. 

Other sick people also need their medicines dispensed on time and we get apprehended by the nurse manager if we make clients wait too long.

So, one day, I decided to give them a taste of their own medicine. I made them wait for half an hour past their appointment time and acted like it was no big deal. 

They were clearly annoyed and kept moaning under their breath. They never showed up late again.


The Revenge Of The Ungrateful Friend

I had a couple of friends who were always asking me for favors and never thanking me. So, one day, I decided to teach them a lesson. 

They asked me to help them move, and I agreed. First, I decided to rock up late and forgot to bring the spare sheets they wanted to borrow.

Then, when I showed up, I just sat on the couch and watched TV while they did all the work. My friend was a bit confused but I think they got the message.

I borrowed their wine opener when I left. They kept asking me to return it but I always said I would get to it. I still haven’t returned it yet. They have never asked me for a favor again.


Sticky Situation Sally

As a barista, I deal with my fair share of difficult customers. But one woman, in particular, stood out. 

She would always come in during our busiest times and order the most complicated drinks possible and then complain if they weren’t perfect. One day, she ordered a caramel macchiato and then proceeded to criticize me for not putting enough caramel in it. 

So, I decided to get some sweet revenge. The next time she came in, I made sure to swirl an extra thick layer of caramel on the inside of her cup before pouring in the espresso and milk. 

As she took a sip, the caramel stuck to her lips and leaked out of the cup staining her white blouse. She was furious and spent the rest of the day trying to wipe it off.


The Salad Saboteur

I work at a popular salad restaurant, and we had one customer who would always come in and order the most complicated salad imaginable, with a million different add-ins and custom dressings. 

He would then complain about everything, from the amount of lettuce to the temperature of the chicken. 

One day, he came in and ordered his usual salad, but this time I decided to give him a taste of his own medicine. I loaded his salad up with extra lettuce and barely any toppings, and then gave him the dressing he specifically asked not to have. 

When he complained, I simply smiled and said, “Oh, I’m sorry, I thought that’s what you wanted.” He said he was going to give us a bad review but I didn’t care. He never came back.


Private Parking Predator

In this story, a rude driver’s arrogance leads to a series of unfortunate events that ultimately result in him getting his comeuppance.

Living in a city, parking can be a nightmare. But there’s nothing worse than someone who parks in your spot, especially when it’s clearly marked with your apartment number. 

One day, I came home to find a car parked in my spot, and I knew exactly who it belonged to. So, I took matters into my own hands. I left a note on the car saying that I had reported it to the building management, and then proceeded to park my car behind it so they couldn’t leave. 

The person eventually came out and started screaming at me, but I simply smiled and said, “I’m sorry, I thought this was your spot.”


The Gym Goer

As a personal trainer, I deal with a lot of difficult clients. But one woman, in particular, was always pushing my buttons. 

She would show up late to every session, never follow my instructions, and then complain about not seeing any results. So, I decided to get a little passive-aggressive revenge. 

I started giving her the most difficult workouts possible, with tons of reps and weights she couldn’t handle. She would huff and puff and complain, but I just smiled and said, “Don’t worry, you’ll get there eventually.” 

And sure enough, after a few weeks of this, she finally started showing up on time and following my instructions.


The Slowpoke

We all know that one person who takes forever to do anything. In my case, it was a coworker who would always drag her feet when it came to completing projects. 

So, I decided to get a little creative with my revenge. Every time she sent me an email, I would wait at least an hour before responding. 

I would also purposely take my time with any requests she had, making sure to do them at the last possible minute. One day she needed some minutes from me for an important meeting and I was conveniently in the bathroom at the time. She had to keep making excuses with the investors as to why she didn’t have her documents in order. 

She was so flushed after the embarrassing meeting (excuse the pun). She eventually got the hint and started working more efficiently with me.


The Loud Neighbor

This tale involves a neighbor who refused to keep their dog from barking at all hours of the night, resulting in a hilarious solution that left the dog’s owner in disbelief. Living in an apartment building can be a nightmare if you have a loud neighbor. In my case, it was someone who had an annoying dog that wouldn’t stop barking and he would play music at all hours of the night. 

So, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I waited until they were playing their music at full blast and then started my master plan. I snuck outside and quietly let their dog run out the gate. They didn’t hear a thing because their music was blasting.

In the morning I decided to wake them up with their own taste in some heavy metal music, ensuring I had earplugs of course! On top of their hangover, they were also frantically searching for their dog everywhere calling “Frankie! Frankie boy!” 

They knocked on my door but I quickly decided that it was the perfect time to catch up on my vacuuming. I felt a bit bad but later that night, I heard from the doorman that another neighbor down the road had caught him, and decided to keep him. All was well and I could sleep in peace. My rowdy neighbors are still looking for their dog and haven’t blasted their awful music since. It’s true that every dog indeed has its day.

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.    


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