Mom Hears Noises In Nursery At Night, Realizes What Dog Is Doing

Live Footage

Everything was still until Bobby’s ears suddenly perked up. He raised his head like a shot and looked towards the window. Soon after, her baby awakens and stands up.

Bobby greets him. Her heart races, she can sense something’s about to happen. It takes everything she has to stay where she is. She needs to see this for herself. Her baby starts to grow anxious. Then the unthinkable happens. 

Unique Challenges

It was an unusual time for Texas mom, Lisa. As a new mom to baby boy Flynn, she had a lot of new challenges that she faced daily. But one of these challenges was something no one saw coming.

Lisa also had a dog called Bobby. He was 6 years old and great with the baby. He had always been so gentle so she had no reason to think he’d act any differently with the baby. But she was wrong. 

Warning Signs

Frantic, she lifted her son off Bobby. He was clinging to him as if his life depended on it. She unclasped his tiny fists, releasing Bobby’s fur and held him close. He was terrified. What was going on? 

At first she loved that Bobby would always find his way to Flynn’s room to sleep at night. It was endearing but now, it turned into something completely different. 

Concerning Eye

It was the third time Lisa woke to strange whimpering noises coming from the nursery in the middle of the night. Concerned, she jumped out of bed and hurried to her son’s room.

She arrived to see Bobby lying on the floor, looking up at her son. Flynn stood, eyes wide awake in his crib. Besides being awake when they shouldn’t, everything seemed fine. But appearances can be deceiving. 

Back To Bed

Reassured however, she tucked Flynn back to bed and backed out of the room. She was just about to shut the door when she felt a cold breeze drift past her.

She turned, surprised to see the window open. She could have sworn she secured it before she put Flynn to bed. She approached it.

Mysterious Window

 As she made her way over, she thought she heard a shuffling noise coming from the window. She quietly raced over to look out but she saw nothing. 

She secured the window to where she usually left it. There was a lever where she secured the window just about shut. The gap was small enough to let the air circulate in her son’s room while being too small for anything to get in or out.

Close Call

She adjusted the window, admitting that she must have been wrong about closing it earlier. She patted Bobby and quietly crept out of the room. 

She went back to bed, completely unaware of the close call she had just walked in on. If she had entered the room just moments later perhaps she could have prevented what happened next. 

From Bad To Worse

The following night, she woke again to the same sound. She rushed to the room and found Flynn on the floor with Bobby, holding tightly onto his fur with his face buried in it.

Lisa ran over and picked her baby up off Bobby. He was terrified. He had the same wide-eyed look he wore the previous night, only this time it was much worse. And then she saw it.


Lisa made sure to close the window before she put Flynn to bed. Now, she saw the same window mysteriously open. The sight made her heart drop. 

“What on earth is happening?”, she thought as she looked to Bobby who now stood beside the crib staring up at her. Was it him? Was he the cause of all this?

 Guessing Games

Again, she adjusted the window and put the latch on. Then she forcefully moved it with her hand to make sure it was secure. It was. 

There was absolutely no way anyone could unlatch this window without knowing exactly how to. And for that, you needed hands. It couldn’t have been her dog - could it?  

Solving The Mystery

She looked out the window. It was a long drop to the ground. They were on the second floor of the house. She thought it was impossible for an intruder to get up here. But was it?

Still, with no rational explanation as to what was happening here, she decided that there was only one way to find out the truth. 

Eye Spy

She woke up the next morning and drove straight to the store to buy a baby cam. She raced home and installed it in the corner of the nursery. Although she was eager to find out what her dog was doing, nobody could have prepared her for what she’d find. 

She went to bed that night and held her phone close, her eyes glued to the baby cam live stream.

Calm Before The Storm

At first, everything was normal. Bobby entered the nursery at the time he usually does. He waddled straight towards the rug in the center of the room and decided on a spot closer to the crib. He circled and nestled in for the night.

Her baby slept soundly, sometimes moving from side to side with gentle coo’s in between. Nothing was amiss.

Hours Pass

She watched as the hours passed by. Warding off her own tiredness by her sheer desperation to find out why her baby gets scared at night, and what Bobby gets up to, she kept her eyes glued to the screen. 

She wanted to sleep but she wanted to find out what was going on more. And then it happened.

Rising Action

Bobby’s ears suddenly perked up and looked towards the window. Soon after, Flynn silently awakens and rushes to the edge of the crib. He stands up and gestures to Bobby.

Bobby, now appearing on high alert, jumps up to his side. Lisa grows tense. She can sense that something is about to happen. She forces herself to stay put. 

Anxious Wait

All she wants to do is run over to her baby and protect him but she hasn’t seen anything yet that explains this odd behavior. She had to wait to figure out which one of them or who was the culprit. 

She painstakingly watches as Flynn’s legs dance from side to side. He’s getting anxious about something. Suddenly, Lisa gasps as she looks at the window. 

Flying Into Action

She hears the soft growling and strange whimpering noise that’s been waking her up for days now. She throws her phone down on the bed and races to the nursery. 

She finds Bobby pacing between the window and Flynn, jumping up to comfort him before growling towards the window again. Letting out a scream, Lisa makes a dive towards the window. 

Panic And Fear

But in her panic, she didn’t think about the consequences of her actions. She just wanted to get it out. She jumped at the intruder, not realizing that she was about to make things a whole lot worse. 

Her quick movements and sudden attack startled the intruder. The situation then spiraled quickly out of control. 

Call For Help

It leaped over Lisa, desperately looking for a way out. Now, it was in the room. Bobby raced to the crib, growling passionately as baby Flynn was halfway over his crib to find refuge in his fur.

Lisa grabbed Flynn and Bobby, and raced out the door, closing it behind them. Then she called the authorities. But on who? Or what? 

The Intruder

To Lisa’s dismay, an owl had flown into the nursery, but when the authorities arrived to catch it, they told Lisa that it wasn’t just any ole owl.

They proceeded to explain why it might have been so willing to make a home in her son’s nursery. And why it seemed so skilled in opening window latches.


Lisa told them what had been happening and that this owl must have been trying to get in for days as she heard these noises a few nights in a row. 

She asked why she never saw it during the day or why this owl was so unafraid of getting inside her home. After all, this was something owls rarely do!

Owl’s Story

The authorities chuckled as Lisa told them how much hardship this little owl had given her. But they continued to explain the story behind what made this owl so special. 

So,what did they tell her about this owl? And why was it so comfortable around her home and know its way around a window lock?

A Special Owl

“Its species don’t exist in these areas at all”, the authorities said. "This is an owl that lives only in the wooded areas of northern Canada. This is an owl that grew up under the watchful eye of humans”. 

They said that it had clearly been taken care of by human hands as it wasn’t aggressive at all. Then, they told Lisa that they knew exactly who this beautiful animal belonged to. 

Proud Momma!

The owl turned out to be an escapee of the city zoo. They received a notice of a missing owl from the zoo last week that matched his profile completely. 

Lisa laughed at the clever little creature who had caused her so much worry these past few days. Then she looked at Bobby, full of pride that he knew how to protect her baby when she didn’t. And the owl?

Back Home

The owl was checked for any injuries and then he was returned safely to the zoo where they assure Lisa that he’s well looked after.

As a thank you for returning their beloved owl to them, and an apology for all the ruckus he caused, the zoo gave Lisa and her family a life-time of free admission so that they could stay in touch with their new furry friend!