20 Things We Have Been Tricked Into Believing They Are Easy, But They Are Not.

Sometimes people believe that certain things are easier than they are. Movies play a big part in it as they saw many things being done so effortless that makes us believe they indeed are. So, when u/pterv2112 asked "What looks easy peasy lemon squeezy but is difficult difficult lemon difficult?" on Reddit, many users shared their stories with things that seemed easy to achieve at first but they weren’t. Make sure not to miss #12, #10 and #7!  Fitted sheets are perfect for the bed! They fit so well the bed and even if you “fight” while sleeping, they never go out of their place!

However, what happens when you have to fold them? Well, for the simple sheets it’s pretty easy, you just go corner to corner, but what do you do when THERE ARE NO CORNERS? The next one is more outrageous! Click next!

Another hard task to achieve according to u/Jellybeandday1 is to "Writing a post or comment on Reddit that gets recognition". He might have tried many times and never got the recognition he wanted.

So, here you go friend. The next one will make you cry from laughter!

Look! It's hard to achieve the perfect "natural makeup". You have to be very careful with which colors you will use and you have to blend very well.

It takes a lot of work, so don't be too harsh! And some might not get the right result

U/djdeanx10 claims that captcha on google is very hard. For those who don't know, the captcha is a series of deformed letters that you have to identify to prove you are not a robot.

Well, sometimes they are indeed hard to see.

Another thing that seems easy due to movies even though is very hard to do is digging. How can a human dig a really big hole in one afternoon? It's just not possible.

When a movie has a scene with digging it seems like the actor can reach the center of the earth within minutes! Lies!

"Everyone thinks it's great fun and likes to offer suggestions but every tree, lake, and other natural feature has at least a dozen variations which you can't repeat for emergency service reasons. That and you get cities which want a street name change anytime the road changes direction regardless of a logical breakpoint like an intersection", u/blue_fox_13 claims.

And he has a point!

Well, making lemonade can be fun and you always see in movies some children trying to shell lemonades to raise some money. But, it's not as easy as it looks!

You have to squeeze A LOT of lemons for a good amount of lemonade!

It might seem easy in the commercials, but believe me, that's a lie! It's really hard to control a helicopter with the remote and most of the time it will end up hit the floor and break into a million pieces!

Moreover, it is usually expensive to buy one.

When we were kids, we couldn't wait to become adults. We wouldn't have to do homework, we could eat what we wanted and we wouldn't listen to our mothers!

Well, it might be true, but what we didn't know was we had to pay bills and be responsible for every little thing in our lives.

Even in "Friends" Monica and Rachel lost contact after they graduated. It's really hard to maintain high school friendships as you grow old. Everyone changes and sometimes even though you were best friends, now your interests may differ and you might not be compatible anymore.

And that's sad. It's very rare to maintain a friend group after graduating, no matter what some movies show.

Another false image that movies have shown us is the actor waking up and be ready to run a mile.

Well, okay there might be some people that when they wake up they are energized and ready for an exciting day, but I don't trust these people.

U/phamtasticgamer claims that playing the triangle is hard.

He sais that many people joke about how easy is to play the triangle, but when they hold it and start playing it sounds nothing as it supposes to sound if it is played the right way!

Learning to play an instrument is tough. It takes years of practice and you can always become better and better.

When you see someone playing an instrument it seems easy, but you don't know how many hours he had been practicing to make it look easy!

It seems that Rainbow Road is really hard to win and become first, as many Redditors agreed that even though it looks easy to pass, it's really tricky!

"It doesn't just water it and you're good; its constant attention, care, and maintenance!

It's a lot of work if you have a decent size garden but IMO well worth it once you're eating what you grew," u/hardtoremember wrote.

Handwriting neatly can be very hard, especially when you are in a rush. I believe that there are two kinds of people.

Those whose handwriting is really neat and beautiful and the ones that they can't even figure out what they wrote themselves.

I'm really jealous of the people that can think quickly enough to come up with a comeback at the right time.

It's really hard and it's not most definitely as actors do it in the movies!

Horse riding is a really difficult sport that needs a lot of training and balance. Moreover, it's a great exercise even though it might look effortless.

Those who have done it, know really well how much strength it needs.

I really don't know anyone who hasn't at least once complained about not being able to put the USB right with the first try. I believe that when it comes to commercials, the actors do many rehearsals to achieve it.

It's not possible otherwise.

"The thing is when you use a wheelchair all day and it is your only means of transportation, it looks more natural," u/buckyhermit claims.

However, even though it might look natural, it's really difficult to move around due to the many obstacles you will find in your way.