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WD-40 Hacks Everyone Should Know, And One To Avoid

A bottle of WD-40 (Water Displacement, 40th formula) can be found in most households. But, chances are, people aren’t using it to its maximum, and very handy, potential.

And perhaps for a few things they should not. It’s also not just for metal or cars. It’s great against snow and as a certain pest repellant.

Winter birds sometimes need a little help when it comes to food. 

For anyone living in a cold climate, they know that squirrels will always dive like rodent ninjas in and eat all the seed before the feathered friends have a chance. Spraying some WD-40 on key places around the birdfeeder will work wonders.

Handles on any gardening tool will not last forever (neither will the entire tool for that matter). They will eventually succumb to wear and tear as well as the elements. 

Squirting a bit onto the handle and then rubbing it in will help prevent splinters and weathering. It will also save gardeners some money. Speaking of weather…

If the forecast calls for heavy rain or snow, polishing a few drops onto your windows or car windshield. 

For anyone who has experienced freezing rain, any shield is welcomed and worth it. This new layer will keep the ice from sticking and your view clear(er). Winter boots and other footwear will also benefit from waterproofing.

If there are kids in the picture, there has been at least one crying slime/gum-related incident (possibly a pair of scissors too). 

Next time there’s a blob (and tears), don’t start snipping away. Spray it on and either comb or scrape it off. Glue is also weak against it…

It doesn’t matter if it’s from crafts or simple fixes. No matter how careful someone is, super glue always finds a way to get onto the skin. 

It’s sticky, crusty, painful, and takes forever to get off. Plus, if someone has the need to “pick”, it can get worse. Thankfully the WD-40 will help sluff it off faster.

Kid art from your mini Picasso is great … unless it’s on your walls. 

If it’s permanent marker, chances are you need paint. But if it’s crayon, take a clean cloth and spray the area with your handy-dandy yellow and blue can, and then wipe it down. This includes surfaces like wallpaper, glass, upholstery, carpet, and rock.

These particular insects are not useful like bees. They’re black and yellow jerks with wings, and nobody wants them near their house. 

One way to stop pesky wasps and hornets from building their honeycomb condos around your property is to spray WD in places they are likely to move into – like sheltered corners, decks, or around eaves. 

Summer months make fingers swell – scratch that, anything weather-related can make your digits grow or shrink. 

So can a myriad of other issues. Having a ring stuck on your fingers doesn’t have to turn out to be something you would see in a comedy. However, there is one common practice that people should stop…

This is one suggestion that always makes the rounds. “Spray it on squeaky hinges or bike chains.” Surprise! It’s actually bad advice! 

It will certainly work at the start, but dust and dirt will stick to the formula, gunk up the area, and actually make things worse! Use dedicated products for these problems.

Don’t let dirty spots sit and ruin the carpet. WD-40 can be used as a pre cleaner. 

Add it to the stain, rub it in, let it sit for a few minutes, and then gently wash with soap and water. For stubborn stains (or old ones), repeat until it’s gone. There are also many more home uses.

If fake plants grace your home (because real plants can never survive) they can attract dust like nobody’s business. 

They also end up looking dull and yucky. Putting a small amount of this miracle spray will add shine to your greens. Be careful they are not in a place that will attract other debris.

Gardeners will love this one. It might sound like a simple thing, but having your clay flower pots stick together is a real pain in the bum. 

Getting them apart can cause cracks or shatter them. Replacing them costs money. Getting them a little slippery will solve the problem without the need for glue.

Baseballs gloves, work belts, and other tough leather items can benefit from this hack. 

If it’s stiff and needs to be softened or worked in, WD is the go-to. It still needs some individual elbow grease, but it’s worth it and will take far less time than if you did it naturally. 

If there are black spots or oil discoloration on the driveway or garage floor, slather some on. 

It’s one of the product’s main purposes after all. For most stains, it should penetrate the grease, and all you have to do after is wash it down and let it dry. It’s great stuff, isn’t it?


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