Waitress Mocks Boy For Paying In Quarters, Has No Idea The Internet Is Listening


When a 17-year-old Virginia boy found out what had been posted about him online he was horrified. What made it worse was that the shameful and callous comment had gone viral. He couldn’t believe what was happening. 

He decided to do something to get back at the rude waitress. He thought for a while and came up with the perfect plan. The waitress had no idea what was about to happen and the entire world would be watching. 

Times Are Tough

Eating out by yourself and paying for your own meal is something that most teens don’t get to do. That’s why it’s such a thrill if you can save up enough to not only pay for yourself but for your friends too. 

At that time you don’t care how the money appears. It doesn’t matter if it is plastic, coins, or paper. While this was certainly not his intention, this young boy had no idea what a mistake he was about to make or what was about to follow.


Cohen Naulty, the hero of our story, was a regular 17-year-old. Like most kids his age, he had a part-time job. To gain some experience he worked part-time as a waiter. He enjoyed his job and earning his own money. 

The best thing about working for his own money was the fact that it gave him the ability to do the things he enjoyed doing. However, Cohen had no idea that his life was about to change in ways he could never imagine. 

Small Change

Since he worked as a waiter, most of Cohen’s money came from tips. Unsurprisingly, most of his tips came in the form of change. As a result, he received a lot of quarters among his tips. 

Cohen knew that he could make numerous trips to the bank after each shift but he didn’t feel like going to all that trouble before he could spend his money. His favorite way to spend his money was by taking his friends for a meal. However, he’d soon think twice about doing that again.


After finally managing to save up quite a bit of money, Cohen was satisfied that he not only had enough money to take his friends out for a meal, but he would also have enough money to leave a good tip for their server too. 

He would soon be the center of attention. However, it wouldn’t be because of the meal. It would be due to how he paid for it. He’d paid with the quarters he’d saved from his job. However, he never imagined that this simple act would cause such a stir. 

Poor Attitude

He took his friends out for a nice pub lunch and it was a very pleasant experience. However, it soon turned sour. Quite by chance, Cohen saw a Facebook post that was written by an entitled waitress about his payment.

To make things worse, she’d posted a photo of his bull surrounded by all the coins he paid with. However, that wasn’t the worst of it all. To add insult to injury, the waitress posted a very mean-spirited comment. 

Just Mean

Cohen wasn’t the only one to see it though. Everyone who knew him had also seen and read the post. However, Cohen couldn’t hold back the mix of feelings that washed through him. 

Cohen felt embarrassed and humiliated by the waitress from his favorite restaurant. He couldn’t believe that she could post something like that. However, what exactly did she write that hurt him so. 

Tears Turn To Rage

Cohen was mild-mannered by nature, and not one to cause a fuss. He held back the tears, at first. But the more he read the waitress’ audacious words, the angrier he became. How dare she? 

And when he realized that they had also ridiculed his mom, he saw red. The post began: “We’ll just caption this… “How NOT to pay at a restaurant,” but it didn’t end there, the worst was still to come.

She Had Gone Too Far

The post continued, “cause that’s the nicest thing we can think to say about this ridiculousness.” While the post is embarrassing enough for any patron, it was the hashtags that really started shaming the young man… #nohometraining being a direct dig at Cohen implying that his parents did a bad job raising him.

Cohen wasn’t going to take this lying down. A strange sense of calm washed over him as he plotted. The nasty waitress, as well as the restaurant, were in for a surprise.

Hatching A Plan

Cohen thought carefully about his payback plan. It would require commitment and effort to work. He was after so much more than petty revenge now. No, he’d go a step further. The staff at Beer 88, and particularly that snide waitress, were going to pay.

They would never see it coming. It would be spectacular. But then, something unexpected happened. And Cohen knew that it would work in his favor.

Not A Good Look

Posting anything negative online is just never a good look for any company. Once the general public started reading it they were not shy to tell Beer 88 just how inappropriate their little in-house joke was.

The community began to rally for Cohen. Beer 88 was quick to take down the offending post because once it started getting negative reviews, they just kept coming. But they weren’t quite quick enough because Cohen had already taken a screenshot and posted it to his own page. Little did they know, he was plotting his personal revenge.

Unbelievable Backlash

When Cohen saw the comments flooding in from Facebook users and former patrons of Beer 88, he almost laughed. He knew that he could sit back and let the restaurant feel the wrath of the community that was clearly on his side

After all, they had it coming. But would all the backlash be enough of a rude awakening?

Time For Payback

Any normal teenager or, in fact, any adult, would probably take this opportunity to complain and moan about how embarrassed and angry they felt by being targeted on social media like this. But not Cohen. 

He simmered quietly and made a plan. His revenge was far, far sweeter. Cohen had a novel idea and he wasted no time setting it in motion.

Making Headlines

It wasn’t long before local news outlets caught wind of Cohen’s story. He was inundated by interviews, and he stood by his actions and his revenge.

“It’s just U.S. currency. I’m allowed to use it. It’s not illegal. I’m not doing anything wrong,” he told WSET. So, what did he decide to do about it?

Support From Friends

“They said we didn’t have any home training,” said one of Naulty’s friends to WSET. “That was dirty. That was one their hashtags was #nohometraining… we couldn’t believe they posted it on Facebook,” one of his friends said to WSET.

“If anybody met Cohen, they know it couldn’t be farthest things from the truth,” Kim Naulty, Cohen’s mother, told WSET. “And, you know, he’s a good kid.” But soon, everyone would know just what kind of person Cohen really was…

The Quarter Boy

‘The Quarter Boy’, in honor of the quarters he pays with, decided to take the high road. He did not shame the restaurant nor his server from Beer 88 that day, he did something far better.

He was intent on turning the awful negative experience into something positive for everyone, including himself. He didn’t even mention the restaurant by name… They’d dug their own social media grave on this one. What he said was simple and inspiring.

A Fantastic Idea

“Took a few friends out to lunch and only had enough to pay for their meals in quarters. I was blasted on FaceBook by the restaurant for paying in quarters. It was not a good day,” he wrote.

“Then I had a great idea. I love paying for people’s meals even if I have to scrape together my last quarters to do so.” This whole drama made Cohen realize just how much he loves buying people food and more importantly why. So why is Cohen so inspired?

Kindness And Quarters

His post continues and soon the genius behind what he is asking for is revealed, “Paying for someone’s meal can change a really bad day around in just one moment of kindness.”

“I would like to keep this going and make it fun. I am sure there are places out there that wouldn’t mind being paid in quarters and perhaps you can help me out by donating a little to help me pay for their meals!”

Donate Here

Cohen’s incredible idea was to set up a charity campaign. He then started a fund-raiser on his own FaceBook page to collect donations, all to be used to buy strangers a surprise meal.

“We will use 100% of the donations to pay for other’s meals and post videos of their reactions! If you would like to be part of my mission donate here!”

Reaching Out

“If you are a restaurant that wouldn’t mind a register filled with quarters at the end of the night and a special treat for one of your patrons now and then please post so I know who I won’t offend by coming by,” Cohen added.

And, sure enough, there were plenty of restaurants who weren’t about to snub Cohen and his small change.

Gaining Momentum

The fund-raiser took on a life of its own with people donating money, leaving comments and complimenting the decisions made by the generous young man.

One poster left this message on his page, “I’m so proud of you for putting so much good into the world. If there would only be more people like you, the world would be a more peaceful, trustworthy, and happy place.” And the money wasn’t bad either!

Food And More

When the fundraiser came to its completion Cohen had raised a total of $10,148.00. He took none of the money for himself, instead, sticking to his initial goal of helping others.

He still buys food for people but he does other things with his quarters too. “Had an awesome time filling up the coin laundry for some sweet folks today!” So do all the restaurants really hate being paid in coins?

Money Is Money

Well, no they don’t. Money is, after all, money. Some restaurants even supported Cohen’s campaign with their own donations — some donated money, others — pizza.

You can also often see post of Cohen walking around supermarkets giving out some gift vouchers. Other than his huge heart there is one other thing that makes him so well supported by his community…

What Will He Do Next?

A local TV company did a story about Cohen Naulty’s campaign and he kept up his own media presence by cleverly videoing all of his food giveaways.

He has treated kids and couples, policemen and students, the homeless and the hungry and there is no end in sight to what he will do next.

What About Revenge?

Cohen never once thought that his actions would have such a great impact on everyone that read about his mission. His motivation never was to become popular but his kindness has ensured that he made his way into people’s hearts.

Everyone is rooting for him, and why not? It’s a welcome relief to see people making a positive difference in the world today. As for his revenge?

Change Your Thinking

His revenge is what most people truly need in this day and age; the ability to let go and grow. Beer 88 could learn a few things from Cohen, especially when looking at their attitude toward their paying customers.

They later released an apology on their Facebook page that said: “It was posted as a joke, intended as a joke, and should be taken as a joke” but totally ruined any real apology when saying that paying in coins is “annoying to people that work in the restaurant/retail industry.”

Try Again

“We try to keep our page funny and relate-able, and had no idea that this would be offensive to anyone,” the apology continued.

Still rather rude when the boy left a $10 tip on a $20 bill!