Waitress Gets Bad Feeling as She Seats 3 Men in Trump Hats, Then They Slip Her This Note

Politics has always been a sensitive topic for many people. So when one African-American woman noticed three men in Trump hats enter the restaurant, she prepared herself for the worst. 

And what the men did after finishing their meals would leave her speechless. 

Rosalynd Harris 

Rosalynd Harris was a professional dancer who worked part-time as a waitress at a restaurant called Busboys & Poets. The walls of this establishment were covered with African-American art and images.

That day, three friends wearing Trump hats decided to have lunch there.

Make America Great Again

Three men wearing "Make America Great Again" sat at one of the tables and began to talk loudly. Rosalynd took a deep breath and walked over to their table with the menus. 

She had no idea how the men would treat her but hoped for the best. 

Standing Out

The three friends stood out from the rest of the patrons, and they didn't seem to care in the slightest. Rosalynd greeted them with a warm smile and handed them the menus.  

To her surprise, the men were polite and friendly. They greeted her back and explained that they were in town for the inauguration. 

Trump Supporters 

Although Rosalynd knew they were Trump supporters, she didn't let that change the way she treated them. After all, they were humans too. 

She treated them like any other customer at the restaurant. In return, the men showed her kindness and even shared some laughs with her. But unbeknownst to her, they had been planning something big.

The Bill

The three friends finished their meals and asked Rosalynd for the bill. Jason White paid the bill of $72.60 but not before leaving something behind at the table. 

He left her a note and a $450 tip! Rosalynd burst into tears after reading his letter. What did it say?

The Note

“We may come from different cultures and may disagree on certain issues, but if everyone would share their smile and kindness like your beautiful smile, our country will come together as one people," the note read. 

"Not race. Not gender. Just American. God Bless!" This was just the beginning, however. 

Symbolic Gesture 

Jason later clarified that the $450 tip was a nod to the 45th president. It was a symbolic gesture saying they hoped all Americas could move forward together as a nation. 

Jason and his friends were in Washington for Trump's inauguration and then to witness the Women's March the following day.

The Explanation 

Jason believed that both events represented the definition of what it means to be an American. 

The restaurant later posted a photo of the receipt and note along with the statement. The restaurant management was shocked by Jason's kind gesture.

Act Of Kindness 

"We rise by lifting others. A lovely act of kindness," the statement read. 

Rosalynd says this day has changed her life and perspective. “You automatically assume if someone supports Trump that they have ideas about you…" she wrote.

It Changed Her

"But the customer is more embracing than even some of my more liberal friends, and there was a real authenticity in our exchange," she continued. 

“This definitely reshaped my perspective. Republican, Democrat, and liberal are all subcategories to what we are experiencing. It instills a lot of hope.” The restaurant shared the story on its Facebook page and got mixed feedback. 

Mixed Feedback

While many people left positive comments, others thought Rosalynd was wrong in believing the patrons' good intentions. 

"Nice gesture. But not buying it. These people voted for a man that is not for equality, but wants equality ? Hypocrisy at its best. Nice gesture, though!" one person commented. 

Not Sincere 

"Huh. They meant well? I love Busboys and Poets, but this seems incredibly tone deaf to me. It reeks of 'All Lives Matter' and 'colorblind' sentiments. $450 won't make systemic oppression go away," another person wrote.  

Jason, however, had only good intentions. 

Being Better Americans 

"We have to think about being better Americans, we have to look into ourselves and how we treat one another," he said.

"If everyone did a little something to show respect…we can love one another." His tip came at the right time.

The Right Time

Rosalynd had been working as a waitress for over a year to make ends meet. She needed to move to a new apartment soon and didn't know if she would be able to save enough money for a deposit. 

She said the extra $450 was  “a huge weight off my shoulders.”