Most unusual Inventions Of The 21st Century

We know that thank you to human’s curiosity we’ve came up with many important inventions, and each one of them has helped us make life a lot easier, and these are without a doubt the most curious and innovative so far, just take a look on them and judge by yourself. These cool inventions are going to make your life less complicated, so check them out!

Bicycle Parking Systems

This discreet bike rack doesn't take to much space and it's really easy to use.

Hair Removal Hairbrush

A couple of years ago the industry came up with an idea of implementing changeable hairbrush pads, as shown from the image from the right. This pad allows you to input the pad before you use the hairbrush and remove the pad with ease.

Mobile Solar Charger

Solar chargers produce power that can be passed to dying gadgets anywhere you are without needing electricity.

The Pizza Vending Machine

The vending machine will serve up hot pies 24 hours a day, seven days a week at just the touch of a button. At $9 a pop for a full 12-inch pizza, you can choose your toppings on the touchscreen, hit a button, and within three minutes receive a fresh-baked pizza in a box, dispensed via a special pizza slot.

Spiral Pasta Fork

The handles are a unique design, which look beautiful when twirling up strands of spaghetti.

Future plugs

This makes everything easier and it doesn't takes much space.

Instant Lemon Juice Sprayer

Turn your citrus fruit into the freshest juice container! Spray directly from fruit to dress your recipes or aromatize your soft drinks and cocktails in the freshest way.

Zipper Headphones

They never tangle!

Hoodie Backpack

The backpack features a functional hood you can easily slip on whenever the weather turns bad or you need to catch a few Z’s in class.

USB Wall Outlet Charger

This USB Wall charger is a 15A wall receptacle,it provides two standard AC plug wall electrical socket and 2 USB outlets for charging Cell Phones, Tablets, GPS, MP3 player and USB devices.

Clever Mug Catches Coffee Drips

Designer Kim Keun Ae added a groove that cleverly catches drips before they hit the table.

Trongs: The Chicken Wings Holders For Cleaner Eating

Trongs are little plastic claws you operate with your thumb, pointer and middle finger that grip food for you.


Scribble lets you capture, create and save as many colors as you like

EZ Cracker Egg Breaker

Egg cracker/separator quickly opens fresh eggs or hard-boiled eggs. It operates with the simple touch of a button; eliminates shell pieces in food.

Hourglass Traffic Light

Sand Glass is a concept traffic-light which gives visual feedback as to just how long you're going to be stuck at a junction. Using the hourglass as a metaphor, Sand Glass lets its LED-pixels bleed through the lamp's waist one by one, so you can see just when the lights will change.

Cool Pizza Cutter

This pizza cutter it's the coolest one ever invented.

Passenger drones

The single-rider, human-sized quadcopter that whipped CES 2016 into a frenzy could be carrying passengers as early as this summer. As the head of Dubai's Roads and Transportation Agency announced at the World Government summit today, the Chinese EHang 184 passenger drone will begin "regular operations" around the futuristic city in July of 2017.

Umbrella Cup Holder

Try carrying your tall café latté in the rains! One hand full of your stuff, the other has an umbrella….get the drift? The solution is to get a functional Umbrella, like the one designed by Jung-Woo Lee.

Breakfast Machine

Make a complete breakfast including coffee without messing up the kitchen and washing lots of dishes. It combines a toaster oven, electric frying pan and coffee maker in one!

Toothpaste Dispenser