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This Is The Unhappiest City In America

While moving away to find a better life might seem like the best way to go, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. 

Between crime rates, drug problems, natural disasters, poverty, and other crippling issues, these cities have been ranked the most unhappy in all the country. 

You know it’s a bad place to live, when over the last 8 years, people have moved away to greener pastures. This means that there are around 3,700 buildings left empty and rotting – which still costs money to maintain.

The poverty rate is a troubling 26% – no wonder most people are unhappy.

First, it’s a city of 160,000 people. Second, it’s that many people living in the desert – which won’t put a smile on most faces.

24% live in poverty. On top of it all, there are widespread problems with neo-Nazis and drug addiction (mostly meth).

It’s not only ravaged with poverty, but it’s also home to the Hells Angels motorcycle “club.”

Residents are not only fearful for their safety, but the low employment rate means most can’t make enough money to leave the city.

The gangs in this city have stayed strong since the time of Al Capone, like icky cockroaches you can never seem to get rid of.

The city’s attempt to make them leave was on the laughable side – saying gang members had 60 days to leave or they would be slapped with a daily fine of $500. No one on the council clue in that maybe criminals weren’t going to pay … or care.

This water-side city has got its butt kicked by three different hurricanes since 2005.

One alone caused $1.3 billion in damage. The government is well aware of the slow stream of people moving to other more prosperous cities. And, if the population falls below $50,000, they won’t be eligible for federal grants.

Yep, this one isn’t a shocker at all.

But what is surprising is that it’s only #7. Over half a million people left when the manufacturing industry collapsed like a flan in the oven. It’s ranked high for danger and people being miserable. There are also 43,000 abandoned buildings – which still need a certain amount of money to “maintain.”

From the outside, this city might seem like a surprise to have on the list.

But people there live in regular fear because violence and gun crimes abound. In fact, in one year, murders increased by 33%! It’s not a great place to live, but we know how hard relocation is, so most of the residents are stuck there.

Having 6% of residence leave over the past 10 years might not seem too bad.

However, coupled with being called “America’s Overdose Capital” and the constant trickle of people fleeing makes more sense. At one point, it was also dubbed the country’s unhealthiest city – and that’s saying a lot.

Florida already has a bad stereotype to deal with. But they have a unique kind of flooding that makes it a miserable place to live.

Since tides are getting higher, on top of the property damage, experts say that 2,780 septic tanks won’t be able to work probably. So people there will be wet, homeless, and living in a stench.   

It’s not always human that can affect a town’s health and happiness.

When Hurricane Irene hit, the Great Fall (which was used to power the local factories) flooded the city. Homes lay in devastation and insurance companies did what they always do – try everything not to pay out. There were 1,250 abandoned homes. Over the years, tax revenue fell by 40%. Ouch. 

Don’t bother looking for a house here. Poverty rates are high and it directly affects real estate.

On top of that, it seems that those seeking a better life than their own country have made Huntington Park their main entry point. The problem is, most are illegal immigrants, so it becomes a domino effect of job issues and other problems.

Imagine living in a city with 56,000 people – doesn’t sound that bad, right?

But now imagine living there and only 50% of people have a job and a third living in poverty. Gun rates also soared by 64%. There’s not much reason to find joy in N.B.

It’s rare to find someone who hasn’t heard of Flint.

Their water crisis made international news. Stack that with a whopping 41% poverty rate and other problems appear. The city has an opioid crisis and very high violence rates – with the nearly 20,000 abandoned buildings, it makes it too easy to find a place for dangerous behavior. 

You would think that having 23,000 people out of a job at the same time was bad enough – when the single big-factor employer shut down entirely – but poor Gary residents have had to endure other first place medals that no one would want.

At one point, they were dubbed the murder capital of the US. It also used to be the drug capital of the country as well. Needless to say, no one there is happy.


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