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The Most Unforgiveable Architecture Fails [Gallery]

Architecture is the guiding design and force of our material world, providing a backbone for structure realization in our physical spaces. It’s sometime utilitarian, sometimes, elegant and beautiful, and sometimes…. It really misses the mark. You even look at something and think “what genius designed that?!”
Us too. That’s why today we are looking at the WORST Architecture Fails on Planet Earth!

I Think We Hit The Tree, Jim

Either the builder of the house was an insufferable tree hugger or the house predates the tree. Can it be qualified as a two car garage if only one half is accessible?

Hell Slide

Don’t judge so quickly, this could be “Lucy’s Fun Slide to Happiness Pit with Cuddles and Puppies”, but we will probably never know for sure. We aren’t going anywhere near this purple death trap.

”Room with Transporting Views”

To be fair, the train tracks are 80% defunct, but it certainly does look funny, huh? It makes us imagine a veeeeeeeeery low train with regular width tracks, or even more kooky, a ghoooosssstttt trrrrrrrrrraaaaaaiiiiin.

“What is this? A ____ for ants?!” meme, but reversed

Ok ok ok… is this an art installation? Is this some foreign giant-accessibility policy? I NEED ANSWERS. WHY DOES THIS EXIST. Who is this for?! What is this for?! This public phone has been part of a small neighborhood for 20+ years, and i think it’s a landmark at this point. Also if you were wondering, the phone is fully functional.

Double the Flush, Double the Fun

… I never tried sitting in a urinal before, but i guess there is a first for everything…?

Too Hard to Handle

Push? Pull? Automatic? With this door, it doesn’t matter, because you’re not going to be able to close it anyways. Future is too bright, it seems.

Wild Bench Exhibit

There is something artistic about this one… maybe it’s a social commentary on the validity of inanimate objects as a workforce in the physical world, working without a say or a conscience, endlessly until they deteriorate back into the earth? Or maybe the guy in charge of fencing is an idiot. You choose.

Pole Poll Poal

Someone must’ve really misjudged the distance between poles and must’ve REALLY been in a hurry. Imagine discovering this while driving down this windy canyon at night. That’s a bad time.

GhostBuster Urinals

……………don’t cross the streams….

Final Test: Get Through That Door

Final test recruits: get through that door somehow. No, you cannot use a ladder. Yes, the wall has been sprayed down with Pam. No, the door isn’t unlocked. Yes, there is candy on the other side. Aaaaaaaand BREAK

SOTP Signs

You would think that a prerequisite to writing street signs and marking would be the basic knowledge of the english language, right? Well apparently not. “But Officer, it wasn’t a stop sign “technically”, it was sotp sign.”

Overshot Crosswalks

Other that been a really good prog-rock band name, this photo really makes you wonder what came first…. the painted crosswalk or the bumpy platforms used to assist persons with vision impairments cross the street? This is one of life’s greatest mysteries.

No Regard for Streets

So what came first here… the street or the building? It looks like someone got simcity to glitch and allow you to build buildings on roads. IT JUST DOESN’T LOOK RIGHT.

Stairway to… Nothing?

I’m placing my bets on magical portal to hogwarts, but it could be any sort of sneaky hidden entrance. Touche, designers.

One of These Things is Not Like The Other

One of these things is just a liiiiiiitle out of place.

Jimmy’s Wholesale Tunnel Emporium

Welcome to Jimmy’s Wholesale Tunnel Emporium. You want tunnels?! We got tunnels. Loads of them. They are all the same type of tunnel, but we have no shortage of tunnels. Come to the shady business park off the exit 32 on I-239. You knows the one. Come alone. Cash only.

No Soccer for You!

I guess the school board is just trying to keep this one corner safe… you know… from the corner ruffians.

Super Secret Balcony of Secrecy

“This master bedroom has TWO outdoor-facing balconies, one being VERY secluded from the main house. Like you’ll never know it’s there or how to get to it… but it’s there, I promise.”

A Quick-cut Fix

So you bought a new toilet for your ultra-compact bathroom. Did you measure it before hand? Of course not, because measuring is UNAMERICAN. Have fun pooping in privacy.

High Security


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